Alternatively to buying Premium time or an extra service via, there is also the possibility of buying these services through official resellers. Currently you can buy these services via resellers:

Name E-mail Website Countries 30 days price (€) Difference with € 7.45
Boacompra Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Portugal 9.13 22.55%
Chilepaccs Chile 9.00 20.81%
iLop Worldwide 9.57 28.46%
Jay NET Przemyslaw Chylinski n/a Poland 11.77 57.99% Worldwide 9.75 30.87%
PagFacil Servicios de Internet LTDA Brazil 8.29 11.28%
Punto Fast, n/a Mexico 9.54 28.05%
ProKey Zajac, Drewnowski Spolka Jawna Worldwide 11.81 58.52%,, Venezuela 15.98 114.50%
TibiaPraTodos, Brazil 8.29 11.28%

Note: The price of premium time purchased via is € 7.451. The prices shown in the above table may differ depending on the exchange rate of currencies.

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