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Germany.gif Nova
Type: Open PvP
Online Since: December 19, 2001
Location: Germany
Server Save: 9:00 CET

Top players by skill area:
LevelMagic LevelFistClubSwordAxeDistanceShieldingFishingAchievements

List of Game Worlds.

About This World

  • Server is currently in war. However its almost constantly in war.
  • The server is ruled by Europeans mainly Swedish and Spanish.


  • Old server price of items can be very low.
  • Ruler language is english.
  • Respawn of monsters is medium.


  • Power Abusers.
  • Server is almost constantly at war.
  • A lot of botters.
  • Old player have quitted only a couple remain.
  • A lot of account selling.

Additional Information

  • First level 100 Lecius.
  • First level 150 James Dark.
  • First level 200 Undead Slayer.
  • First level 300 Exequter
  • First level 400 Exequter
  • First Master Sorcerer on Tibia to reach Level 350 was Exequter
  • The first "new" World, between 1997 and the end of 2001 there was only Antica, which was originally simply called "Tibia". With the advent of Nova, Antica was named and from now on every world has a name.
  • The name of the gameworld "Nova" means "New", in latin.

Player with the highest level

Golden Goblet.gifExequterlevel 400,MS
Silver Goblet.gifGoblinsworderlevel 343,EK
Bronze Goblet.gifVaneraslevel 316,MS

Goblinsworder quitted playing after he got banned for cheating.

Player with the best skill

Solar Axe.gifAxeFaraonek108
The Stomper.gifClubSonia Sanchez102
The Devileye.gifDistanceBaltazar119
Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn'.gifFist Xarfax68
Emerald Sword.gifSwordGoblinsworder112
Rainbow Shield.gifShieldingGoblinsworder109
Spellbook of Dark Mysteries.gifMagicExequter98
Mechanical Fishing Rod.gifFishingShaula97
Archivo:Gamemaster.gifAchievementsKnight of Rafael352


Golden Boots.gif - Golden Boots Owned by Erana, for reporting the famous free premium accounts bug, but later on sold to Linus Sandqvist. There is also a second pair looted by a guild when they made inq quest, and later sold the boots to Igal

Shield of Honour.gif - Shield of Honour Owned by many players

Green Tome.gif - Green Tome Owned by many players.

Blue Tome.gif - Blue Tome Owend by Iceman IV , Knight of Rafael , Cevap and possibly more.

Grey Tome.gif - Grey Tome Owned by Ferond and possibly more.

Silver Necklace.gif - Silver Necklace owned by Zambo.

Horned Helmet.gif - Horned Helmet Zambo Used to own it but lost it due to hack so now some noob char in carlin has it in his possession.

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