Sorcerers are a form of humans that have left civilization in search of a better life. With magic by their side they will fight any who oppose them.

See also Necromancers and Voodoo Cultists for other human magicians.


Creature Exp HP Summon Convince Loot
Dark Apprentice Dark Apprentice 100 225 -- -- 0-50 gp, 0-3 Blank Runes, Dead Frog, Wand of Dragonbreath (semi-rare), 0-2 Mana Potions (semi-rare), Health Potion (semi-rare), Wand of Decay (Rare).
Dark Magician Dark Magician 185 325 -- -- 0-80 gp, Mana Potion, Blank Rune, Health Potion, Strong Mana Potion, Strong Health Potion, Necrotic Rod (very rare), Small Enchanted Amethyst (very rare).
Ice Witch Ice Witch 580 650 -- -- 0-90 gp, Ice Cube, Green Mushroom, Clerical Mace (semi-rare), Strong Mana Potion (semi-rare), Shard (semi-rare), Glacier Shoes (rare), Crystal Sword (rare), Mystic Turban (very rare), Diamond Sceptre (very rare), Glacier Kilt (very rare), Earmuffs (very rare), Hailstorm Rod (very rare).
Infernalist Infernalist 4000 3650 -- -- 0-115 gp, 0-5 Raspberry, Great Mana Potion, Great Health Potion, Skull Staff (semi-rare), Red Piece of Cloth (semi-rare), Small Enchanted Ruby (semi-rare), Energy Ring (rare), Magic Sulphur (rare), Spellbook of Mind Control (rare), Royal Tapestry (rare), Gold Ingot (very rare), Black Skull (very rare), Magma Boots (very rare), Queen's Sceptre (very rare), Crystal of Power (very rare), Piggy Bank (very rare), Red Tome (very rare).
Instant Spells Archivo:.gif
Mad Scientist Mad Scientist 205 325 -- -- 0-120 gp, Mana Potion, Health Potion, Powder Herb (semi-rare), Life Crystal (rare), Small Enchanted Amethyst (rare), 0-3 White Mushroom (rare), Cream Cake (rare), 0-5 Cookie (rare), Magic Light Wand (rare), Wand of Vortex (very rare), Mastermind Potion (very rare).
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Warlock Warlock 4000 3500 -- -- 0-150 gp, 0-5 Cherries, Bread, Candlestick, Crystal Ring, Dark Mushroom, Energy Ring, Inkwell, Mind Stone, Poison Dagger, Skull Staff (semi-rare), Talon, Great Health Potion, Great Mana Potion, Blue Robe (semi-rare), 0-4 Assassin Star (semi-rare), Small Sapphire (semi-rare), Red Tome (rare), Ring of the Sky (very rare), Stone Skin Amulet (very rare), Lightning Robe (very rare), Luminous Orb (very rare), Golden Armor (very rare), Piggy Bank (very rare).
Witch Witch 120 300 -- -- 0-33 gp, 0-8 Cookies, Wolf Tooth Chain, Witch Broom, Star Herb, Cape (semi-rare), Garlic Necklace (semi-rare), Leather Boots (semi-rare), Sickle (semi-rare), Coat (rare), Necrotic Rod (rare), Silver Dagger (very-rare), Fern (very rare), Witch Hat (very rare), Stuffed Toad (very rare).
Yalahar Archivo:.gif
Yalahar NPCs Archivo:.gif
Yalahari (Creature) Yalahari (Creature) 5 150 -- -- Nothing.

Sorcerer Bosses

Creature Exp HP Summon Convince Loot
Azerus Azerus 6000 7500~ -- -- It will turn into a teleport after killing, so it gives no loot
Doctor Perhaps Doctor Perhaps 325 475 -- -- Mighty Helm of Green Sparks, Trousers of the ancients, Meat shield, Glutton's Mace.
Ferumbras Ferumbras 12000 35000 -- -- 0-270 gp,0-40 Black Pearls, 0-76 Small Amethysts, 0-92 Small Sapphires, 0-49 Small Rubies, 0-8 White Pearls, 0-90 Small Diamonds, 0-86 Small Topaz, 0-8 Soul Orbs, 0-2 Gold Ingots, Talon, Snakebite Rod, Necrotic Rod, Gold Ring, Fire Axe, Crystal Ring, Energy Ring, Emerald Bangle, Mind Stone, Double Axe, Two Handed Sword, Silver Amulet, Golden Armor, Golden Legs, Platinum Amulet, Boots of Haste, Devil Helmet, Jade Hammer, Mastermind Shield, Teddy Bear, Thunder Hammer, Magic Plate Armor, Spellbook of Mind Control, Spellbook of Lost Souls, Spellscroll of Prophecies, Glacier Kilt, Lightning Legs, Terra Legs, Magma Legs, Haunted Blade, Abyss Hammer, Berserker, Chaos Mace, Shadow Sceptre, Queen's Sceptre, Ornamented Axe, Vile Axe, Greenwood Coat, Divine Plate, Emerald Sword, Obsidian Truncheon, Spellbook of Dark Mysteries, Skullcrusher, Great Shield, Red Tome, Phoenix Shield, Hellforged Axe, Impaler, Tempest Shield, Velvet Mantle, Demonrage Sword, Bloody Edge, Demonwing Axe, Havoc Blade, Nightmare Blade, Demon Shield, Runed Sword, Ferumbras' Hat (always).
Yaga the Crone Yaga the Crone 375 620 -- -- 0-69 gps, 0-8? Cookies, Broom, Coat, Cape, Star Herb, Wolf Tooth Chain, Garlic Necklace, Necrotic Rod (semi-rare), Spellbook of Mind Control (semi-rare)
Yakchal Yakchal 4400 5000+ -- -- 1-212 gp, Blue Piece of Cloth, Crystal Sword, Life Ring, Mastermind Potion, Berserk Potion, Bullseye Potion, Earmuffs, Dragon Necklace, Glacier Kilt (semi-rare), Gold Ingot (semi-rare), Glacier Robe (rare), Skull Staff (rare), Boots of Haste (very rare), Queen's Sceptre (very rare), Crystal Mace (very rare), Shard (always).
Zarabustor Zarabustor 8000 5100 -- -- 0-150 gp, 0-2 Small Sapphire, 0-3 Assassin Star, Poison Dagger, Blue Robe, Might Ring, Skull Staff, Golden Armor, Lightning Legs, Lightning Robe, Spellbook of Mind Control, Ring of the Sky.


Creature Types
of Tibia

Green Frog
Frogs Quara
Quara Predator
Wailing Widow
Arachnids Insects
Ancient Scarab
Blood Crab
Demon Lords The Ruthless Seven
Demons Triangle of Terror
Bio- Geo-
Massive Earth Elemental
Ice Golem
Cryo- Hydro-
Water Elemental
Massive Energy Elemental
Electro- Pyro-
Hellfire Fighter
Lord of the Elements
Elemental Lords Blobs
Death Blob
Amazons Outlaws
Barbarian Skullhunter
Barbarians Pirates
Pirate Corsair
Monks Sorcerers
Ice Witch
Necromancers Voodoo Cultists
Enlightened of the Cult
Dwarf Henchman
Dwarves Goblins
Goblin Scavenger
Elf Scout
Elves Orcs
Orc Leader
Cyclops Smith
Giants Trolls
Troll Champion
Chakoya Toolshaper
Chakoyas Minotaurs
Minotaur Guard
Dworc Fleshhunter
Dworcs Misc
Magical Creatures
Bonelords Shapeshifters
Blue Djinn
Apes Felines
Black Sheep
Artiodactyls Glires
Silver Rabbit
Bears Misc
Canines Mutated Mammals
Mutated Human
Carrion Worm
Annelids Bosses
Gnorre Chyllson
Arena Bosses Event Creatures
Birds Traps
Frost Dragon
Dragons Misc
Thornback Tortoise
Lizard Templar
Lizards Serpents
Sea Serpent
The Undead
Ghosts Skeletons
Undead Dragon
Pharaohs Undead Humanoids
The Count
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