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Also known as: Star Room Quest, Necromancer Quest, Blue Robe Quest, Goshnar Quest
Reward: Medusa Shield, Skull Staff, Blue Robe
Location: Drefia west of Darashia
Level required: 60
Premium required: yes
Be prepared to face: Necromancers, Demon Skeletons, Mummies, Vampires, Priestesses, possibly Necropharus (rare spawn), and other Undead creatures.
Legend: The chief Necromancers of the Brotherhood of Bones hold a valuable treasure here.
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Required equipment


Since the Summer 2008 Update, you have to go through this room in order to get to a big Wyrm spawn. It is possible the room is already cleared when you get there.
  • A good strategy at lower levels would be to get either a mage or paladin to go invisible and Great Fireball the entire spawn a few times to clear out most of the monster spam so that you can take down the Demon Skeleton's and Necromancers fast.
  • The Medusa Shield, Blue Robe and Skull Staff are located in a coffin in the easterly section of the room. If the room has been untouched by any other tibians that day, then it's likely you'll be able to retrieve some jewels from the sacraficial stones too.
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