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Also known as: Ankrahmun Sorcerer Guild Quest
Reward: Unknown
Location: Serpentine Tower in Ankrahmun
Level required: 0?
Premium required: Yes
Be prepared to face: Fire Elemental, Green Djinn, and more
Legend: ...
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Required Equipment



  • Follow the directions for the White Pearl Quest.
  • In the small room with the white pearl, there is a lamp on the wall. "Use" the lamp. It will sparkle (red sparkles on your body), but will not light.
  • Go down the Stairs to the room with the "caged creatures". BE CAREFUL! The Fire Elemental will now be loose!
  • Kill the Fire Elemental and flip the switch that is inside his "cage". This will remove the Magic Walls holding the Green Djinn downstairs.
  • There is a switch in the "cage" of the Green Djinn, but it is unknown what it does.

This spoiler is incomplete. See Talk:Serpentine Tower Quest/Spoiler.

Treasure Chest
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