A large building located east of the Dark Cathedral. A man named Arcian built the house to research the art of Necromancy. He made several attempts to reanimate the dead, and develop a portal that would lead to the Pits of Inferno. One day, he was betrayed and killed by his apprentice named Porgol, who wanted to become a great Necromant King. Although Necromants Nectar is necessary to reach the Pits of Inferno, Arcian took the true key to reaching the Pits of Inferno to the grave: "Feed those in need."

The Necromant House was built over the mystic Shrine of Wonders, which encloses the hole to the legendary Inferno Pits.

It also contains a teleporter that was intended to enter the Pits of Inferno but now leads into the "Void."

You see a blackboard.
You read: Warning! Somehow the teleporter got damaged.

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