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Also known as: Amber's Lost Notebook Quest
Reward: Notebook or Short Sword.
Location: Rookgaard.
Level required: 2
Premium required: no
Be prepared to face: Poison Spiders, Bugs, Wolves, Spiders.
Legend: When Amber sailed to Rookgaard on her raft she forgot her notebook and needs it back. You can do this quest more than once. You'll only need an extra notebook, which is commonly found in the same area.
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  • "Use" the chest on the dock to receive a black book.

Tell her you found her notebook, and she will trade you for a Short Sword. The book is only the book you get in the chest not one she gives you.

  • Say: Hi, Book, Yes.
NOTE: If you find black books lieing around that other people have thrown on the ground, you can trade them to Amber for more Short Swords. This is especially handy because Obi gives you some extra cash for it.



Player: hi
Amber: Oh hello, nice to see you Player. Are you here to hear some stories of my adventures or do you need help?
Player: book
Amber: Do you bring me my notebook?
Player: yes
Amber: Excellent. Here, take this short sword as a reward.
Player: bye
Amber: See you later, Player.

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