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Also known as: Carlin Sword Quest
Reward: Carlin Sword, 4 Poison Arrows, 10 Arrows and a Fishing Rod
Location: Rookgaard
Level required: 2
Premium required: no
Be prepared to face: Trolls, Spiders, Wolves, Orcs, many Minotaurs and possible Apprentice Sheng.
Legend: There is a book in Mino Hell saying: The mystic portal remains unstable so reinforcements from Mintwallin seldom arrive here.

The royal mage managed to impress the primitive local orcs though and we can use them as slaves and runefodder. The trolls surrendered immediately and can be used for lesser services.

The human base has to be destroyed since more and more arrive there. These enemies are not strong but their number might cause some problems. As long as they will be revived at this mystic vortex even they can ruin our plans. We have to figure out how to destroy the vortex first. The mage locked himself up in his quarters and wants not to be disturbed anymore. He entrusted me with the duty to coordinate all our actions here.
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  • It is recommended to do this quest with a group of players.
  • Find as many boxes as you can, some boxes and chests can be found at the other quest thats near.
  • Bring lots of Small Health Potions.
  • You can also solo this at lower levels, but at your own risk!


  • Just follow the path mentioned on the map.
  • Be prepared to face some Trolls on the first underground level.
  • The second underground level will have an Orc.
  • In the "Wolf Maze" you can find a lot of Wolves, but there may also be an Orc because it spawns there.
  • Watch out! when going down the ladder, there will be 'about' 2 Minotaurs, 8 Orcs and some Wolves.
    • The tactic here is to use boxes or just rope the monsters up the ladder.
  • When all monsters are killed here you can go down the stairs, different tactics here are:
    1. Drop the boxes underneath the stairs or south of them so you can kill each Minotaur one-by-one.
    2. Run to the door in the west of the room and put the chairs that are there (and maybe some other Furniture) beneath and above the table so only the Minotaurs already there can reach you.
    3. Run to the rewards and quickly take them. This is a dangerous tactic because when you get surrounded you will die almost immediatly!

A map of the route.
Click on the image to zoom in.
The best way for teams of low lvl's:
Using boxes to your advantage.

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