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Also known as:  ?
Reward: 2 Mastermind Potions, 78 gp and 123 gp, 1 Green Perch, 2 Rainbow Trout
Location: Formorgar Mines.
Level required: 0
Premium required: yes
Be prepared to face: Penguins, Winter Wolf, Frost Trolls, Polar Bears, Bandits, Gargoyles, Mammoths, Stone Golems, Ice Golems, Crystal Spider, all kind of Voodoo Cultists and possible lured Nightmare
Legend: ...
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Go to the Formogar Mines:


Then follow this path:


Warning: You can meet a Nightmare which spawns on 3rd floor (marked with a small square).

You will find a reward in box, near the wall.

There is also a second potion to obtain. Go back to the enterance and follow this path:


Reward is in the box, near the fire.

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