Germany Secura
Type: Optional PvP
Online Since: November 04, 2002
Location: Germany
Server Save: 9:00 CET

Top players by skill area:
LevelMagic LevelFistClubSwordAxeDistanceShieldingFishingAchievements

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Additional info

  • The first Non-PvP world created.
  • The word "Secura" is derived from Latin meaning "secure".


  • Old server price of items is very low for basic equitment.
  • The main language is english/polish.
  • The respawn of monsters is good.


  • There are few Power Abusers on this Server.
  • A lot of botters/cheaters.
  • Old player have quitted only a couple remain.
  • A lot of account trading/selling.

Securan Wars

Secura Rares

Players with the best skills

Golden NewspaperLevelDave of Secura423
Spellbook of Dark MysteriesMagicDave of Secura101
Rainbow ShieldShieldingCliany118
Royal CrossbowDistanceCatti-bia123
Warlord SwordSwordCliany118
The StomperClubPrincess Isabella & Stratobear103
Stonecutter AxeAxeAlyx Garde111
Behemoth ClawFistMestre Zack Fair91
Fishing RodFishingAgrona104

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