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¿Qué son?

Las quests (búsquedas) son desafíos en el juego, en donde un jugador o un grupo de jugadores tienen que resolver acertijos o puzzles para recibir una recompensa especial; Algunas quests, de hecho, implican desafíos con monstruoss muchas veces.
Las personas que revelan quests en canales públicos o en algún otro lugar para arruinar la diversión de otras personas que tratan de encontrar una quest por su propia cuenta se les llama quest spoilers. Este sitio web es muy popular debido a que se dedica a hacer quest spoiling (descubrir la búsqueda).


Ellas tienen muchos propositos, conseguir dinero, conseguir objetos raros o simplemente, divertirse con los amigos.

¿Cómo puedo empezar una?

Hablar con NPCs, preguntarles acerca de misiones, o simplemente tener una charla con ellos y podrías descubrir algo interesante. Otra manera seria obtener un spoil de la quest buscando en sitios o preguntando a los jugadores como hacerla.

Esta sección contiene información que puede echar a perder la diversión del juego en las quests. Si no quieres ver esto, te sugerimos salir de esta pagina.

Lista de Quest

Ten en cuenta que todas las quests en Rookgaard se pueden empezar en Nivel 1 (Ver: Ruta: Nivel 1).

Rookgaard Exchange Quests

Name Min Level Prem Location Reward
Pick Quest 2 no Rookgaard. Small Axe that you can exchange for Pick.
Present Quest 2 no Near the Bear Room Quest. Backpack with Present that can be exchange for a Legion Helmet, a Jug, a Plate and a Cup.
Short Sword Quest 2 no Rookgaard. Notebook or Short Sword.
Small Health Potion Quest 0 yes Billy on Premium side of Rookgaard. Small Health Potion.
Studded Legs Quest 2 yes North-west side of Rookgaard. Honey Flower that you can change for Studded Legs
Studded Shield Quest 2 no North-east Rookgaard. Banana which can be traded for a Studded Shield


Mainland Quests

Name Min Level Prem Location Reward
Arito's Task Quest 0 yes Ankrahmun and Kha'Zeel 50 Platinum Coins
Nomads Land Quest 0 yes Ankrahmun, Kha'Zeel 50 Platinum Coins
Adorned UH Rune Quest 0 yes Edron Hero Cave. Silver Rune Emblem (Ultimate Healing).
Alawar's Vault Quest 0 no Senja/Folda 3 White Pearls and a Broadsword (+ a Spellbook, which is daily spawned on top of the Senja Castle)
An Interest In Botany Quest 0 yes Farmine, Zao Wailing Widow Cave 1,000 gp, Sedge Hat, 3000 exp.
Barbarian Axe Quest 0 yes Edron Orc Cave Barbarian Axe, Scimitar
Barbarian Test Quest 0 yes Svargrond Mead Horn, ability to fight in the Arena, ability to become a citizen of Svargrond, ability to travel with Buddel, ability to start the Ice Islands Quest.
Berserk Potion Quest 0 yes Deep in Helheim Near Svargrond Berserk Potion, 200 gp, Shard, 3 Demonic Essence
Berserker Treasure Quest 0 yes Edron Orc Cave 3 White Pearls and 175 gp.
Blood Herb Quest 0 no Greenclaw Swamp, Near Venore Blood Herb/ Witchesbroom
Braindeath Quest 0 yes Fenrock, near Beregar. A Red Backpack with 2 Great Health Potion, Mana Potion, Shovel, Rope, and 13 Platinum Coins
Bullseye Potion Quest 0 yes Formorgar Mines Bullseye Potion, 82gp
Darashia Dragon Quest 40 yes Darashia Dragon Lair Life Ring
Dark Armor Quest 0 yes Edron Orc Cave Dark Armor
Dark Helmet Quest 0 no Ice Islands: below Folda, Senja, Vega. Dark Helmet, 4 Throwing Knives, Blank Rune, 33 gp and Key 4502.
Dead Archer Quest 0 no Thais Troll Cave Bow, 5 Poison Arrow, Mana Potion, Health Potion
Devil Helmet Quest 30 no Thais Ancient Temple Devil Helmet, Halberd, 4 Small Sapphire
Double Hero Quest 0 yes Edron Hero Cave Club Ring, Red Gem
Draconia Quest 25 no Draconia, through Hellgate, near Ab'Dendriel Ice Rapier, Serpent Sword, Stone Skin Amulet and Energy Ring.
Dragon Tower Quest 0 no Shadowthorn, Near Venore 2 Small Sapphires, 30 Burst Arrows, 60 Poison Arrows, Bow
Eleonore Quest 0 yes Liberty Bay Governer's Mansion 155gp, Ability to travel to Meriana and Laguna Islands
Elephant Tusk Quest 0 yes East of Port Hope in Tiquanda 2 Elephant Tusks
Elvenbane Quest 0 no Elvenbane Castle, near Ab'Dendriel Morning Star, Dwarven Shield, Strong Mana Potion, Blank Rune, Spellbook, 2 Small Diamonds and 100 gp.
Emperor's Cookies Quest 0 no Kazordoon Key 3800, a bag with 20+7 cookies & Key 3801 and Key 3802
Fanfare Quest 0 no Carlin Graveyard Fanfare
Fishing Box Quest 0 yes Krimhorn (near center) 3 Green Perches, 3 Rainbow Trouts, 5 Platinum Coins
Formorgar Mine Hoist Quest 0 yes Formorgar Mines, Near Svargrond Map (Brown), being able to use the Hoist at Formorgar Mines.
Formorgar Mine Quest 0 yes Formorgar Mines, Near Svargrond Shard, 100 gp, Bullseye Potion, Crossbow, 20 Power Bolts
Geomancer Quest 0 no Mount Sternum Undead Cave, vicinity of Thais Small Sapphire, Small Diamond, Dwarven Ring
Ghoul Room Quest 0 no Thais Ancient Temple Garlic Necklace, Club Ring
Giant Smithhammer Quest 0 no Plains of Havoc Talon, Giant Smithhammer, 100 gp
Griffin Shield Quest 30 no Gates of Demona, deep inside the Maze of Lost Souls, Near Carlin and Ab'Dendriel Griffin Shield, Dwarven Axe, Obsidian Lance
Hot Cuisine Quest 35 yes West of the Blue Djinn Fortress, Near Ankrahmun Delicious dishes.
Hydra Egg Quest 0 yes Port Hope Hydra Egg
Into The Bone Pit Quest 35 no Thais, Ancient Temple Death Ring
Inukaya Quest 0 Yes Inukaya, the Chakoyas encampment near Svargrond Shard, 48 gold, 3 Rainbow Trout.
Iron Hammer Quest 0 no Minotaur caves near Kazordoon Iron Hammer
Iron Helmet Quest 0 no Plains of Havoc Iron Helmet, Sudden Death Rune, Leather Armor, Letter, Worn Leather Boots, Longsword
Isle of the Mists Quest 0 no Isle of the Mists, Near Kazordoon and Venore 2 Small Emeralds, Book
Life Ring Quest 0 no Thais Life Ring, Dragon Necklace
Lion Trophy Quest 0 yes Formorgar Mines Lion Trophy, Shard, 2 Platinum Coins
Longsword Quest 0 no Dusalk's Troll Clan Cave, near Dwarf Bridge Longsword, Mirror, 3 Blank Runes, Wooden Doll, Wedding Ring, 76 gp
Machinery of War Quest 50 no Thais, Orc Fortress 1,000 exp for each mission, 2,000 exp once you have achieved the highest rank.
Mastermind Potion Quest 0 yes Formorgar Mines. 2 Mastermind Potions, 78 gp and 123 gp, 1 Green Perch, 2 Rainbow Trout
Meriana Quest 0 yes Meriana Abilty to travel to Nargor (Pirate Island), Model Ship and Pirate Outfits
Mintwallin Cyclops Quest 0 no Thais Ancient Temple Small Diamond, two Strong Health Potions, Hatchet, Chain Helmet and a Chain Armor.
Orc Fortress Quest 40 no Orc Fortress, near Ab'Dendriel Knight Armor, Knight Axe, Fire Sword
Orc Shaman Quest 0 no Venore Orc Cave, east of Venore Magic Light Wand, Axe Ring and Blank Rune
Ornamented Shield Quest 0 no PoH Dragon Lair bag with Ornamented Shield, Key 3702, Spike Sword, Dragon Necklace, Might Ring, Krendorak's Journal, Time Ring, Garlic Necklace, 5 Platinum Coins, Inkwell.
Panpipe Quest 0 no Jakundaf Desert Panpipes, 2 Small Amethysts, Power Ring
Parchment Room Quest 0 yes Edron Hero Cave Bag with Stealth Ring, 2 Talons, Bone, Skull, Parchment and Golden Key inside
Poison Daggers Quest 0 yes Edron Orc Cave 2 Poison Daggers, 30 Poison Arrows
Power Bolts Quest 0 no Plains of Havoc 5 Power Bolts, 12 Burst Arrows, Two Handed Sword, Book
Power Ring Quest 0 no Femor Hills a Power Ring and a Bronze Amulet
Purple Tome Quest 60 no Demona Map (Brown), Map (Colour) and Purple Tome.
Rest in Hallowed Ground Quest 0 yes Edron 5 Health Potions, 5 Mana Potions
Ring Quest 0 yes Edron Hero Cave Time Ring, Sword Ring.
Sam's Old Backpack Quest 35 no Ulderek's Rock, Dwarf Mines Dwarven Armor
Scale Armor Quest 0 no Near Thais Scale Armor
Sea of Light Quest 8 yes Edron and Lost Mines (west of town), Vega 1900 exp (400 + 500 + 1000), 1 Yellow Gem and 10 Small Diamonds.
Serpentine Tower Quest 0? Yes Serpentine Tower in Ankrahmun Unknown
Shaman Treasure Quest 0 yes Edron Orc Cave 3 Blank Runes
Silver Brooch Quest 0 no Greenclaw Swamp Silver Brooch, 2 Small Rubies, 3 Small Diamonds
Six Rubies Quest 0 no Thais Ancient Temple Six Small Rubies
Skeleton Decoration Quest 0 yes Tyrsung Skeleton Decoration, 89gp, Shard
Skull of Ratha Quest 0 no Venore Amazon Camp. White Pearl, 2 Black Pearls, Skull of Ratha, Wolf Tooth Chain, Dwarven Ring, 100 gp, Crystal Necklace.
Spike Sword Quest 0 no A few steps north east of Triangle Tower Spike Sword
Thais Lighthouse Quest 0 no Thais Dark Shield and Battle Hammer
The Blessed Stake Quest 0 yes Ab'Dendriel Carlin Kazordoon Thais Venore Darashia Ankrahmun Edron Port Hope Liberty Bay Blessed Wooden Stake.
The Thieves Guild Quest 0 Yes Thais, Carlin, Outlaw Camp, Venore, Port Hope, Liberty Bay, Dark Cathedral Ability to trade with Black Bert and one of the following items: a Modified Crossbow, a Spellbook of Warding or an Assassin Dagger.
The Ultimate Booze Quest 0 no Venore, Kazordoon Light Shovel, 10 Platinum Coins
The White Raven Monastery Quest 0 no Near Carlin, Ghostlands and the Isle of the Kings Blessed Ankh, Family Brooch, access to the Isle of the Kings
Throwing Star Quest 0 no Thais Ancient Temple 10 Throwing Stars
Tomes of Knowledge Quest 0 yes Zao, Chazorai, Dragonblaze Peaks, Farmine, Muggy Plains and Zzaion. Ability to buy Dragon Tapestry, Minotaur Backpack, Dragon Backpack, War Drum, Didgeridoo, trade with Esrik and Pompan, enter Zao Palace and Corruption Hole...
Top of the City Quest 0 yes Yalahar, Former Trade Quarter. 10 Heaven Blossoms.
Tower Defence Quest 0 no Carlin, Femor Hills 50 Shiver Arrows, 50 Earth Arrows, 50 Flaming Arrows, 50 Flash Arrows
Treasure Hunt Quest 35 (The Shattered Isles Quest) yes Liberty Bay, Edron, Tiquanda, Nargor and more. 3 Gold Ingots, Bejeweled Ship's Telescope, 108 Gold coins, 2 Small Amethysts, 3 Small Emeralds.
Treasure Island Quest 0 yes Treasure Island Unknown
Triangle Tower Quest 0 no Triangle Tower Garlic Necklace, Dwarven Ring and 2 Small Sapphires
Troll Cave Quest 0 yes Edron Troll Cave, west of town Brass Legs, Garlic Necklace
Troll Sabotage Quest 0 yes Edron. Elvenhair Rope or 200gp and Jerom's Family Necklace.
VoodooMaster Quest 35 yes Meriana and Goroma Access deeper caves in Goroma and the rest of Forbidden Islands
Voodoo Doll Quest 0 no Near Venore. Voodoo Doll (King), Magic Light Wand.
Waterfall Quest 0 Yes Near Forbidden Lands in Tiquanda Pirate Backpack, Pirate Hat, Dwarven Ring, Rum Flask
Waterskin of Mead Quest 0 yes Formorgar Mines Berserk Potion, 82gp, Waterskin of Mead
Battle Axe Quest 0 no Thais sewers Battle Axe
Frost Dragon Quest 0 yes Okolnir, Near Svargrond 1 Shard, 1 Bullseye Potion, 10 Platinum Coins.
Mad Mage Room Quest 40 no Thais Ancient Temple Hat of the Mad, Stone Skin Amulet and Star Amulet in Quest boxes. Silver Dagger and some Mana Potions spawn in another chest in this room.
The Desert Dungeon Quest 20 no Deep below the Jakundaf Desert. 100 Platinum Coins and a green bag with: Protection Amulet, Ring Of Healing, Magic Light Wand and Ankh.
Medusa Shield Quest 60 yes Drefia west of Darashia Medusa Shield, Skull Staff, Blue Robe
Barbarian Arena Quest 0 yes Svargrond A Bronze/Silver/Gold Goblet (Depending on difficulty). A choice of 1 of the 5 prizes.
The Ancient Tombs Quest 75 yes Ankrahmun Tombs Helmet of the Ancients
Rise of Devovorga 20+ yes Vengoth Increased mana and health regeneration, various achievements, 5 Gold Ingots, 3 Giant Shimmering Pearls, Red Gem, Solitude Charm, 6 Small Emeralds, Berserk Potion, Mastermind Potion, Bullseye Potion, 11 Tentacle Pieces, Stone of Wisdom, Devovorga Statue, and 3 Demon Backpacks.
The Pits of Inferno Quest 80 Yes Pits of Inferno, under the Plains of Havoc; entrance at the Necromant House. Ability to go to the Pits of Inferno throne room through a teleport in the Necromant House, 100 Platinum Coins, Soft Boots, Backpack of Holding (containing a Silver UH Rune, SD Rune, Explosion Rune and HMM Rune), Stuffed Dragon, Frozen Starlight, Ceremonial Ankh and choose between: Arcane Staff/Avenger/Arbalest.
Fire Axe Quest 60 yes Edron Dragon Lair Fire Axe, Ring of Healing, Dragon Necklace, 7 Small Diamonds
Explorer Brooch Quest 0 no North side of The Jolly Axeman Tavern in Kazordoon Explorer Brooch
Secret Service Quest 50 yes Begin: Thais, Venore or Carlin. Travel all Tibia. Mysterious Package
Wedding Ring Quest 0 yes Edron Hero Cave Wedding Ring, Dragon Necklace.
Shadows of Yalahar Quest 75 Yes Various, starts in Edron Access to Target Dummies, Golem Disassembler, ability to trade with Telas, 25,000 experience.
An Uneasy Alliance Quest 0? yes Zao. 2x Tome of Knowledge, experience and gold coins
Steal From Thieves Quest 0 yes Ankrahmun 100 Brown Mushrooms, 100 Gold Coins
Strong Potions Quest 0 yes Edron Hero Cave 5 Strong Mana Potions.
The Hidden City of Beregar Quest 0 yes Beregar, Fenrock, Mistrock, Ab'dendriel, Yalahar, Venore, Kazordoon. Access to the mines in Beregar, Rusty Armor (Semi-Rare), Gold Ingot, 3 Small Topaz, Crystal of Focus, Firewalker Boots, 10 Brown Mushrooms, Dwarven Legs and the ability to buy Rust Remover.
The Outlaw Camp Quest 45 no Outlaw Camp Bright Sword, Red Gem
The Hunt for the Sea Serpent Quest 61 yes Sea Serpent Area, Svargrond Access to Sea Serpent Spawns.
Stealth Ring Quest 0 yes Minotaur Pyramid north-east of Darashia. Stealth Ring and Protection Amulet.
Steel Helmet Quest 0 no Minotaur Tower west of Kazordoon Steel Helmet, 47 gp, 56 gp, Scroll
The Isle of Evil Quest 35? yes Kazordoon - Rapanaio's house, Yalahar, Northport, Isle of Evil, Thais Mechanical Fishing Rod, Piece of Paper, Fan Doll of King Tibianus, 6666 experience points.
The Queen of the Banshees Quest 60 no Isle of the Kings underground and Ghostland Boots of Haste, Giant Sword, Tower Shield, Stealth Ring, Stone Skin Amulet and 100 Platinum Coins (10K)
The Scatterbrained Sorcerer Quest Max 19 no Alrededor Thais - Casa de Eclesius, Venore, Kazordoon, Ab'Dendriel 5350 gp y 10650 experience en total por todas las misiones y tareas (tasks).
Time Ring Quest 0 no Venore, Shadowthorn Time Ring, Elven Amulet, Crystal Ball
The Postman Missions Quest 0 yes Begins in Kevin's office at the Tibia Postal Service Headquarters, but takes you all over Tibia. Cheaper parcels (10 gp), letters (5 gp), boat fares (10 gp cheaper). 6k discount in The Thieves Guild Quest. Use of locked mailboxes, Post Officer's Hat and Post Horn.
The Shattered Isles Quest 35 yes Goroma. Ability to travel to Goroma from Liberty Bay, access to Meriana,access to Laguna Islands, Access to Nargor, access to Ramoa, Talahu and Malada.
To Appease the Mighty Quest 30 yes Darashia, Ashta'daramai, Mal'ouquah 20 Platinum Coins
To Blind the Enemy Quest 0 no Ab'Dendriel 10 Platinum Coins, Elven Amulet
Unnatural Selection Quest 0 yes Farmine. Tome of Knowledge, Tribal Crest, experience
Vampire Hunter Quest 0 no Various Experience, Vampire Doll, Access to the lower part on Vengoth, where you can find Blood Skull
Vampire Shield Quest 70 yes Edron Hero Cave Vampire Shield, Dragon Lance, Strange Symbol, Black Pearl, Mysterious Fetish
Edron Goblin Quest 0 yes Edron Goblin Cave, west of town Steel Shield, Silver Amulet
Kissing a Pig Quest 60 No All Free Account Cities, Femor Hills, Ghostlands/Isle of the Kings Firlefanz, 5gp
Koshei The Deathless Quest 40 yes Darashia Koshei's Ancient Amulet or Blue Legs (also 50 Platinum Coins, but you will need to sacrifice this exact amount before you can get the reward).
Naginata Quest 40 no Thais Dragon Lair Naginata
Noble Armor Quest 35 no Deep in a hidden cave below Mt. Sternum. Noble Armor and Crown Helmet
The Annihilator Quest 100 yes Edron Hero Cave One out of four items can be chosen: Magic Sword, Demon Armor, Stonecutter Axe, and a Present Box with an Annihilation Bear inside.
The Ape City Quest 0 si Varios; empiezas en Tiquanda Habilidad para comprar bananas, Monkey Statue (No Hearing) Monkey Statue (No Seeing) y Monkey Statue (No Speaking), Shaman Outfits y acceso para ir a Forbidden Lands.
The Djinn War - Marid Faction 40 yes Ashta'daramai (Blue Djinn Fortress) 3 Small Sapphires, Gemmed Lamp, the ability to trade with Nah'Bob and Haroun and and possibility to hunt Green Djinns in Yalahar.
The Exterminator Quest 0 no Carlin sewers Small Sapphire, Small Ruby, Small Amethyst, Small Emerald
The Demon Oak Quest 120 yes Plains of Havoc One out of four items can be chosen: Demon Legs, Rainbow Shield, Spellbook of Dark Mysteries or Royal Crossbow.
The Elemental Spheres Quest 80 Yes Edron, Elemental Spheres. Dragon Robe for Sorcerers, Greenwood Coat for Druids, Windborn Colossus Armor for Knights and The Ironworker for Paladins.
The Explorer Society Quest 0 yes Begins in Port Hope or Northport, but requires travel throughout Tibia. Ice Pick, Spectral Stone, 6 Orichalcum Pearls, 1 Crown Backpack, 50 platinum coins. You can use the teleporters between Port Hope and Northport, and between Liberty Bay and Svargrond which works having an Orichalcum Pearl. You have the ability to travel to Calassa and the Frozen Trench, and hunt underwater. You can buy an Atlas and Crown Backpacks.
The Paradox Tower Quest 30 yes Paradox Tower near Kazordoon Up to two of the following: 10k gp, Wand of Cosmic Energy, 32 Talons, Phoenix Egg
White Pearl Quest 0 yes Ankrahmun White Pearl
Blood Brothers Quest 40 yes Yalahar, Vengoth. Vampiric Crest or Yalaharian Outfits addon, 13200 exp (5 times 1000 exp, 1200 exp, 2400 exp and 3600 exp) also a Blood Goblet.
Demon Helmet Quest 100 yes Edron Hero Cave Demon Helmet, Demon Shield, Steel Boots
Against the Spider Cult Quest 40? yes Edron Orc Cave Terra Amulet
Dreamer's Challenge Quest 0 Yes Abandoned Monastery and under Plains of Havoc in Dream Realm Brown Bread, Wine, Certificate of Completion of the Dreamer's Challenge, Ability to teleport to many locations throughout Tibia, Membership in either the Nightmare Knights or the Brotherhood of Bones (you must choose only one), and, depending on your choice, the ability to get a Nightmare Shield or a Necromancer Shield and Nightmare Outfits or Brotherhood Outfits.
Outfit Nightmare Knights Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Nightmare Knights Female Addon 3.gif Outfit Brotherhood of Bones Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Brotherhood of Bones Female Addon 3.gif
Children of the Revolution Quest 0 yes Zao, Muggy Plains 10,000 Experience, Tome of Knowledge, Serpent Crest - 2nd addon for Warmaster Outfits
Pilgrimage of Ashes Quest 24 or less yes various locations in tibia, starts at any city guide. all blessings with 50% discount (once only), 20 platinum coins.
The Travelling Trader Quest 0 Yes Svargrond, Liberty Bay, Port Hope, Ankrahmun, Darashia, Edron and Carlin. Missions also take you to Outlaw Camp, Kazordoon, Ab'Dendriel and the inner parts of Tiquanda. Ability to trade with Rashid.
Wrath of the Emperor Quest 80(The New Frontier Quest is required) yes Zao Spiritual Charm, Wayfarer Outfits, Black Jade Cobra, 100 Platinum Coins, 10 Crystal Coins, 10 Red Dragon Scales, 5 Gold Ingots, 10 Black Pearls, Blue Gem, Dragon Backpack, Jewelled Backpack, choose between Elite Draken Helmet, Royal Draken Mail, or Royal Scale Robe.
The New Frontier Quest 80*(for the last mission only) yes Farmine, Zao, Kazordoon, Edron, Venore, Thais, Port Hope, Isle of Strife. Tome of Knowledge, Warmaster Outfits, Piggy Bank, 2 Gold Ingots, Bullseye Potion, Mastermind Potion and Berserk Potion.
The Ice Islands Quest 0 yes Svargrond Access to the Krimhorn island, Helheim, Tyrsung, ability to use the dogsleds from Nibelor to Inukaya, ability to become a citizen of Svargrond, including talking to the arena, boat and more NPCs. And the basic Norseman outfit!
Killing in the Name of... Quest various no various Various amounts of experience, cash, ability to kill boss monsters
Crusader Helmet Quest 35 no Dwarf Mines west of Kazordoon. Crusader Helmet
The Djinn War - Efreet Faction 40 yes Mal'ouquah (Green Djinn Fortress) 600 gp, Gemmed Lamp, permission to trade with Yaman and Alesar and possibility to hunt Blue Djinns in Yalahar.
Deeper Fibula Quest 50 no Fibula Knight Axe, Warrior Helmet, Elven Amulet, Tower Shield, Dwarven Ring
Kazordoon NPCs
Crystal Wand Quest 60 no Demona Warlock area. Sudden Death Rune with 6 charges and a Crystal Wand.

Banderhus-Quest 200 no 5 Gold tokens 2 achievement points 3 gem

Mainland Exchange Quests

Name Min Level Prem Location Reward
Gamel Quest 0 No Thais Exchange Life Crystal for Life Ring
The Sweaty Cyclops Quest 0 no Ab'Dendriel. Ability to deal with A Sweaty Cyclops.
Obsidian Knife Quest 0 no Ab'Dendriel and Kazordoon Obsidian Knife
The Mermaid Marina Quest 0 yes Meriana. Ability to deal with Marina.
Exchange Quests ? ?? Various Exchange dropped items for Quest Items

Mainland Addon Quests

Name Min Level Prem Location Reward
Nobleman Outfits Quest 0 yes Irmana (Venore) Addons for the Nobleman and Noblewoman Outfits Outfit Nobleman Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Nobleman Female Addon 3.gif
Summoner Outfits Quest 0 yes Myra (Port Hope), Sandra (Edron) Addons for the Summoner Outfits Outfit Summoner Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Summoner Female Addon 3.gif
Wizard Outfits Quest 0 yes Lugri (Thais), The Queen Of The Banshees (Ghostlands) Addons for the Wizard Outfits Outfit Wizard Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Wizard Female Addon 3.gif
Oriental Outfits Quest 0 yes Razan, Habdel(male)/Ishina, Miraia(female), (Darashia) Addons for the Oriental Outfits Outfit Oriental Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Oriental Female Addon 3.gif
Warrior Outfits Quest 0 yes Carlin Knight Guild, Sabrehaven Blacksmith Addons for the Warrior Outfits Outfit Warrior Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Warrior Female Addon 3.gif
Mage Outfits Quest 0 yes Dark Cathedral, Edron Addons for Mage Outfits Outfit Mage Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Mage Female Addon 3.gif
Citizen Outfits Quest 0 yes Hanna (Thais), Lubo (south of Mount Sternum) Addons for the Citizen Outfits Outfit Citizen Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Citizen Female Addon 3.gif
Druid Outfits Quest 0 yes Ceiron (Ab'Dendriel), Ustan (Port Hope), A Majestic Warwolf (Cormaya) Addons for the Druid Outfits Outfit Druid Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Druid Female Addon 3.gif
Hunter Outfits Quest 0 yes Elane (Thais) Addons for the Hunter Outfits Outfit Hunter Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Hunter Female Addon 3.gif
Knight Outfits Quest 0 yes Gregor (Thais), Morgan (Sabrehaven) Addons for the Knight Outfits Outfit Knight Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Knight Female Addon 3.gif

Mainland Outfit Quests

Name Min Level Prem Location Reward
Beggar Outfits Quest 0 Yes Hugo (Venore), Simon the Beggar (Fibula) Beggar Outfits and addons Outfit Beggar Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Beggar Female Addon 3.gif
Norseman Outfits Quest 0 yes Hjaern (Svargrond) Norseman Outfits and addons Outfit Norseman Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Norseman Female Addon 3.gif
Brotherhood Outfits Quest 0 yes Plains of Havoc Brotherhood Outfits and addons Outfit Brotherhood of Bones Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Brotherhood of Bones Female Addon 3.gif
Nightmare Outfits Quest 0 yes Plains of Havoc Nightmare Outfits and addons Outfit Nightmare Knights Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Nightmare Knights Female Addon 3.gif
Wayfarer Outfits Quest 80 yes Farmine/Zao Wayfarer Outfits and addons Archivo:Outfit Wayfarer Male Addon 3.gif Archivo:Outfit Wayfarer Female Addon 3.gif
Shaman Outfits Quest 0 yes Hairycles (Banuta), Chondur (Sabrehaven) Shaman Outfits and addons Outfit Shaman Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Shaman Female Addon 3.gif
Warmaster Outfits Quest 80 yes Farmine/Zao Warmaster Outfits and addons Archivo:Outfit Warmaster Male Addon 3.gif Archivo:Outfit Warmaster Female Addon 3.gif
Pirate Outfits Quest 0 yes Meriana Pirate Outfits and addons Outfit Pirate Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Pirate Female Addon 3.gif
What a foolish Quest 40* yes In and around Thais, Edron, Cormaya, Kazordoon, Carlin, Venore, Port Hope, Liberty Bay, and several other locations Jester Outfits and addons Outfit Jester Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Jester Female Addon 3.gif, a Jester Staff and a Jester Hat.
In Service of Yalahar Quest 80* yes Edron, Liberty Bay, Yalahar. Passage into the innermost area, and through the gates to the city quarters; Yalaharian Outfit, 5 platinum coins, choose between Yalahari Mask, Yalahari Armor and Yalahari Leg Piece.