Germany Refugia
Type: Optional PvP
Online Since: July 20, 2005
Location: Germany
Server Save: 8:00 CET

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  • The word "Refugia" is derived from Latin meaning "refuge", which coincides with the fact that Refugia is Optional PvP.

Points of Interest

  • One of the few servers to have seen Orshabaal more than once, totally 6 to be exact.
  • One of the few servers to see Morgaroth, more than once (5 times). The first time he invaded was when hardly any one was online, so no-one attempted to kill it. Second time the team failed, then on the third attempt he was finally killed, in turn dropping the mighty Thunder Hammer. Then on his forth invasion he was blocked by Master Dysan and defeated once again on Refugia, dropping a Teddy Bear and a Magic plate armor.
  • Ghazbaran was there four times, and killed twice.
  • Ferumbras appeared four times, and killed twice.
  • First server with Necromancer Shield on all Tibia.
  • The game world succeeded in the Lightbearer event. So it's possible to visit the "good side" of the Temple of Light.
  • It's the home-server of Bubble, her husband GM Nietzsche, and their whole family since January 2010!
  • It's also a home-server of two Fansite Items creators - Myst'Sharion which designed a Norseman Doll for TibiaNordic Fansite Item Contest, and Van Lyves which designed a Phoenix Statue for
  • The game world succeeded in the Rise of the Devovorga Quest in September 2010, and Gorak become a first Devovorga's Nemesis.

Advantages of Playing Here

Disadvantages of Playing Here

  • Many scamming/thieving because of the Optional PvP.
  • House prices are on a dramatic increase. Some 50~sqm houses may go for 300k+ if they are in a nice city.
  • High chance of botters and cheaters in general.
  • High chances of getting lured apon higher leveled players.


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