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"NPC" stands for "Non-Player Character". They are characters that are in specific places throughout Tibia, and they are not controlled by a real-life human being.

Most NPCs in Tibia exist for the buying and selling of Items, but not all NPCs buy and sell things. Some NPCs are in the game as part of a Quest, and others are merely for roleplaying purposes.

These types of NPCs buy and sell various items and equipment. You will talk to these NPCs more than any other:

  • Armor Shopkeeper NPCs
  • Banker NPCs
  • Equipment Shopkeeper NPCs
  • Fletcher NPCs
  • Food Shopkeeper NPCs
  • Furniture Shopkeeper NPCs
  • Instrument Shopkeeper NPCs
  • Jewelry Shopkeeper NPCs
  • Local Representative of the Explorer Society NPCs
  • Magic Shopkeeper NPCs
  • Postman NPCs
  • Shopkeeper NPCs
  • Tanner NPCs
  • Weapon Shopkeeper NPCs

These types of NPCs offer travel services to both Free Account and Premium Account players:

These types of NPCs offer travel services only to Premium Account players:

If you need to learn a spell, then you will visit one of these NPCs:

  • Druid Guild Leader NPCs
  • Guild Leader NPCs
  • Knight Guild Leader NPCs
  • Paladin Guild Leader NPCs
  • Sorcerer Guild Leader NPCs

Other types of NPCs are:

  • Apparition NPCs
  • Assassin NPCs
  • Djinn NPCs
  • Drunk NPCs
  • Geomancer NPCs
  • Guard NPCs
  • Guide NPCs
  • Roleplay NPCs
  • Shaman NPCs

There are currently around 552 NPCs in Tibia; which includes Santa Claus and Ned Nobel.

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NPC List

See also: List of NPCs by Location.


These NPCs don't have a fixed location, they appear in different places in Tibia.

latest?cb=20101109174246&path-prefix=es Ned Nobel latest?cb=20101109180920&path-prefix=es Rashid latest?cb=20101109182147&path-prefix=es Santa Claus

Free Account Cities

latest?cb=20101118202634&path-prefix=es Ab'Dendriel NPCs latest?cb=20101111032515&path-prefix=es Carlin NPCs
latest?cb=20101109182743&path-prefix=es Kazordoon NPCs latest?cb=20101120161148&path-prefix=es Thais NPCs
latest?cb=20101109223922&path-prefix=es Venore NPCs

Free Account Villages

latest?cb=20101111030956&path-prefix=es Rookgaard NPCs latest?cb=20101118180936&path-prefix=es Dark Cathedral NPCs
latest?cb=20101109185604&path-prefix=es Femor Hills NPCs latest?cb=20101116225010&path-prefix=es Fibula NPCs
latest?cb=20101109224057&path-prefix=es Fields of Glory NPCs latest?cb=20101109184302&path-prefix=es Folda NPCs
latest?cb=20101109223631&path-prefix=es Ghostlands NPCs latest?cb=20101109185131&path-prefix=es Greenshore NPCs
latest?cb=20101109180845&path-prefix=es Island of Destiny NPCs latest?cb=20101111032518&path-prefix=es Isle of the Kings NPCs
latest?cb=20101118203358&path-prefix=es Jakundaf Desert NPCs latest?cb=20101118171343&path-prefix=es Mintwallin NPCs
latest?cb=20101109183111&path-prefix=es Mount Sternum NPCs latest?cb=20101120163312&path-prefix=es Northport NPCs
latest?cb=20101118203357&path-prefix=es Outlaw Camp NPCs latest?cb=20101109174858&path-prefix=es Plains of Havoc NPCs
latest?cb=20101109182304&path-prefix=es Senja NPCs latest?cb=20101109184922&path-prefix=es Ulderek's Rock NPCs
latest?cb=20101109181820&path-prefix=es Vega NPCs

Premium Account Cities

latest?cb=20101118202636&path-prefix=es Ankrahmun NPCs latest?cb=20101109180955&path-prefix=es Darashia NPCs
latest?cb=20101109190747&path-prefix=es Edron NPCs latest?cb=20101109174934&path-prefix=es Farmine NPCs
latest?cb=20101118202905&path-prefix=es Liberty Bay NPCs latest?cb=20101118173631&path-prefix=es Port Hope
latest?cb=20101109184237&path-prefix=es Svargrond NPCs latest?cb=20101109185104&path-prefix=es Yalahar NPCs

Premium Account Villages

latest?cb=20101109175654&path-prefix=es Cormaya NPCs latest?cb=20101109224738&path-prefix=es Goroma NPCs
latest?cb=20101109183109&path-prefix=es Grimlund NPCs latest?cb=20101109175735&path-prefix=es Isle of Solitude NPCs
latest?cb=20101109174447&path-prefix=es Krimhorn NPCs latest?cb=20101120161610&path-prefix=es Laguna Islands NPCs
latest?cb=20101109224241&path-prefix=es Meriana NPCs latest?cb=20101109182333&path-prefix=es Nargor NPCs
latest?cb=20101109174325&path-prefix=es Nibelor NPCs latest?cb=20101118202844&path-prefix=es Treasure Island NPCs
latest?cb=20101110204900&path-prefix=es Tyrsung NPCs latest?cb=20101109174446&path-prefix=es Beregar NPCs