Tibia Wiki

Telling someone anything about the game that cannot be learned by reading the Tibia Guides can be considered Quest Spoiling. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Keywords and conversations with NPCs
  • Locations and Rewards for Quests
  • Locations to find, and uses for specific Keys
  • Locations of Creatures
  • Methods of accessing "locked" or hard to find areas (Switches to open doors, how to get to Mintwallin, path out of Hellgate, etc.)

Quest spoiling is not against Tibia Rules, but decreases the value of the game. Use quest spoiling at your own discretion, but you should always try to figure out the solution on your own first.

Tutors, Senior Tutors and Gamemasters are directed NOT to provide quest spoiling information to players, and it is usually not allowed on the forums of Supported Fansites; in some fansites, it is allowed to publish a quest spoiler, but it is mandatory to warn the readers about what they are about to read .