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There are two types of Surprise Bags that are available in-game during Tibia's 10th anniversary event.

Unfortunately, They are not available as drops by creatures anymore. This was discontinued by CipSoft at around the end of January, 2007. Finding one unopened in game is rare.

Surprise Bags

Name Trans.gif Attributes Weight Dropped By
Surprise Bag (Blue) Surprise Bag (Blue).gif 10.00 oz None.
Surprise Bag (Red) Surprise Bag (Red).gif 10.00 oz Hero, Spectre, Black Knight, Nightmare, Quara Predator, Quara Pincher, Dragon Lord, Hydra, Destroyer, Betrayed Wraith, Hellfire Fighter, Plaguesmith, Behemoth, Lost Soul, Defiler, Dark Torturer, Phantasm, Blightwalker, Hand of Cursed Fate, Warlock, Fury, Hellhound, Undead Dragon, Juggernaut, Demon, Fluffy, Primitive, Tibia Bug, Bones, Hacker, Undead Minion and Minishabaal.

<spoiler> You can get a Blue Surprise Bag through the Ultimate Challenges Quest. </spoiler>