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This spell is in the Attack Spells class
Archivo:Poison Storm.gif

Poison Storm

Spell Class: Instant Attack Spells
Spell Words: exevo gran mas pox
Exp Level: 50+
Premium: yes
Used by: Druids
(requires 600 mana)
Spell cost: 3400 gp.
Buy spell from: Zoltan (Edron)
Effect: Poisoned Icon.gif Poisons enemies around the caster.
Notes: The final instant spell belonging to Druids.

It poisoned the enemy with 200+/-50 damage depending on your level.
Note that the target(s) will be poisoned, it won't make full damage when you attack.

Archivo:Poison storm.gif

It was used a lot by druids when cleaning the Orc Fortress, it was a good strategy if you went with a team, if you didn't, it was a waste. It was also excellent to use that spell in Nargor since Pirates did not have immunity to poison.

If used against players, players could use the Antidote spell or the Antidote Rune to get rid of the poison before major damage is done. Therefore, you should never buy this spell with sole purpose of Player Killing.

This spell was replaced in the Winter Update 2007 by Wrath of Nature and Eternal Winter.

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