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USA.gif Pacera
Type: Optional PvP
Online Since: March 30, 2004
Location: USA
Server Save: 12:00 CET

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Points of Interest

  • Pacera is the homeworld of Erig (the creator of Tibia Wiki)
  • Pacera is the first world ever to experience a demon raid led by Orshabaal.
  • The name "Pacera" derives from the Latin word pax/pacis ('peace').
  • Item prices drop at a steady rate.
  • Knight Sunblade plays Pacera and has the highest axe fighting skill in Tibia.
  • Pacera is the 7th server with a player of level 400.

Advantages of Playing Here

  • It's a Optional PvP server, so you cannot be killed directly by other players.
  • One of the most rapidly decreasing pricing system on Tibia.
  • There is a lot of competition between quest services teams, so prices are slightly low.

Disadvantages of Playing Here


  • First server to have seen Orshabaal and one of the few servers visited by him more than once.
  • One of the few servers to see Morgaroth which visited Pacera 4 times, but sadly was defeated only once.
  • Ferumbras appeared thrice, but was defeated only once.
  • Ghazbaran has appeared here on multiple occassions however was only killed twice.
  • The game world successed in the Lightbearer event. So it's possible to visit the "good side" of the Temple of Light.
  • Has defeated Devovorga in the Rise of Devovorga Event.

Rare items in Pacera

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