Steamship, also known as Steam Boat, connects the city of Kazordoon, the island of Cormaya and the city of Farmine on the Zao continent.

The Steamship operators, Gurbasch (on Cormaya), Brodrosch (in Kazordoon) and Thorgrin (in Farmine) will let you travel between the three sites.

  Cormaya Farmine Kazordoon
Cormaya - 2101 160
Farmine 1101 - 2101
Kazordoon 160 2101 -

Note: Characters with the rank of Grand Postman, or higher, have a 10 gp discount.
Note1: Characters who have completed Mission 2 in The New Frontier Quest have a 50 gp discount.

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Entrance to the Steamship on Cormaya

The location of the Steamship on Cormaya is in the center of the island just below the Cormaya Garden and the Castle of the White Dragon guild hall, here.

For the route to the Kazordoon Steamship see here.

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