Puffels PNJ Puffels
Ubicación: Edron, Ivory towers (here)
Ocupación: Spell Instructor
Notas: Puffels is a spell instructor that can teach you "primitive" spells, only for premium accounts. Looks the same as a rat. Before the winter update 2007 he used to teach Force Strike.
Puffels wrote the book "Magic by Puffels".
Artículos comercializados: Vende:

Charge (lvl 25) 1300 gp
Wound Cleansing (lvl 30) 300 gp
Magic Rope (lvl 9) 200 gp
Levitate (lvl 12) 500 gp
Haste (lvl 14) 600 gp
Berserk (lvl 35) 2500 gp
Whirlwind Throw (lvl 15) 800 gp
Ethereal Spear (lvl 23) 1100 gp
Death Strike (lvl 16) 800 gp
Ice Strike (lvl 15) 800 gp
Terra Strike (lvl 13) 800 gp
Energy Strike (lvl 12) 800 gp

Flame Strike (lvl 14) 800 gp
Compra: None.
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