Germany Nebula
Type: Open PvP
Online Since: April 19, 2005
Location: Germany
Server Save: 8:00 CET

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Additional info

  • Nebula is a midaged server that still appeals to the new players.

When the server started it was ruled by the guild Demonic Empire leaded by Tralaren, today (Gauwartt'Pulse) after a victory towards the brazilian guild, Son Of Dragones. Few weeks after, Demonic Empire and their allied guild Wolfpack came into a struggle with a guild from Elysia (Fraternitas) who pinged players from their enemies guild. Demonic Empire and Wolfpack still kept the power of the world to the guild Phyrexian came. Phyrexian later on took control and defeated Wolfpack and let Demonic Empire play free, perhaps becouse Demonic Empire was a swedish guild like Phyrexian. Phyrexian ruled the world for nearly a year with lots of power abusing and innocents deaths. This led to a war between them and Rebirth and it was mostly a war between swedish and polish. A war that Rebirth actually won later on after Phyrexian became outnumbered. A lot of Phyrexian retired or left to another world during the war.

  • Rebirth then split into two opposing guilds, Scythe(now named Viribus Unitis) and Ordo Fidelis. Viribus Unitis won the war through teamwork and controlled the server for the next year.
  • During that year a guild called Last Hope, made up of people who were power abused by Viribis Unitis, fought them with sneak attacks and eventually an open war. They all fell apart though and the members paid out of the war.
  • At the start of 2008, Viribus Unitis were power abusing heavily and people were fed up. Once they started killing some of their old members from Viribus Unitis, a war broke out. Victum Omnis and Power Rangers Team opposed Viribus Unitis and after a long war, Victum Omnis were the victors.
  • After a few months of peace, some members from Victum Omnis broke away and formed a guild called Tiad. They opposed Victum Omnis, with the help of some members from Viribis Unitis, and they are still fighting Victum Omnis for the moment.
  • Average equipment prices. Low runes prices.
  • Some rare items: twin axe, magician hats, amazon armor, Thunder hammer, Great shield etc.
  • PoI done 5th 05 2007
  • First to level 100: Wizz Lowe (First player ever to reach lvl 100 on a Druid as the first person on the server)
  • First to level 200: Celandia
  • First to level 300: Celandia
  • There are not many events for roleplayers on Nebula.
  • This server is dominated by a largely Polish population.



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