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Sword Fighting is the skill of fighting with a sword weapon.

The Tibian with the highest Sword skill is Cliany from Secura with 118.


Sword Fighting is the most common Melee skill for Knights.

Like the other Melee skills, Sword Fighting advances more quickly for Knights than any other vocation.

Paladins will only ever use melee skills as a back-up in case they run out of Ammunition for their Distance Weapons.

Druids and Sorcerers will also use melee skills as a back-up in case they run out of Runes or Mana. They also use melee skills when hunting casually while they are making runes or collecting food.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Sword Fighting is the most balanced of all of the melee skills.

The primary benefit of sword fighting is that most Sword Weapons have very comparable attack and defense values. As the attack value of the sword weapons increase, so do the defense values. They are generally lighter than Axe Weapons or Club Weapons, and there are also more sword weapons in Tibia than any other kind.

The greatest drawback to sword fighting is that strong Sword Weapons are more difficult to find (or even unobtainable, at least for now), and are slightly more expensive than other weapons.


Sword fighting can be used on almost any creature, but it is best when used against creatures that do not have a melee attack, or have a very weak melee attack. This way, you can approach them quickly and attack them. Many creatures without melee attacks will not use their distance attacks if you are right next to them, they will be to busy trying to run away from you.

Sword fighting is least effective against creatures that have strong defense or shielding, and strong melee attacks.

Another drawback is that the sword rings are difficult to loot, so it's not that cheap to buy them from other players.

Items with sword fighting bonus

Several items provide bonus to sword fighting skill. Those items are:

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