Obi.gif PNJ Obi
Ubicación: Rookgaard (here)
Ocupación: Shopkeeper
Notas: Buys and sells Weapons to adventurers. His granddaughter Dixi works upstairs buying and selling Armor and Shields.
On top of the Wasp Tower there is an advertising sign:
"You read: Feeling ill?
Are you poisoned?
This does not have to happen to you again!
Buy quality armor at Obi's!
Artículos comercializados: Vende:

Axe 20 gp
Dagger 5 gp
Hand Axe 8 gp
Rapier 15 gp
Sabre 25 gp
Scythe 12 gp
Short Sword 30 gp
Sickle 8 gp

Spear 10 gp

Axe 7 gp
Bone Club 5 gp
Dagger 2 gp
Hand Axe 4 gp
Hatchet 25 gp
Katana 35 gp
Mace 30 gp
Machete 6 gp
Rapier 5 gp
Sabre 12 gp
Scythe 3 gp
Short Sword 10 gp
Sickle 2 gp
Spear 3 gp

Sword 25 gp
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