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Also known as: Ghostship Quest
Reward: Plate Armor
Location: Ghostship
Level required: 0
Premium required: yes
Be prepared to face: Skeletons, Ghouls, Ghosts, Vampires, Demon Skeletons and possibly Captain Jones (rare spawn).
Legend: There is a ghostship that haunts the waters between Venore to Darashia.
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To find the Ghostship, you need to travel with Captain Fearless from Venore to Darashia. You will randomly be hijacked to the Ghostship before you reach Darashia.

When it is night in Tibia, you are more likely to go to the Ghostship

  • When you are hijacked to the Ghostship, you will be near the steering wheel. You are safe here until you go downstairs.
  • On the main level there are numerous skeletons and ghouls. There will be a Ghost guarding the teleport to Darashia. You can kill it now if you want, but do not go through the teleport yet.
  • Go down the ladder on the ghostship.

When you go down the ladder you will land in a fire field

  • Here you will face 2 vampires, a demon skeleton, and a ghost at the same time. Rarely you can also face Captain Jones. If you consider yourself being unable to face them at once, you are recommended to shoot a destroy field rune on the fire field and rope the creatures one by one.
  • After clearing all of the creatures in this room, "use" the head of the coffin against the far wall to recieve your Plate Armor.
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