Searing Fire
This Object is in the Fields class.
Searing Fire
Object Class: Fields
Attributes: Not movable.
Walking Time: ?
Location: Ankrahmun Tombs, Pits of Inferno.
Notes: You lose 300 Hitpoints if you walk over a burning field. Of course this can be reduced by Firewalker Boots or the Magma Set.
See also: Objects.

This "magical" flame inflicts more damage on you than a normal Fire. Also, this fire will not burn you.


You see this "fire" if you do the Helmet of the Ancients Quest, in the final room before Mahrdis.

An image of purple fire in the final room before Mahrdis.

Archivo:Helmet of the Ancients Quest-Mahrdis 2.gif

note: The purple fire will dissapear and come back, so you have time to walk over them. Example:

Archivo:Purple Fire Example.gif

You will only lose hp if you walk into them. You don't lose any life if you're standing on a "cold" square when the fire appears under you.

You can also see this "fire" in the Pits of Inferno Quest. Each vocation has to take his own path or else he will lose a lot of life.

Archivo:PoI quest lunara1.jpg

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