USA.gif Pythera
Type: Open PvP
Online Since: November 24, 2004
Location: USA
Server Save: 11:00 CET

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Newest war

It was Endless Circle (with the help of Red Sky Team, former Empera Guild) against the team Brizilian-Mexican-Polish: Red Fusion, DeathBringers and Forgotten Ones.

EC (with Red Sky members playing) won with almost any effort. Before that they started mass power abuse killing anyone they want to. The list of EC[322] vs. Pythera[0] can be seen here. Right now old members from EC are making new guilds like Midnight Sun and Hei Bei Bei, with Red Sky Team members, that won the War For EC, future Known as Red Sky.

Hei Bei Bei(akaRed Sky) With almost 12 (Trep Suvan and Alex Suvan were the top Mages, 200 and 150 elder druid, others were level 100) players declared war against EC (60 players or more and with all top 25), because some of Red Sky's players were being feared thanks to their ability on pvp. War won in a spectacular way by Red Sky by an amazing frag of 70 x 2.

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