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Raffael.gif PNJ Raffael
Ubicación: Island of Destiny
Ocupación: Equipment Shopkeeper, Banker
Notas: Sells equipment you may need on the mainland and buys equipment you will no longer need from Rookgaard, you can also access your bank account at him.
Artículos comercializados: Vende:

Backpack 20 gp
Fishing Rod 150 gp
Rope 50 gp
Shovel 50 gp
Torch 2 gp
Worm 1 gp
Health Potion 45 gp
Mana Potion 50 gp
Egg 2 gp (Premium vocations)
Fish 3 gp
Ham 8 gp
Meat 5 gp
Orange 7 gp (Premium vocations)
Scarf 15 gp (Premium vocations)
Viking Shield 260 gp (Premium vocations)
Brass Armor 450 gp (only to Knights)
Brass Legs 195 gp (only to Knights)
Mage Hat 150 gp (only to Sorcerers and Druids)
Chain Armor 200 gp
Leather Boots 10 gp
Plate Shield 125 gp
Ranger's Cloak 450 gp (only to Paladins)
Magician's Robe 450 gp (only to Sorcerers and Druids)
Soldier Helmet 200 gp (only to Knights)
Studded Legs 50 gp
Weapons and Ammunition:
Arrow 2 gp
Bow 350 gp
Daramanian Mace 500 gp (only to Knights)
Spear 10 gp
Jagged Sword 500 gp (only to Knights)
Steel Axe 500 gp (only to Knights)
Steel Shield 200 gp (only to Knights)
Other Items:

Oracle Figurine 100 gp (premium players only)

Armors, legs and boots:
Leather Armor 12 gp
Studded Armor 20 gp
Chain Armor 40 gp
Leather Legs 9 gp
Leather Boots 2 gp
Spear 3 gp (Paladins only)
Mace 30 gp
Sword 25 gp
Studded Club 10 gp
Short Sword 10 gp
Sabre 12 gp
Katana 35 gp
Brass Helmet 22 gp
Leather Helmet 4 gp
Legion Helmet 22 gp
Wooden Shield 3 gp
Studded Shield 16 gp
Brass Shield 25 gp
Plate Shield 40 gp
Copper Shield 50 gp

Empty Potion Flask 5 gp
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