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Magic is an energy present around the world of Tibia. Magic is used by many creatures including the player. Mana is the reserve of magic a player has; it is required for using magic; Soulpoints are also required when conjuring durable items such as runes, food, and arrows.

Uses for Magic

There are many uses for the magic, like the five blessings, that can be bought in different places.

There are also many items that have magic in them, like spellbooks, rings or amulets. Druids and sorcerers can use the purely magical weapons, rods and wands. Some other weapons and armors are said to be magical.

And finally, the spells, that can be bought in most cities by players. Spells can be of support or agressive ones, and can be instant or stored in a rune. Spells are also divided into elements, in which the different vocations specialize. Sorcerers use mainly fire and energy spells, while Druids use ice and earth magic. Druids are also able to heal, while Sorcerers tend to give more damage with their spells. Paladins use holy magic and can summon ammunition, while Knights use spells which help them excel in combat.

See Magic Syllables for a developed study on the words required to cast a spell.