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This spell is in the Support Spells class
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Magic Rope

Spell Class: Instant Support Spells
Spell Words: exani tera
Exp Level: 9+
Premium: yes
Used by: Druids, Sorcerers, Knights and Paladins
(requires 20 mana)
Spell cost: 200 gp.
Buy spell from:
Town / VocationKnightsDruidsPaladinsSorcerers
Ankrahmun Ormuhn Rahkem Dario Tothdral
Darashia Razan Shalmar Razan Shalmar
Edron Puffels Puffels Puffels Puffels
Liberty Bay Tristan Charlotta Isolde Malunga
Port Hope Uso Ustan Helor Myra
Svargrond Thorwulf Hjaern Hawkyr Romir
Yalahar Zarak Tamara Ethan Tamoril
Effect: Teleports you up through a hole when you are standing in a rope spot.
Notes: This spell was rendered mostly obsolete by the 2005 Summer Update. You may now climb up using a rope, even if the "rope spot" is stacked with objects or occupied by a creature or player (even if you yourself are standing on it).
This spell can not pull up items, such as a loot bag. It is recommended that you always carry a rope when exploring caves. Also, this spell is only available for Premium Account players.

See: Complete list of spells.
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