Magic Carpets can be found in the following places:

Magic carpets are cheaper alternative to boats but there are not many of them. Only players with a Premium Account can use magic carpets. Ask the manager for possible destinations.

Beacause magic carpets fly from one place to the other you can find them on top of some buildings or hills.

Since the 2005 summer update, magic carpets are Protection Zones.

Prices table

Players who have completed mission 6 of the Postman Missions Quest will pay 10 gp less than the advertised price for each passage.

↓ From To → Darashia Edron Farmine Femor Hills Svargrond
Darashia - 40 60 60 60
Edron 40 - 60 60 60
Farmine 60 60 - 60 60
Femor Hills 60 60 60 - 60
Svargrond 60 60 60 60 -

Warning: If you use other coins than Gold for the travel (e.g. if you are only carrying a Crystal Coin), be sure to have enough space and capacity for the change that the manager will give you - otherwise you'll be moved to your destination, but your money will be left on the carpet you travelled from.

Chemar of Darashia claims to sell a flying carpet for 500k gp.

Player: Buy Flying Carpet
Chemar: Do you want to buy a flying carpet for 5000 platinum coins?
Player: Yes
Chemar: Oh, I am sorry, but you have no pilot licence.

You can also say hills instead of Femor Hills or say darama instead of Darashia to travel to the same place but with words that are faster to type.

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