The "Skinning" is a feature which helps the player to get Leathers and other Creature Products. To use this feature you need an Obsidian Knife, which can be obtained in the Obsidian Knife Quest.

Skinnable Creatures
Skin: Obsidian Knife Obsidian Knife.gif
Minotaurs Minotaur Leathers Minotaur Leather.gif
Lizards Lizard Leathers Lizard Leather.gif
Dragons Green Dragon Leathers Green Dragon Leather.gif
Dragon Lords Red Dragon Leathers Red Dragon Leather.gif
Bonebeasts Hardened Bones Hardened Bone.gif
Behemoths Behemoth Fangs Perfect Behemoth Fang.gif
Lord of the Elements Neutral Matters Neutral Matter.gif
The Mutated Pumpkins Pumpkinhead Pumpkinhead.gif


The Obsidian Knife can only be used on recently-killed bodies, bodies in their first decay state. To use it, you simply use the "Use With" feature of the knife and target the body.

You won't get Creature Products every time you skin a body. If you see a green spark, the product of the specific Monster will appear in the same container as your Obsidian Knife. If you see a yellow spark, you won't get the product. The chance of getting a dead body skinned successfully may vary from creature to creature.

Corpses can´t be skinned starting 10 seconds after death and before the body gets in the second state of decay, after 5 minutes. After skinning a body, it will "rot" one level (to the second state of decay) and won't be able to be skinned again.

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