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Notes Usage

Infobox Quest is used to give a little bit of information about quests. This information should not contain much spoiling.

When creating a quest page, a link to the spoiler page automatically gets added. If you wish to create the spoiler page too, you should add the following text to the top of it:

{{spoiler|name=''name of the quest''}}

You can then add the spoiler under that line.

This should be copied and pasted onto the page, and parameters should be filled in.

| name           = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
| aka            =
| reward         =
| location       =
| rookgaardquest =
| lvl            =
| lvlrec         =
| premium        =
| dangers        =
| legend         =
Parameter Explanation
name The name of the quest, must be exactly the same as the page name.
aka Other common names for the quest.
reward A list of rewards you get for completing the quest, items or non-items.
location Where the quest is located at. Don't give out too much information, just put something like "Fibula" or "North of Edron".
rookgaardquest "yes" if the quest is in Rookgaard, otherwise if the quest is in Mainland, put "no".
type If the quest is a special type then put either "exchange", "addon", or "outfit" in the line, respectively
lvl The minimum level requirement to complete the quest. Usually enforced by a Gate of Expertise.
lvlrec The level recommended to complete the quest. Note that this is an optional parameter.
premium If the quest requires a premium account, put "yes". If you can do it even as a free account, put "no".
dangers A list of creatures and other dangers you will face during the progress of completing the quest.
legend If the quest has a mysterious rumor or something, use this.

The template follows below this line. This is not a part of the documentation.

Important Icon.png Warning: This article may contain quest spoiling information.
Also known as:
Reward: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Level required: ?
Premium required: no
Be prepared to face: Unknown
Legend: ...
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