Terra Rod Terra Rod
Small stones are flying from its tip.
Used by: Druids of level 26 or higher.
Damage: Average 45 Earth Damage per turn.
Weight: 25.00 oz
Mana per shot: 8
Range: 3 sqm
Buy from: Shiriel (Ab'Dendriel) 10 000 gp

Fenech (Ankrahmun) 10 000 gp
Asima (Darashia) 10 000 gp
Alexander (Edron) 10 000 gp
Sigurd (Kazordoon) 10 000 gp
Frederik (Liberty Bay) 10 000 gp
Tandros (Port Hope) 10 000 gp
Xodet and Topsy (Thais) 10 000 gp
Frans (Venore) 10 000 gp

Chuckles (Yalahar) 10 000 gp
Price: 2 000 - 10 000 gp
Sell to: Yaman (Green Djinn Fortress) 2 000 gp
Dropped by: Bonelord, Lizard Snakecharmer, Lizard Dragon Priest, Acolyte of the Cult, Fury.
Notes: Provides 1 squares of green light. Delivers some good damage. Unfortunately many creatures are resistant to Earth Damage.

Terra Rods replaced Quagmire Rods in Update 8.1. The Quagmire Rods earlier replaced Wooden Wand Wooden Wands in Update 7.6.

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Needed for Mage Outfits Quest(male) and Summoner Outfits Quest(female).
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