Introduced with the Anti-Cheat Measures in the Summer 2005 update to prevent macro users.
A normal player has a maximum of 100 soulpoints, a promoted player has a maximum of 200. Soulpoints can be restored over a period of time by hunting aswell as sleeping.
You can see your current amount of soulpoints on the lower left of your Inventory.

Using soulpoints

Soul Points are used when making runes. Every rune takes a number of Soul points to make, from 1 to 5 soul points per rune.
When your soulpoints run out, you will no longer be able to make any runes.

Soulpoints table for runes

 RuneSoul points
Animate DeadAnimate Dead 5
Antidote RuneAntidote Rune 1
Archivo:Avalanche (Rune).gifAvalanche (Rune) 3
ChameleonChameleon 2
Convince CreatureConvince Creature 3
DesintegrateDesintegrate 3
Destroy FieldDestroy Field 2
Energy FieldEnergy Field 2
Energy WallEnergy Wall 5
Energy BombEnergy Bomb 5
Archivo:Envenom.gifEnvenom 2
ExplosionExplosion 4
Fire FieldFire Field 1
Fire WallFire Wall 4
FireballFireball 3
 RuneSoul points
Archivo:Firebomb.gifFirebomb 4
Great FireballGreat Fireball 3
Heavy Magic MissileHeavy Magic Missile 2
Holy MissileHoly Missile 3
Archivo:Icicle (Rune).gifIcicle (Rune) 3
Intense Healing RuneIntense Healing Rune 2
Light Magic MissileLight Magic Missile 1
Magic WallMagic Wall 5
ParalyzeParalyze 3
Poison BombPoison Bomb 2
Poison FieldPoison Field 1
Poison WallPoison Wall 3
SoulfireSoulfire 3
Stalagmite (Rune)Stalagmite (Rune) 2
Stone ShowerStone Shower 3
Sudden DeathSudden Death 5
Ultimate Healing RuneUltimate Healing Rune 3

Soul Points are also used when casting a supply spell.

Soulpoints table for instant supply spells

 SpellSoul points
ArrowConjure Arrow 1
BoltConjure Bolt 2
Burst ArrowExplosive Arrow 3
HamFood 1
Poison ArrowPoisoned Arrow 2
Power BoltPower Bolt 4
Enchanted SpearEnchant Spear 3

Soulpoints by enchanting

There are gems that can be made in Holy Shrines. Druids (Premium Accounts and with level 30+) can make enchanted small sapphires (ice) and enchanted small emeralds (earth). Sorcerers (Premium Accounts and with level 30+) can make enchanted small rubies (fire) and enchanted small amethysts (energy). This will always cost 300 mana and 2 soul points. See Enchanting for more info.

Regaining soulpoints

There are two ways to regain soulpoints: the first and most common way is by killing Creatures, if you receive Experience points greater than or equal to your level, you will regain soulpoints for 4 minutes.

If You kill a creature that gives more experience than your level but only when +50% experience bonus is active then soulpoints will also regenerate for 4 minutes. (e.g. a sorcerer lvl 30 kills a wasp (24exp) and recieve 36 experience (with +50% bonus) - you regain soulpoints)

If you kill more than one creature at the same time and recieve total experience greater than you level You will not regain soulpoints.
Killing more than one Creature greater or equal to your level will reset the 4 minute duration.
A normal character will regain one soulpoint every 2 minutes.
A promoted character will receive one soulpoint every 15 seconds, which is a total of 16 soulpoints in four minutes.
You will also receive a soulpoint every 15 minutes while you in a bed.

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