Port Hope

Type Name Size Rent Beds Floors Rooms
Guildhall Bamboo Fortress 446 sqm 21970 gp 20 bed(s) 5 floor(s) Ground Floor: 3x4sqm room with 2 hammocks, 6x14sqm dinning room with casks and table, two 3x4sqm passage rooms.

Second Floor: 4x5sqm room with 5 hammocks, 4x4sqm with 3 beds, 2x4sqm with 2 beds, 2x2 and 2x3sqm with 1 bed each, 47sqm passage room.
Third Floor: two 2x4sqm rooms with 2 beds each, two 2x4sqm with 1 bed each, 64sqm passage room.
Fourth Floor: four 3x4sqm towers

Fifth Floor: four 3x4sqm towers, two 2sqm and 2 4sqm bridges.
Guildhall Shark Manor 164 sqm 8780 gp 15 bed(s) 2 floor(s) 9 total rooms:

second floor: three 3x3sqm rooms with 1 bed each, two 3x5sqm with 3 cots each, 2xllsqm passage room;

third floor: 4x6sqm room with 6 hammocks, 2x4 and 6x9sqm empty rooms.
Guildhall The Treehouse 548 sqm 24120 gp 23 bed(s) 4 floor(s) 5 total rooms, as well as sectioned areas

ground floor: 10sqm entrance room
second floor: 6x6sqm area with 4 hammocks, 6x6sqm area with 2 hammocks, 5x6sqm area with 3 hammocks, 5x6sqm passage area
third floor: 17sqm room with 3 hammocks, 23sqm room with 4 hammocks, 3x6sqm room with 4 hammocks, 13sqm room with 3 hammocks

fourth floor: 12x15sqm open area
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