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Shanar.gif PNJ Shanar
Ubicación: Underground Ab'Dendriel, northwest of depot.
Ocupación: Shopkeeper
Notas: Shanar deals in armor and weapons. He is a member of the kuridai caste. He also sells a few spells. Greet elves with 'Ashari' and say goodbye with 'Asha Thrazi' Its a very good idea to loot on elvenbane and then sell your loot here.
Artículos comercializados: Vende:

Brass Armor 450 gp
Chain Armor 200 gp
Leather Armor 35 gp

Club Weapons:
Staff 40 gp

Distance Weapons:
Spear 10 gp
Throwing Knife 25 gp

Chain Helmet 52 gp
Leather Helmet 12 gp

Chain Legs 80 gp

Steel Shield 240 gp
Wooden Shield 15 gp

Sword Weapons:
Dagger 5 gp
Longsword 160 gp
Machete 35 gp
Rapier 15 gp
Sabre 35 gp
Sword 85 gp

Poison Field 300 gp
Fire Field 500 gp
Energy Field 700 gp

Poison Wall 1600 gp
Fire Wall 2000 gp
Energy Wall 2500 gp

Brass Armor 150 gp
Chain Armor 70 gp
Coat 1 gp
Golden Armor 1500 gp
Jacket 1 gp
Knight Armor 875 gp
Leather Armor 12 gp
Plate Armor 400 gp

Hand Axe 5 gp

Leather Boots 2 gp

Club Weapons:
Club 1 gp
Mace 23 gp

Distance Weapons:
Spear 3 gp

Brass Helmet 30 gp
Chain Helmet 17 gp
Devil's Helmet 450 gp
Iron Helmet 145 gp
Leather Helmet 4 gp
Steel Helmet 190 gp
Viking Helmet 66 gp
Warrior Helmet 696 gp

Brass Legs 49 gp
Chain Legs 20 gp
Knight Legs 375 gp
Leather Legs 1 gp
Plate Legs 115 gp

Battle Shield 95 gp
Brass Shield 16 gp
Dragon Shield 360 gp
Guardian Shield 180 gp
Plate Shield 31 gp
Steel Shield 80 gp
Wooden Shield 5 gp

Sword Weapons:
Dagger 2 gp
Fire Sword 1000 gp
Longsword 51 gp
Rapier 5 gp
Sabre 12 gp
Short Sword 10 gp
Spike Sword 225 gp
Sword 25 gp

Two Handed Sword 450 gp
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