Simon the Beggar PNJ Simon the Beggar
Ubicación: Southern Fibula Shore (Here).
Ocupación: Beggar
Notas: In order to buy the key (say "help" to buy it) you must give him 100 gp as a donation, then he will ask for other 500 gp, at last, he will sell you the key for 200 gp. When speaking to simon be sure not to say 'help' then 'yes' then 'help' then 'yes' repeatedly, or he charges you extra gold for no reason. Just say 'help, yes, yes, yes' until you have the key.

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Can help you on Beggar Addon Quest.

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Artículos comercializados: Vende:
Key 3940 (Fibula Key) 800 gp
Shovel 50 gp.
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