Lurik PNJ Lurik
Ubicación: Svargrond, east of Depot, here.
Ocupación: Local Representative of the Explorer Society
Notas: Lurik is one of the few main land inhabitants who have gained the trust from the jarl Sven, and so some of the citizens in Svargrond will ask you to represent Svargrond with the Explorer Society to Lurik. The Northern Lands book can be found on the second floor of his Explorer Society building.
The CipSoft content creators put a little joke in his script. If you ask him name he will answer: "My name is Lurik. Odd enough you ask though. People hardly do that nowadays. I feel as if my name was painted above my head or something." which is of course true.
Artículos comercializados: Vende: Orichalcum Pearl 80 gp Compra: Nothing
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