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Also known as: Fire Devil Quest
Reward: Panpipes, 2 Small Amethysts, Power Ring
Location: Jakundaf Desert
Level required: 0
Premium required: no
Be prepared to face: Spiders, Bonelord, Fire Devil. Desert Dungeon is a dangerous place. There may be more lured creatures.
Legend: ...
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Before embarking upon this quest, make sure you know how to reach the exit portal for the Vocation Quest. There is no other safe way out of the Desert Dungeon (you cannot get out the way you got in).

Required Equipment


  • Head directly south, and "use" the first rock you see (here). This will give you Key 4055, which you will need later.
  • Go back to the Desert Dungeon entrance, use your shovel, and go inside.
  • Keep going straight down levels until you cannot go straight down any further (5 levels, I think).
  • Follow this path around to the west and south, and go up a level:

Archivo:Panpipe Quest Map 01.jpg

Archivo:Panpipe Quest Map 02.jpg

  • Rope up another level.
  • On this level, follow this path south, and go up one more level:

Archivo:Panpipe Quest Map 03.jpg

  • Finally, follow this path to the south-east to the locked door, Fire Devil, and the quest box:

Archivo:Panpipe Quest Map 04.jpg

  • To get out, you need to go back to the entrance, and find your way to the Vocation Quest exit portal.
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