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Also known as: Dark Shield quest
Reward: Dark Shield and Battle Hammer
Location: Thais
Level required: 0
Premium required: no
Be prepared to face: 2 Cyclops
Legend: A guy managed to imprision two cyclops's in the lighthouse basement and forced them to make weapons.
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Go to the lighthouse south and west of Thais and go down into the basement. You will enter a square room; there is a switch under some crates which will open a ladder down which may already be open. Once down, the room has passages north, south and to the right. North leads to a step switch that once a person stands on it will open stairs at the south end. The other person must go down the stairs and turn a lever. The lever turns on a teleporter in the right passage which leads to the quest room. There are only be 2 cyclops in there, which can be fought or ignored. The chests containing the Dark Shield and Battle Hammer are at the north end of the room.


  • This spawn is sometimes used for training by people.
  • People have also been known to trap others by turning off the portal so that they are trapped in the cyclops room. If this happens to you, call a friend to help get you out.
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