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Telas.gif PNJ Telas
Ubicación: Just south-west of Stonehome, up a ladder here.
Ocupación: Scientist, Inventor
Notas: He may be in need of some help.

If you say "crystal pedestal" to him he will buy all pedestals in any colour state in your inventory.

<spoiler> Main NPC of Shadows of Yalahar Quest. </spoiler>

Artículos comercializados: Vende: Nothing. Compra: (After you do his quest)

Ancient Stone, 200gp
Battle Stone, 290gp
Broken Gladiator Shield, 180gp
Crystal of Balance, 1,000gp
Crystal of Focus, 2,000gp
Crystal of Power, 3,000gp
Crystal Pedestal, 500gp Saying: Sell Crystal Pedestal
Gear Crystal, 200gp
Huge Chunk of Crude Iron, 15,000gp
Metal Spike, 320gp
Piece of Draconian Steel, 3,000gp
Piece of Hell Steel, 500gp
Piece of Hellfire Armor, 550gp
Piece of Royal Steel, 10,000gp
Shiny Stone, 500gp
Sulphurous Stone, 100gp

War Crystal, 460gp
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