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Also known as: Mummy Quest
Reward: Silver Brooch, 2 Small Rubies, 3 Small Diamonds
Location: Greenclaw Swamp
Level required: 0
Premium required: no
Be prepared to face: Bonelords, Mummies
Legend: ...
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Required Equipment


NOTE: There are a number of ways to reach this cave. Described here is the safest route.
  • Make your way to the cave entrance in Green Claw Swamp (here). The quickest way is to come from the west (by the Dwarf Bridge). You'll need to fall down a partially hidden pitfall.
  • Once in the cave, follow this route to the east. You will face Poison Spiders, Rotworms and sometimes lured Bonelord. Go down the hole:

Archivo:Silver Brooch Quest Map 01.jpg

  • Take this short passage to the south (there are no monsters here), and go down the hole:

Archivo:Silver Brooch Quest Map 02.jpg

  • Follow this path to the east and south. There will be 3 Bonelords in the larger room. Once you have killed the Bonelords, use your pick in the circled area on the map:

Archivo:Silver Brooch Quest Map 03.jpg

  • When you go down into the pick hole, you will be faced with up to 5 Mummies in a very small room. If you don't think you can handle all of them at once, just rope them up one by one. Go down before you rope, to lure them to the roping spot. "Use" a coffin on the north end of this room to get your reward.

Archivo:Silver brooch quest tibia ss map.PNG Archivo:Silver brooch quest tibia ss.JPG

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