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Notes Usage

Infobox Rune is used to describe the runes, their effects and how to obtain them.

This should be copied and pasted onto the page, and parameters should be filled in.

|  name           = 
|  Subclass       = 
|  words          = 
|  makemana       = 
|  amount         = 
|  weight         =
|  useML          = 
|  useLVL         = 
|  useVOC         = 
|  voc            = 
|  premium        = 
|  makelvl        = 
|  soul           = 
|  learnfrom      = 
|  spellcost      = 
|  buyrunesfrom   = 
|  runecost       = 
|  effect         = 
|  damagetype     = 
|  notes          = 
Parameter Explanation
name The name of the rune.
Subclass Subclass of the rune, Support, Supply, Attack or Field.
words The words required to make the rune.
makemana Mana required to make the rune.
amount Amount of runes made by the rune's spell.
weight Weight per single rune.
useML Magic level required to use the rune.
useLVL Level required to use the rune.
useVOC Vocations which can use the rune (default: all players)
voc Vocations able to make the rune.
premium Use yes if you need be premium account to make the rune, or no if you do not need be premium account.
makelvl Required level to make the rune.
soul How many soul points are used to make the rune.
learnfrom List of NPCs who sell the spell to make the rune.
spellcost Cost of the spell to make the rune, numbers only.
buyrunesfrom A list of NPCs who sell the rune.
runecost Cost per rune when you buy from a NPC, numbers only.
effect A description of the effect of the rune.
damagetype Type of damage the rune does, if it's an attack rune.
notes Any additional notes.

The template follows below this line. This is not a part of the documentation.


. Unknown

Item Class: Unknown
Incantation: Unknown.
Weight: ? oz.
Used by: Any player with Magic Level 0+ and Level 0+
Made by:
Premium: Unknown.
Mana: ?
Soul Points: ?
Buy spell from: Unknown. Buy made runes from: Unknown.
Spell cost: ? gp. Rune cost: ? gp.

(0 gp per 100)
(0 gp per backpack)

Effect: Unknown.
Notes: None.

See: Complete list of runes.
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