Germany Saphira
Type: Open PvP
Online Since: April 19, 2005
Location: Germany
Server Save: 8:00 CET

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Additional Information

  • The name Saphira comes from the word sapphire.

The first level 100 on Saphira was Chompollet tzetzi (His name was Dagen Nyheter but he got namelocked). The first level 200 on Saphira was Auroth. [Deleted] The first (and so far only) level 300 was Zos Io Pan. Saphira killed Orshabaal on 14 February 2006. Then-Saphirean character Nobztrakt held the record of most experience achieved in a single day for a long time before Victteron from Morgana took the lead. On Jan 13 2008 Noztrakt got 17,547,465 XP. He went from level 209 to 217 that day.

The oldest guild on Saphira is Ataraxis, who was founded on August 19th, 2005. The oldest members are Derneus (joined August 21st, 2005) and Moonshade (joined August 25th, 2005)

The first ruling guild in the server was Masterplan, formed mostly of Swedish players. After a long time, many of its members became inactive and a new guild came to put an end on Masterplan's power abusing days. That was Demoralize, formed mostly of Polish players. They successfully took the power, and soon became as power abusing as Masterplan had been. But they were many. After some time, the remains of Masterplan and a new guild called Execution tried to defeat Demoralize, but failed. Then after some more time, partly because they were missing war times and partly because some of the members were sick of the destructive behaviour of some others, over half of Demoralize disbanded to form Perfect Insanity.Only a guild that came from inside Demoralize was able to defeat them and take the power. Perfect Insanity, also mostly Polish players, held and abused of the power in Saphira for a few months. Later it has split again, in Perfect Insanity and Ambush, which were at war. Ambush won, but internal problems made conflict again. After part of Ambush backstabbed to Perfect Insanity they've fought in war against Red Mist. They were losing the war but recent update have change the rules of fighting. Both sides are waiting for new update to eliminate each other.

The top level, however, is held by a neutral player, member of the ancient Ataraxis, the Brazilian female knight Zos Io Pan.

Saphira successfully got together and defeated Devovorga on the 4th of September of 2010.

Price List

There is a new pricelist added by Kerosi and Demoralize but it has not been followed at all, so Saphira can be considered a pricelist-free server.

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