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NameTrans Exp HP sum/conLoot
Banshee Banshee 900 1000 --/-- 0-100 gp, Candlestick, Simple Dress, Petrified Scream (semi-rare), Silver Amulet, Black Pearl (semi-rare), Hair of a Banshee (semi-rare), Poison Dagger (rare), Spellbook (rare), Strong Mana Potion (rare), Silver Brooch (rare), Stone Skin Amulet (rare), Lyre (rare), Ring of Healing (rare), Blue Robe (rare), White Pearl (very rare), Crystal Ring (very rare), Terra Mantle (very rare), Wedding Ring (very rare), Life Crystal (very rare), Red Robe (very rare).
Dragon Lord Dragon Lord 2100 1900 --/-- 0-250 gp, 0-5 Dragon Ham, Small Sapphire, Golden Mug, Gemmed Book, Green Mushroom, 0-7 Power Bolt, Life Crystal, Energy Ring, 0-3 Royal Spear, Red Dragon Scale, Red Dragon Leather (rare), Strange Helmet (rare), Fire Sword (rare), Tower Shield (rare), Strong Health Potion (rare), Dragon Slayer (very rare), Royal Helmet (very rare), Dragon Scale Mail (very rare), Dragon Lord Trophy (very rare).
Spectre Spectre 2100 1350 --/-- 0-300 gp, 0-7 Platinum Coins, 0-2 Blank Rune, Lyre, Wand of Cosmic Energy, Soul Orb, Demonic Essence (semi-rare), White Piece of Cloth (semi-rare), Shiny Stone (semi-rare), Silver Brooch (rare), Death Ring (rare), Relic Sword (rare), Great Mana Potion (rare), Stealth Ring (very rare), Shadow Sceptre (very rare), Demonbone Amulet (very rare).
Hand of Cursed Fate Hand of Cursed Fate 5000 7500 --/-- 0-150? gp, 0-5? Platinum Coins, 0-4 Small Sapphires, Cape, Mind Stone, Emerald Bangle, 0-4 Concentrated Demonic Blood, Demonic Essence (semi-rare), Platinum Amulet (semi-rare), Wand of Inferno (semi-rare), Knight Armor (semi-rare), Skull Staff (semi-rare), Gold Ingot (rare), Crown Armor (rare), Violet Gem (very rare), Golden Figurine (very rare), Abyss Hammer (very rare).
Son of Verminor Son of Verminor 5900 8500 --/-- Nothing (turns into a Poison Field).
Dark Torturer Dark Torturer 4650 7350 --/-- 0-177+ gp, 0-6 Platinum Coins, 0-3 Concentrated Demonic Blood, 0-2 Ham, Great Health Potion, Death Ring, Demonic Essence, Steel Boots (semi-rare), Soul Orb, 0-2 Assassin Star (semi-rare), Saw (semi-rare), 0-2 Orichalcum Pearl (rare), Cat's Paw (rare), Jewelled Backpack (rare), Broken Key Ring (rare), Vile Axe (very rare), Butcher's Axe (very rare), Gold Ingot (very rare), Golden Legs (very rare).
Hellhound Hellhound 6800 7500 --/-- 0-375 gp, 0-5 Platinum Coins, 0-2 Concentrated Demonic Blood, 0-14 Ham, Demonic Essence, Soul Orb, 0-4 Black Pearls, Hellhound Slobber, Knight Axe (semi-rare), Great Mana Potion (semi-rare), Spike Sword (semi-rare), Rusty Armor (rare), Giant Sword (rare), Gold Ingot (rare), Big Bone (rare), Ruthless Axe (very rare), Explorer Brooch (very rare).
Defiler Defiler 3700 3650 --/-- 0-280 gp, 0-4 Platinum Coins, Demonic Essence, Soul Orb, Glob of Tar, Glob of Acid Slime, Talon, 0-3 Small Emeralds (semi-rare), 0-2 Small Rubies (semi-rare), Small Diamond (semi-rare), Yellow Gem (rare), Red Gem (rare), Blue Gem (rare), Green Gem (rare), Death Ring (very rare).
Betrayed Wraith Betrayed Wraith 3500 4200 --/-- 0-302 gp, 0-1 Onyx Arrow, 0-4 Platinum Coins, 0-5 Sniper Arrows, 0-2 Orichalcum Pearls, Demonic Essence, Soul Orb, Concentrated Demonic Blood, Mind Stone, Battle Hammer, Unholy Bone, Double Axe, Fishbone, Morning Star, Small Diamond, Spike Sword (semi-rare), Great Mana Potion (rare), Death Ring (rare), Skull Helmet (rare), Bloody Edge (very rare), Amulet of Loss (very rare), Golden Figurine (very rare).
Phantasm Phantasm 4400 3950 --/-- 0-186+ gp, Bone, 0-2 Blank Rune, Shadow Herb, Demonic Essence, 0-2 Small Emerald, Soul Orb, Rusty Armor, Great Mana Potion (semi-rare), Crown Armor (rare), Abyss Hammer (very rare), Platinum Coin (very rare), Stealth Ring (very rare), Death Ring (very rare).
Destroyer Destroyer 2500 3700 --/-- 0-330 gp, 0-2 Small Amethysts, 0-3 Platinum Coins, 0-6 Meat, 0-12 Burst Arrows, Demonic Essence, Plate Armor, Crowbar, Dark Armor, Pick, Big Bone, Soul Orb, Metal Spike (semi-rare), Mind Stone (rare), Giant Sword (rare), Great Health Potion (rare), Chaos Mace (rare), Skull Helmet (very rare), Crystal Necklace (very rare), Dreaded Cleaver (very rare), Death Ring (very rare), Steel Boots (very rare) Golden Helmet, 0-2 Golden Legs, 0-15.
Lost Soul Lost Soul 4000 5800 --/-- 0-320 gp, 0-3 Platinum Coins, Torch, 0-2 Rotten Meat, Blank Rune, Bone, Soul Orb, Plate Armor, Scale Armor, Steel Helmet, Demonic Essence, Silver Goblet, Unholy Bone, Rusty Armor (Semi-Rare), Rusty Armor (Rare) (semi-rare), Titan Axe (semi-rare), Great Mana Potion (rare), Ruby Necklace (rare), Death Ring (rare), Skeleton Decoration (rare), Broken Key Ring (rare), Stone Skin Amulet (rare), Skull Staff (rare), Amulet of Loss (very rare), Legion Helmet (very rare).
Blightwalker Blightwalker 5850 8900 --/-- 0-150 gp, 0-3 Platinum Coins, 0-3 Bunches of Wheat, 0-9 Poison Arrows, Blank Rune, Demonic Essence, Seeds, Soul Orb, Golden Sickle, Scythe, Rusty Armor (Rare), Hailstorm Rod (semi-rare), Bundle of Cursed Straw (semi-rare), Gold Ring (rare), Terra Legs (rare), Terra Mantle (rare), Garlic Necklace (very rare), Amulet of Loss (very rare), Death Ring (very rare), Gold Ingot (very rare), Skull Staff (very rare), Great Health Potion.
Plaguesmith Plaguesmith 4500 8250 --/-- 0-231 Gold Coin, 0-3? Platinum Coin, 0-3 Small Amethyst, 0-4 Onyx Arrow, Moldy Cheese, Piece of Iron, Silver Brooch, Dirty Cape, Crowbar, Battle Hammer, War Hammer, Club Ring, Two-Handed Sword, Morning Star, Axe Ring, Steel Shield, Soul Orb, Rusty Armor (Rare), Knight Legs (semi-rare), Demonic Essence (semi-rare), Piece of Hell Steel (rare), Piece of Royal Steel (rare), Piece of Draconian Steel (rare), Hammer of Wrath (rare), Steel Boots (rare), War Horn (very rare), Emerald Bangle (very rare).
Nightmare Nightmare 2150 2700 --/-- 0-120 gp, 0-2 Ham, 0-4 Power Bolt, 0-2 Concentrated Demonic Blood, Soul Orb, Essence of a Bad Dream, Demonic Essence, Scythe Leg, 0-4 Platinum Coin, Death Ring (semi-rare), Ancient Shield (rare), Knight Legs (rare), Skeleton Decoration (rare), Boots of Haste (very rare), War Axe (very rare), Mysterious Voodoo Skull (very rare).
Juggernaut Juggernaut 8700 20000 --/-- 0-400 gp, 0-5 Platinum Coins, 0-8 Ham, 0-4 Concentrated Demonic Blood, Rusty Armor (Rare), Dirty Fur, Broken Pottery, Demonic Essence, Soul Orb, Great Health Potion, 0-2 Assassin Star (semi-rare),Great Mana Potion (semi-rare), Dragon Hammer (semi-rare), Spiked Squelcher (semi-rare), Gold Ingot (rare), Demonbone Amulet (rare), Golden Legs (rare), Golden Armor (rare), Mastermind Shield (very rare), Skullcracker Armor (very rare), Heavy Mace (very rare).
Diabolic Imp Diabolic Imp 2900 1950 --/-- 0-200 gp, Scimitar, 0-2 Blank Rune, Cleaver, Pitchfork, 0-3 Small Amethyst, 0-2 Concentrated Demonic Bloods, Guardian Shield, 0-7 Platinum Coins (semi-rare), Demonic Essence (semi-rare), Stealth Ring (semi-rare), Soul Orb (semi-rare), Double Axe (semi-rare), Necrotic Rod (rare), Magma Monocle (rare), Magma Coat (rare), Death Ring (very rare).
Fury Fury 4500 4100 --/-- 0-226+ gp, 0-3? Platinum Coin, 0-3 Concentrated Demonic Blood, 0-4 Orichalcum Pearls, 0-3 Small Amethysts, 0-4 Jalapeño Pepper, Demonic Essence, Great Health Potion, Meat, Red Piece of Cloth, Rusty Legs (Rare), Terra Rod, Soul Orb, Noble Axe (semi-rare), Steel Boots (rare), Assassin Dagger (rare), Crystal Ring (very rare), 0-1 Assassin Star (very rare), Golden Legs (very rare).
Hellfire Fighter Hellfire Fighter 3900 3800 --/-- 0-231 gp, Burnt Scroll, Blank Rune, Small Diamond, Soul Orb, Fiery Heart, Piece of Hellfire Armor, Wand of Inferno (semi-rare), Demonic Essence (semi-rare), Emerald Bangle (semi-rare), Fire Sword (semi-rare), Fire Axe (rare), Magma Legs (rare), Magma Coat (very rare), Demonbone Amulet (very rare).
Undead Dragon Undead Dragon 7200 8350 --/-- 0-300gp, 0-6 Power Bolts, 0-10 Onyx Arrows, 0-5 Platinum Coins, Blank Rune, Broadsword, Death Ring, Demonic Essence, Golden Mug, Soul Orb, Torn Book, Great Health Potion, Unholy Bone, Dragonbone Staff (semi-rare), Knight Armor (semi-rare), Life Crystal (semi-rare), Hardened Bone (rare), Rusty Armor (Rare) (rare), Underworld Rod (rare), Gold Ingot (rare), Royal Helmet (rare), War Axe (rare), Dragon Scale Mail (very rare), Golden Armor (very rare), Skull Helmet (very rare), Divine Plate (very rare).

Demon Demon 6000 8200 --/-- 0-310 gp, 0-1 Platinum Coin, 0-6 Fire Mushrooms, Devil Helmet, Double Axe, Golden Sickle, Small Emerald, Fire Axe (semi-rare), Giant Sword (semi-rare), Great Health Potion (semi-rare), 0-3 Great Mana Potion (semi-rare), 0-3 Ultimate Health Potion, Golden Ring (semi-rare), Ice Rapier (semi-rare), Orb (semi-rare), Purple Tome (semi-rare), Stealth Ring (semi-rare), Talon (semi-rare), 0-5 Assassin Stars (rare), Demon Horn (rare), Demon Shield (rare), Might Ring (rare), Platinum Amulet (semi-rare), Ring of Healing (semi-rare), Golden Legs (rare), Mastermind Shield (rare), Demon Trophy (very rare), Demonrage Sword (very rare), Magic Plate Armor (very rare).

Bosses Creatures

NameTrans Exp HP sum/conLoot
Dracola Dracola 11000 16200? --/-- 0-210 gp, 0-3 Platinum Coin, Dark Armor, Life Crystal, Great Health Potion, Hardened Bone, Soul Orb, Demonic Essence, Skull Helmet, Reaper's Axe (very rare), Dracola's Eye (always).
Mr. Punish Mr. Punish 9000 22000 --/-- 0-158 gp, 0-4? Platinum Coins, Great Health Potion, Great Mana Potion, Demonic Essence, Soul Orb, Gold Ingot, Cat's Paw, Bat Decoration, Double Axe, Mr. Punish's Handcuffs (always).
The Handmaiden The Handmaiden 7500 Around 15000 --/-- 0-184 gp, 0-5 Platinum Coins, Power Ring, Stealth Ring, Piece of Iron, Dark Shield, Big Bone, Steel Boots, Blue Robe, Demonic Essence, Soul Orb, The Handmaiden's Protector (always).
The Imperor The Imperor 8000 15000 --/-- 0-150 gp, 0-3 Platinum Coin, Demonic Essence, Soul Orb, Fire Axe, Crown Legs, Pitchfork, Guardian Shield, Imperor's Trident (always).
The Plasmother The Plasmother 8300 Around 8000 --/-- 0-173+ gp, 0-13 Platinum Coins, Demonic Essence, 0-3 Black Pearls, 0-3 Small Sapphires, Soul Orb, The Plasmother's Remains (always).
Massacre Massacre 20000 32000 --/-- 0-207 gp, 0-6 Platinum Coin, 0-9 Meat, 0-6 Orichalcum Pearl, Demonic Essence, Big Bone, Old Twig, Soul Orb, Great Health Potion, Great Mana Potion, Golden Armor (semi rare), Jewel Case (very rare), Heavy Mace (very rare), Berserker (very rare), Great Shield (very rare), Piece of Massacre's Shell (always).
Countess Sorrow Countess Sorrow 13000 ~6500 --/-- 0-137+ gp, Platinum Coin, Demonic Essence, Protection Amulet, Worn Leather Boots, Plate Legs, Stealth Ring, Soul Orb, Blue Robe, Silver Mace (very rare), Countess Sorrow's Frozen Tear (always)

Loot Items

Name Trans Weight NPC Value Gp/Oz Dropped By
Amulet of Loss Amulet of Loss 4.20 oz 45000 8823.529 Lost Soul, Betrayed Wraith, Blightwalker, Zugurosh.
Violet Gem Violet Gem 0.30 oz 10000 8333.333 Rahemos, Hand of Cursed Fate, Annihilon, Zulazza the Corruptor.
Demon Trophy Demon Trophy 5.00 oz 40000 6779.661 Demon.
Gold Ring Gold Ring 1.00 oz 8000 4210.526 Blightwalker, Demon, Orc Warlord, Ghazbaran, Zugurosh, Golgordan, Ushuriel.
Blue Gem Blue Gem 0.30 oz 5000 4166.667 Marid, Defiler, Dipthrah, Orshabaal, Zugurosh, Annihilon, Fahim The Wise.
Green Gem Green Gem 0.30 oz 5000 4166.667 Efreet, Defiler, Orshabaal, Thalas, Ushuriel, Zugurosh, Annihilon, Juggernaut Ghazbaran.
Boots of Haste Boots of Haste 7.50 oz 40000 4761.905 Black Knight, Ferumbras, Hellgorak, Hydra, Latrivan, Madareth, Morgaroth, Necromancer, Necropharus, Nightmare, Nightstalker, Omruc, Orshabaal, Ushuriel, Vampire Bride, Yakchal, Zugurosh.
Small Diamond Small Diamond 0.10 oz 300 2752.294 Assassin, Crypt Shambler, Deadeye Devious, Dragon, Draken Elite, Ferumbras, Ice Golem, Lizard Sentinel, Lizard Legionnaire, Novice of the Cult, Omruc, Orshabaal, Quara Predator, Quara Predator Scout, Valkyrie, Betrayed Wraith, Hellfire Fighter, Tiquandas Revenge, Morgaroth, Wyrm, Defiler, Madareth, Worker Golem, Golgordan, Ushuriel, Water Elemental.
Demonbone Amulet Demonbone Amulet 6.90 oz 32000 4102.564 Morguthis, Hellfire Fighter, Spectre, Minishabaal, Juggernaut, Hellgorak.
Small Sapphire Small Sapphire 0.10 oz 250 2293.578 Dragon Lord, Hydra, Demodras, Blue Djinn, Serpent Spawn, Orshabaal, Marid, Dipthrah, Dwarf Geomancer, Enlightened of the Cult, Ice Golem, Wyvern, Quara Mantassin Scout, Quara Mantassin, Frost Dragon, Warlock, Bones, Sea Serpent, Young Sea Serpent, Ferumbras, Zugurosh, Ghazbaran, Gozzler, Latrivan, Ushuriel.
Small Emerald Small Emerald 0.10 oz 250 2293.578 Acolyte of the Cult, Ancient Scarab, Demon, Efreet, Ghazbaran, Golgordan, Green Djinn, Haunted Treeling, Lizard Templar, Medusa, Morgaroth, Orshabaal, Phantasm, Quara Hydromancer, Scarab, Thalas, Ushuriel, Water Elemental, Killer Caiman.
Small Ruby Small Ruby 0.10 oz 250 2293.578 Adept of the Cult, Amazon, Defiler, Hunter, Mahrdis, Quara Pincher, Quara Pincher Scout.
Piece of Royal Steel Piece of Royal Steel 5.00 oz 10000 1996.406 Plaguesmith
Small Amethyst Small Amethyst 0.10 oz 200 1834.862 Ancient Scarab, Behemoth, Destroyer, Diabolic Imp, Dwarf Guard, Energy Elemental, Ferumbras, Fire Devil, Grorlam, Lizard Snakecharmer, Merlkin, Minishabaal, Mutated Bat, Quara Constrictor, Quara Constrictor Scout, Scarab, Rahemos, The Blightfather, Thul, Ushuriel.
Dragon Lord Trophy Dragon Lord Trophy 5.00 oz 10000 1694.915 Dragon Lord.
Talon Talon 0.20 oz 320 1531.1 Priestess, Warlock, Demon, Orshabaal, Defiler, Zugurosh, Morgaroth.
Black Pearl Black Pearl 0.20 oz 280 1339.713 Vampire, Mummy, Banshee, Lich, Quara Pincher, Vashresamun, Orshabaal, Morguthis, Quara Hydromancer, Hellhound, Ice Golem, Thul, Zugurosh, Mutated Bat, Golgordan, The Plasmother, Zevelon Duskbringer, Latrivan, Ushuriel, Morgaroth, Demon Skeleton
Assassin Dagger Assassin Dagger 17.00 oz 20000 1117.318 Fury, Madareth, Draken Elite, Guzzlemaw
Demon Shield Demon Shield 26.00 oz 30000 1115.242 Demon, Ghazbaran, Latrivan, Madareth, Minishabaal, Morgaroth, Orshabaal, Zugurosh, Golgordan.
Steel Boots Steel Boots 29.00 oz 30000 1003.344 Behemoth, Dark Torturer, Destroyer, Fury, Grorlam, Plaguesmith, Stonecracker, War Golem, Hellgorak.
Demonic Essence Demonic Essence 1.00 oz 1000 991.08 Betrayed Wraith, Blightwalker, Bones, Countess Sorrow, Defiler, Destroyer, Diabolic Imp, Dracola, Fluffy, Fury, Ghastly Dragon, Ghazbaran, Grim Reaper, Golgordan, Hellfire Fighter, Hellgorak, Hellhound, Hellspawn, Juggernaut, Lost Soul, Madareth, Massacre, Minishabaal, Morgaroth, Mr. Punish, Nightmare, Orshabaal, Phantasm, Plaguesmith, Spectre, The Handmaiden, The Imperor, The Plasmother, Undead Dragon, Ushuriel.
Unknown 32px oz 0
Platinum Coin Platinum Coin 0.10 oz 100 917.431 Betrayed Wraith, Blightwalker, Bones, Defiler, Demon, Destroyer, Diabolic Imp, Draken Abomination, Draken Elite, Grim Reaper, Hand of Cursed Fate, Hellhound, Juggernaut, Lizard High Guard, Lost Soul, Nightmare, Orshabaal, Spectre, The Imperor, The Noxious Spawn, The Plasmother, Undead Dragon, Vampire Bride, Water Elemental.
Red Gem Red Gem 0.30 oz 1000 833.333 Stone Golem, Mahrdis, Grorlam, Fury, Annihilon, Zulazza The Corruptor.
Yellow Gem Yellow Gem 0.30 oz 1000 833.333 Elf Arcanist, Omruc, Lizard Snakecharmer, Lizard Dragon Priest, Dharalion, Annihilon.
White Pearl White Pearl 0.20 oz 160 765.55 Blood Crab, Lich, Banshee, Quara Hydromancer, Quara Hydromancer Scout, Vashresamun, Fury, Medusa, Morgaroth, Thul, Dark Torturer, Golgordan, Ushuriel, Water Elemental.
Ruthless Axe Ruthless Axe 58.00 oz 45000 764.007 Hellhound, Ghazbaran
Hellhound Slobber Hellhound Slobber 0.75 oz 500 658.762 Hellhound.
Metal Spike Metal Spike 0.50 oz 320 628.684 Destroyer.
Royal Helmet Royal Helmet 48.00 oz 30000 613.497 Dragon Lord, Frost Dragon, Hydra, Serpent Spawn, Undead Dragon, Ushuriel, The Noxious Spawn, The Many
Death Ring Death Ring 0.80 oz 1000 588.235 Betrayed Wraith, Grim Reaper, Bones, Dark Torturer, Defiler, Destroyer, Diabolic Imp, Ghazbaran, Morgaroth, Nightmare, Spectre, Souleater, Undead Dragon, Zugurosh, Golgordan, Ushuriel.
Vile Axe Vile Axe 52.00 oz 30000 567.108 Dark Torturer, Hellgorak, Ferumbras
Terra Legs Terra Legs 19.00 oz 11000 552.764 Blightwalker, Ferumbras, Medusa, Ghastly Dragon
Magma Legs Magma Legs 19.00 oz 11000 552.764 Hellfire Fighter, Hellgorak, Ferumbras.
Relic Sword Relic Sword 48.00 oz 25000 511.247 Madareth, Quara Predator, Spectre, Thul, Werewolf.
Terra Mantle Terra Mantle 22.50 oz 11000 470.085 Banshee, Blightwalker, Earth Overlord, The Evil Eye, Medusa, Esmeralda.
Magma Coat Magma Coat 22.50 oz 11000 470.085 Diabolic Imp, Fire Overlord, Hellfire Fighter, Morgaroth.
Heavy Mace Heavy Mace 110.00 oz 50000 450.857 Annihilon, Juggernaut, Massacre.
Blue Robe Blue Robe 22.00 oz 10000 436.681 Banshee, Countess Sorrow, Enlightened of the Cult, Gravelord Oshuran, Lich, Quara Mantassin, Vashresamun, Warlock.
Hammer of Wrath Hammer of Wrath 70.00 oz 30000 423.131 Plaguesmith, Omruc, Ashmunrah.
Dreaded Cleaver Dreaded Cleaver 38.00 oz 15000 385.604 Arthei, Boreth, Destroyer, Lersatio, Marziel, The Old Widow, Werewolf, Zevelon Duskbringer.
Unholy Bone Unholy Bone 1.25 oz 480 381.255 Betrayed Wraith, Lost Soul, Undead Dragon.
Essence of a Bad Dream Essence of a Bad Dream 0.95 oz 360 375.391 Nightmare, Nightmare Scion.
Platinum Amulet Platinum Amulet 6.00 oz 2500 362.319 Demon, Giant Spider, Crystal Spider, Lich, Enlightened of the Cult, Nightstalker, Ferumbras, Zugurosh, Orshabaal, Latrivan, Hand of Cursed Fate, Werewolf
Abyss Hammer Abyss Hammer 55.00 oz 20000 357.782 Ferumbras, Hand of Cursed Fate, Phantasm.
Bundle of Cursed Straw Bundle of Cursed Straw 2.27 oz 800 351.031 Blightwalker.
Dragon Scale Mail Dragon Scale Mail 114.00 oz 20000 174.064 Demodras, Dragon Lord, Frost Dragon, Undead Dragon, Chizzoron the Distorter.


Skull Staff Skull Staff 17.00 oz 6000 335.196 Blightwalker, Enlightened of the Cult, Golgordan, Grandfather Tridian, Infernalist, Lost Soul, Morgaroth, Necromancer, Warlock, Yakchal, Zugurosh.
Red Dragon Leather Red Dragon Leather 0.60 oz 200 328.407 Dragon Lord, Demodras
Fiery Heart Fiery Heart 1.15 oz 375 323.555 Blazing Fire Elemental, Blistering Fire Elemental, Hellfire Fighter, Fire Overlord.
Shiny Stone Shiny Stone 1.56 oz 500 318.674 Gargoyle, Spectre, Stone Golem, Fahim The Wise, Ghastly Dragon, Earth Overlord, Grorlam, Merikh the Slaughterer.
Emerald Bangle Emerald Bangle 1.70 oz 800 307.692 Vampire, Wyvern, Hellfire Fighter, Hand of Cursed Fate, Plaguesmith, Vampire Bride, Zulazza the Corruptor and Ferumbras
Ruby Necklace Ruby Necklace 5.70 oz 2000 303.03 Black Knight, Lost Soul, Hellgorak.
Scythe Leg Scythe Leg 1.50 oz 450 298.211 Nightmare, Nightmare Scion
Butcher's Axe Butcher's Axe 63.00 oz 18000 281.69 Dark Torturer, Hellgorak.
Gold Ingot Gold Ingot 18.00 oz 5000 277.639 Dark Torturer, Ferumbras, Ghazbaran, Hellhound, Infernalist, Juggernaut, Lord of the Elements, Undead Dragon, Yakchal, Zugurosh, Orshabaal, Blightwalker, Ushuriel, Golgordan, The Many, Chizzoron the Distorter.
Glob of Tar Glob of Tar 0.10 oz 30 275.229 Death Blob, Defiler.
Mysterious Voodoo Skull Mysterious Voodoo Skull 14.00 oz 4000 268.456 Enlightened of the Cult, Nightmare, Vampire Bride, Ushuriel.
Noble Axe Noble Axe 38.00 oz 10000 257.069 Necromancer, Serpent Spawn, Fury, Hellgorak, The Noxious Spawn.
Golden Armor Golden Armor 80.00 oz 20000 247.219 Ferumbras, Juggernaut, Massacre, Undead Dragon, Warlock, Zarabustor.

Shadow Sceptre Shadow Sceptre 41.00 oz 10000 238.663 Spectre, Nightmare Scion, Ferumbras.
Demonrage Sword Demonrage Sword 150.00 oz 36000 238.569 Demon, Ferumbras.
Magma Monocle Magma Monocle 10.00 oz 2,500 0 Diabolic Imp, Efreet, Marid, Merikh the Slaughterer, Fahim The Wise.
Glob of Acid Slime Glob of Acid Slime 0.10 oz 25 229.358 Acid Blob, Defiler, Water Elemental, Massive Water Elemental.
Red Dragon Scale Red Dragon Scale 0.90 oz 200 220.022 Demodras, Dragon Lord.
Piece of Hellfire Armor Piece of Hellfire Armor 2.50 oz 550 219.211 Hellfire Fighter.
Fire Axe Fire Axe 40.00 oz 8000 195.599 Demon, Orshabaal, Mahrdis, Hellfire Fighter, Ferumbras, Minishabaal, Morgaroth, The Imperor, Zugurosh, Golgordan, Latrivan.
War Axe War Axe 61.50 oz 12000 192.308 Behemoth, Stonecracker, Undead Dragon, Nightmare.
Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer 82.00 oz 15000 180.941 Frost Dragon, Dragon Lord, Ushuriel.
Fire Sword Fire Sword 23.00 oz 4000 167.364 Hero, Dragon Lord, Hellfire Fighter.
Petrified Scream Petrified Scream 1.50 oz 250 165.673 Banshee.
Skullcracker Armor Skullcracker Armor 110.00 oz 18000 162.308 Annihilon, Grim Reaper, Juggernaut.
Dragonbone Staff Dragonbone Staff 18.00 oz 3000 158.73 Dragon, Undead Dragon, Wyrm.
Underworld Rod Underworld Rod 29.00 oz 4400 147.157 Grim Reaper, Undead Dragon, Madareth.
Chaos Mace Chaos Mace 63.00 oz 9000 140.845 Nightstalker, Destroyer, Sir Valorcrest, Ferumbras.
Crystal Ring Crystal Ring 0.90 oz 250 138.889 Energy Elemental, Ferumbras, Fury, Grorlam, Morgaroth, Mummy, Nightstalker, Orshabaal, Stone Golem, Vampire Bride, Vashresamun, Warlock.
Might Ring Might Ring 1.00 oz 250 131.579 Ashmunrah, Demon, Hero, Morgaroth, Worker Golem, Zugurosh, Latrivan.
Crown Armor Crown Armor 99.00 oz 12000 120.12 Fury, Hand of Cursed Fate, Hellgorak, Hero, Phantasm, Quara Pincher, Serpent Spawn.
Soul Orb Soul Orb 0.20 oz 25 119.617 Hellfire Fighter, Nightmare, Dark Torturer, Betrayed Wraith, Hellhound, Blightwalker, Undead Dragon, Defiler, Fury, Phantasm, Juggernaut, Plaguesmith, Minishabaal, Diabolic Imp, Spectre, Bones, Fluffy, Lost Soul, Mr. Punish, Dracola, The Imperor, The Plasmother, The Handmaiden, Massacre, Countess Sorrow, Ferumbras.
Wand of Inferno Wand of Inferno 27.00 oz 3000 107.527 Dragon, Efreet, Enlightened of the Cult, Hellfire Fighter, Wyvern, Draken Spellweaver, Hand of Cursed Fate.
Hailstorm Rod Hailstorm Rod 27.00 oz 3000 107.527 Adept of the Cult, Blightwalker, Ice Witch, Madareth, Marid, Priestess.
Stealth Ring Stealth Ring 1.00 oz 200 105.263 Countess Sorrow, Demon, Diabolic Imp, Ghazbaran, Ghost, Golgordan, Morgaroth, Mutated Rat, Orc Warlord, Omruc, Pirate Ghost, Quara Mantassin, Sea Serpent, Spectre, Stalker, Thalas, The Handmaiden, Undead Gladiator, Ushuriel, Young Sea Serpent, Zugurosh.
Demon Horn Demon Horn 10.00 oz 1000 99.91 Demon, Ghazbaran, Hellgorak, Madareth, Morgaroth, Orshabaal, Ushuriel, Zugurosh.
Piece of Hell Steel Piece of Hell Steel 5.00 oz 500 99.82 Plaguesmith
Tower Shield Tower Shield 82.00 oz 8000 96.502 Dragon Lord, Frost Dragon, Mutated Rat, Lizard High Guard,Lizard Chosen, Serpent Spawn, Esmeralda.
Giant Sword Giant Sword 180.00 oz 17000 93.975 Behemoth, Stonecracker, Demon, Orshabaal, Morgaroth, Destroyer, Hellhound, Zugurosh, Golgordan.
Orb Orb 8.00 oz 750 84.27 Demon, Rahemos, Morgaroth, Ushuriel, Ghazbaran.
Wand of Cosmic Energy Wand of Cosmic Energy 25.00 oz 2000 77.22 Minotaur Mage, Elf Arcanist, Energy Elemental, Quara Hydromancer, Quara Hydromancer Scout, Souleater, Spectre, The Horned Fox, General Murius, Thul, Zugurosh.
Terra Rod Terra Rod 25.00 oz 2000 77.22 Bonelord, Lizard Snakecharmer, Lizard Dragon Priest, Acolyte of the Cult, Fury.
Wedding Ring Wedding Ring 0.40 oz 100 76.923 Banshee, Hero.
Silver Brooch Silver Brooch 1.10 oz 150 75 Ashmunrah, Banshee, Mummy, Spectre, Plaguesmith.
Magic Plate Armor Magic Plate Armor 85.00 oz 6400 74.505 Bones, Demon, Ferumbras, Ghazbaran, Orshabaal.
Spiked Squelcher Spiked Squelcher 68.00 oz 5000 72.569 Braindeath, Juggernaut, Cyclops Smith, Hellspawn, Worker Golem
Unknown 32px 70.00 oz 0
Stone Skin Amulet Stone Skin Amulet 7.00 oz 500 63.291 Banshee, Hydra, Lost Soul, Massive Earth Elemental, Morgaroth, Morguthis, Warlock, Werewolf, Zugurosh, Latrivan, The Many, Orshabaal.
Ice Rapier Ice Rapier 15.00 oz 1000 62.893 Vampire, Ice Golem, Frost Dragon, Demon, Morgaroth, Zugurosh, Madareth, Golgordan.
Red Piece of Cloth Red Piece of Cloth 5.00 oz 300 59.892 Hero, Fury, Barbarian Bloodwalker, Infernalist, Zugurosh, Undead Jester.
Ring of Healing Ring of Healing 0.80 oz 100 58.824 Banshee, Demon, Esmeralda, Hydra, Ghazbaran, Golgordan, Lich, Madareth, Morgaroth, Quara Hydromancer, Quara Hydromancer Scout, Overcharged Energy Elemental, Rahemos, Sea Serpent, Zugurosh.
Energy Ring Energy Ring 0.80 oz 100 58.824 Dragon Lord, Energy Elemental, Enlightened of the Cult, Ferumbras, Frost Dragon, Morgaroth, Mutated Bat, Old Widow, Orshabaal, Serpent Spawn, Ushuriel, Warlock.
Club Ring Club Ring 0.90 oz 100 55.556 Cyclops, Cyclops Smith, Frost Giant, Frost Giantess, Gargoyle, Gang Member, Kongra, Plaguesmith.
Mind Stone Mind Stone 2.50 oz 17000 5000 Demon Skeleton, Lich, Warlock, Destroyer, Hand Of Cursed Fate, Orshabaal, Ferumbras, Betrayed Wraith, Ghazbaran, Ushuriel, Morgaroth.
Titan Axe Titan Axe 81.00 oz 4000 48.84 Lost Soul, Medusa, Behemoth.
Golden Mug Golden Mug 4.70 oz 250 44.643 Dragon Lord, Frost Dragon, Serpent Spawn, Demodras, Orshabaal, Morgaroth.
Necrotic Rod Necrotic Rod 23.00 oz 1000 41.841 Dark Magician, Diabolic Imp, Fire Devil, Golgordan, Morgaroth, Rahemos, Souleater, Witch, Yaga the Crone, Zugurosh.
Knight Armor Knight Armor 120.00 oz 5000 41.356 Black Knight, Brutus Bloodbeard, Crystal Spider, Giant Spider, Hydra, Lethal Lissy, Old Widow, Quara Hydromancer, Quara Hydromancer Scout, Ron the Ripper, Undead Dragon, The Snapper, Esmeralda.
Guardian Shield Guardian Shield 55.00 oz 2000 35.778 Demon Skeleton, Diabolic Imp, Energy Elemental, Fire Devil, Minishabaal, Mutated Tiger.
Knight Axe Knight Axe 59.00 oz 2000 33.389 Black Knight, Undead Gladiator, Hellhound, Morguthis, Fluffy.
Life Crystal Life Crystal 2.50 oz 85 25 Monk, Dark Monk, Fernfang, Banshee, Dragon, Dragon Lord, Mad Scientist, Elf Arcanist, Hydra, Lizard Snakecharmer, Serpent Spawn, Quara Pincher Scout,Quara Predator Scout, Frost Dragon, Worker Golem, Ushuriel, Young Sea Serpent, Dracola.
Dragon Hammer Dragon Hammer 97.00 oz 2000 20.429 Dire Penguin, Dragon, Juggernaut, Orc Warlord.
White Piece of Cloth White Piece of Cloth 5.00 oz 100 19.964 Ghost, Spectre, Undead Jester, Zugurosh.
Spike Sword Spike Sword 50.00 oz 1000 19.646 Betrayed Wraith, Fluffy, Hellhound, Ice Golem, Pirate Ghost, Vampire.
Devil Helmet Devil Helmet 50.00 OZ oz 0 demon

{{Infobox_Item|List=List/Loot|GetValue=| | name = Ancient Shield | flavortext =| | itemclass = Body Equipment | primarytype = Shields | secondarytype = | defense = 27 | weight = 61.00 | value = 900~2100 | npcvalue = 900 | stackable = No. | droppedby = Ghost, Nightmare | buyfrom = Alesar (Green Djinn Fortress) 5,000 gps | sellto = Alesar (Green Djinn Fortress) 900 gp
H.L. (Outlaw Camp) 49 gp | notes = Un escudo usado en el pasado por el ahora un undead. Es muy parecido al Viking Shield que puede ser comprado en Edron. Hace mucho tiempo atras este shield fue llamado Kaerell Shield y se le dio a el gremio Kaerell en Antica por los mismos dioses Gods que otorgaron el Rose Shield y el Mercenary Shield. Kaerell es una palabra de la lengua bretona (hablado en Bretaña / Francia), y significa comadreja (el animal). Fue elaborado por el ex dirigente del gremio Kaerell, Mantus.

War Hammer War Hammer 85.00 oz 1200 13.97 Bandit, Furious Troll, Hero, Nomad, Plaguesmith, The Count, Thornback Tortoise, Toad, Wild Warrior, Worker Golem.
Hardened Bone Hardened Bone 6.00 oz 70 11.649 Bonebeast, Dracola, Dreadbeast, Undead Dragon, Ushuriel.
Red Robe Red Robe 26.00 oz 300 11.152 Adept of the Cult, Banshee, Pirate Ghost.
Strange Helmet Strange Helmet 46.00 oz 500 10.661 Dragon Lord, Frost Dragon, Ice Golem, Lich, Quara Mantassin, Serpent Spawn, Vampire.
Mastermind Shield Mastermind Shield 57.00 oz 550 9.499 Demon, Annihilon, Ferumbras, Ghazbaran, Juggernaut, Latrivan, Morgaroth, Orshabaal, Zugurosh, Zulazza the Corruptor.
Broadsword Broadsword 52.50 oz 500 9.363 Orc Leader, Dragon, Undead Dragon.
Gold Coin Gold Coin 0.10 oz 1 9.174 Casi toda creature.
Silver Amulet Silver Amulet 5.00 oz 50 8.475 Troll, Mutated Human, Banshee, Mummy, Island Troll, Adept of the Cult, Energy Elemental, Orshabaal, Morgaroth, Ghazbaran, Ferumbras, Zugurosh, Ushuriel.

{{Infobox_Item|List=List/Loot|GetValue=| | name = Steel Helmet | flavortext = | itemclass = Body Equipment | primarytype = Helmets | secondarytype = | armor = 6 | weight = 46.00 | value = 293~580 | npcvalue = 293 | stackable = No. | droppedby = Assassin, Black Knight, Crystal Spider, Dragon, Dwarf Guard, Gargoyle, Giant Spider, Lizard Templar, Tarantula, Zombie. | buyfrom </math>]] | sellto = gp
Brengus (Port Hope) 190 gp
Robert (Svargrond) 190 gp

Poison Dagger Poison Dagger 8.80 oz 50 5.155 Banshee, Centipede, Dworc Venomsniper, Dworc Fleshhunter, Dworc Voodoomaster, Orc Warrior, Mummy, Thalas, Warlock.
Scimitar Scimitar 29.00 oz 150 5.017 Diabolic Imp, Fire Devil, Orc Leader, Orc Warlord, Undead Gladiator, Warlord Ruzad.
Double Axe Double Axe 70.00 oz 260 3.667 Valkyrie, Minotaur Guard, Dwarf Guard, Cyclops Smith, Dragon, Black Knight, Behemoth, Demon, Fire Devil, General Murius, Orshabaal, Quara Predator, Quara Predator Scout, Nightmare, Betrayed Wraith, Diabolic Imp, Morgaroth, Thul, Zugurosh, Ghazbaran, Latrivan, Ushuriel, Lethal Lissy.
Plate Armor Plate Armor 120.00 oz 400 3.309 Ancient Scarab, Behemoth, Black Knight, Bonebeast, Brutus Bloodbeard, Crystal Spider, Defiler, Destroyer, Dreadbeast, Giant Spider, Kongra, Lizard Templar, Lost Soul, Massive Earth Elemental, Old Widow, Orc Leader, Orc Warlord, Warlord Ruzad, Pirate Buccaneer, Ron the Ripper, Undead Gladiator, Valkyrie, ¨The Snapper.
Dark Armor Dark Armor 120.00 oz 400 3.309 Behemoth, Black Knight, Destroyer, Gargoyle, Pirate Corsair, Young Sea Serpent.
Crowbar Crowbar 21.00 oz 50 2.283 Behemoth, Destroyer, Plaguesmith.
Golden Legs Golden Legs 56.00 oz 120 2.109 Dark Torturer, Demon, Ferumbras, Fury, Hellgorak, Juggernaut, Latrivan, Minishabaal, Morgaroth, Orshabaal.
Morning Star Morning Star 54.00 oz 100 1.821 Acolyte of the Cult, Bonelord, Betrayed Wraith, Gargoyle, Ghost, Gozzler, Hellspawn, Lizard Templar, Plaguesmith, Quara Pincher, Quara Pincher Scout, The Evil Eye, War Golem, Young Sea Serpent.
Battle Hammer Battle Hammer 68.00 oz 120 1.742 Betrayed Wraith, Black Knight, Cyclops Smith, Demon Skeleton, Dwarf Guard, Plaguesmith, Tortoise, Young Sea Serpent, Zombie.
Battle Shield Battle Shield 62.00 oz 95 1.51 Assassin, Cyclops, Cyclops Smith, Demon Skeleton, Dwarf Guard, Frost Giant, Frost Giantess, Gargoyle, General Murius, Hellspawn, Minotaur Guard, Mutated Bat, Orc Rider, Stone Golem.
Steel Shield Steel Shield 69.00 oz 80 1.144 Bonelord, Braindeath, Dragon, Elder Bonelord, General Murius, Gladiator, Grorlam, Massive Water Elemental, Nomad, Pirate Cutthroat, Plaguesmith, Wild Warrior.
Mirror Mirror 9.50 oz 10 0.962 Banshee
Scale Armor Scale Armor 105.00 oz 75 0.708 Barbarian Headsplitter, Dwarf Guard, General Murius, Ghoul, Grorlam, Lizard Sentinel, Lost Soul, Minotaur Archer, Orc Rider, Pirate Cutthroat, Quara Predator Scout, Undead Prospector.
Hatchet Hatchet 35.00 oz 25 0.696 Skeleton, Minotaur Guard, Dwarf, The Horned Fox, Blightwalker.
Golden Sickle Golden Sickle 19.50 oz 10 0.49 Demon, Orshabaal.
Throwing Knife Throwing Knife 5.00 oz 2 0.399 Orc Leader, Stalker, Dworc Venomsniper, Dworc Fleshhunter, Pirate Buccaneer, Hellhound.
Scythe Scythe 30.00 oz 10 0.324 Blightwalker, Grim Reaper.
Legion Helmet Legion Helmet 31.00 oz 8 0.251 Lost Soul, Rottie the Rotworm.
Ham Ham 20.00 oz 4 0.2 Barbarian Bloodwalker, Bear, Crocodile, Dark Torturer, Deer, Elephant, Frost Giantess, Hacker, Hellhound, Hydra, Juggernaut, Lion, Killer Caiman, Mammoth, Nightmare, Orc Berserker, Panda, Polar Bear, Rotworm, Smuggler, War Wolf, Yeti.
Meat Meat 13.00 oz 2 0.154 Apprentice Sheng, Bear, Behemoth, Black Sheep, Carrion Worm, Chicken, Crazed Beggar, Cyclops, Cyclops Drone, Cyclops Smith, Deer, Destroyer, Draken Abomination, Draken Elite, Draken Spellweaver, Draken Warmaster, Elephant, Frost Giant, Fury, General Murius, Gladiator, Gnarlhound, Hero, Hyaena, Larva, Lethal Lissy, Lion, Massacre, Minotaur, Minotaur Archer, Mutated Tiger, Nightmare Scion, Orc, Orc Marauder, Orc Rider, Orc Spearman, Orc Warrior, Panda, Pig, Polar Bear, Rabbit, Rotworm, Scarab, Sheep, Silver Rabbit, Terror Bird, Tiger, Troll, Troll Champion, Valkyrie, War Wolf, Warlord Ruzad, Winter Wolf, Wolf, Yeti.
Leather Legs Leather Legs 18.00 oz 1 0.053 Apprentice Sheng, Bandit, Blightwalker, Dwarf, Minotaur Mage, Wild Warrior.

Bloody Edge Bloody Edge 52.00 oz 0 0 Arachir The Ancient One, Betrayed Wraith, Madareth, Ferumbras, The Old Widow.
Assasin Star Assassin Star 2.00 oz 0 0 Quara Predator, Warlock, Behemoth, Demon, Dark Torturer, Fury, Juggernaut, Hellspawn, Morguthis, Zarabustor, The Noxious Spawn, Ghazbaran, Morgaroth.
Royal Spear Royal Spear 25.00 oz 0 0 Dragon Lord, Orc Leader, Blue Djinn, Marid, Green Djinn, Efreet, Quara Predator.
Power Bolt Power Bolt 0.90 oz 0 0 Dragon Lord, Serpent Spawn, Demodras, Wyvern, Undead Dragon, Frost Dragon, Nightmare, The Noxious Spawn
Onyx Arrow Onyx Arrow 0.70 oz 0 0 Plaguesmith, Betrayed Wraith, Serpent Spawn, Zugurosh, Golgordan, Ushuriel, Undead Dragon.
Sniper Arrow Sniper Arrow 0.70 oz 0 0 Braindeath, Elder Bonelord, Crystal Spider, Hero.
Burst Arrow Burst Arrow 0.90 oz 0 0 Dragon, Hunter, Omruc, Destroyer, Wyrm, Elf Scout
Poison Arrow Poison Arrow 0.80 oz 0 0 Dworc Venomsniper, Elf Scout, Omruc, Giant Spider, Hunter, Necromancer, Poacher.
Piece of Draconian Steel Piece of Draconian Steel 5.00 oz 0 0 Plaguesmith.
Concentrated Demonic Blood Concentrated Demonic Blood 2.00 oz 0 Betrayed Wraith, Dark Torturer, Diabolic Imp, Fury, Grim Reaper, Hand of Cursed Fate, Hellhound, Juggernaut, Nightmare, Fluffy.
Strong Health Potion Strong Health Potion 2.90 oz 0 0 Ancient Scarab, Brimstone Bug, Cyclops Drone, Cyclops Smith, Dragon, Dragon Lord, Giant Spider, Ice Golem, Lizard High Guard, Lizard Legionnaire, Pirate Corsair, The Horned Fox, Vampire, Vampire Bride, Werewolf, Wyrm, Wyvern, Zevelon Duskbringer.
Strong Mana Potion Strong Mana Potion 2.90 oz 0 0 Banshee, Crystal Spider, Draken Abomination, Elder Bonelord, Elf Arcanist, Energy Elemental, Enlightened of the Cult, Hydra, Ice Witch, Lich, Marid, Massive Energy Elemental, Necromancer, Vampire Bride, Wyrm, Young Sea Serpent, Sea Serpent, Dark Magician, Brimstone Bug.
Great Health Potion Great Health Potion 3.10 oz 0 0 Behemoth, Bog Raider, Dark Torturer, Deadeye Devious, Demon, Destroyer, Dracola, Golgordan, Hellspawn, Hero, Infernalist, Lizard Chosen, Lizard High Guard, Madareth, Mahrdis, Massacre, Morgaroth, Mr. Punish, Orshabaal, Quara Pincher, Quara Predator, Ron the Ripper, Thalas, The Old Widow, Undead Dragon, Ushuriel, Warlock, Werewolf, Worker Golem, Zugurosh.
Great Mana Potion Great Mana Potion 3.10 oz 0 0 Betrayed Wraith, Demon, Massive Energy Elemental, Quara Hydromancer, Serpent Spawn, Spectre, Warlock, Grim Reaper, Dharalion, Demodras, Rahemos, Orshabaal, Quara Hydromancer, Ushuriel, Sea Serpent, Souleater, The Noxious Spawn, Ungreez, Draken Elite, Massacre, Ghazbaran.
Orichalcum Pearl Orichalcum Pearl 0.30 oz 0 0 Grynch Clan Goblin, Betrayed Wraith, Hellfire Fighter, Massacre, Grim Reaper, Dark Torturer
Divine Plate Divine Plate 75.00 oz 0 0 Ferumbras, Undead Dragon.
Rusty Armor (Rare) Rusty Armor (Rare) 120.00 oz 0 0 Blightwalker, Medusa, Grim Reaper, Zugurosh, Lost Soul, Plaguesmith, Juggernaut, Hellgorak, Undead Dragon, Zulazza the Corruptor, Hellspawn.
Rusty Legs (Rare) Rusty Legs (Rare) 70.00 oz 0 0 Fury, Hellgorak, Zugurosh, Leviathan.
Dragon Ham Dragon Ham 30.00 oz 0 0 Dragon, Dragon Hatchling, Dragon Lord, Dragon Lord Hatchling, Frost Dragon, Frost Dragon Hatchling, Wyvern, Demodras, Sea Serpent, Young Sea Serpent, Wyrm.
Jalapeño Pepper Jalapeño Pepper 0.30 oz 0 0 Fury
Green Mushroom Green Mushroom 0.10 oz 0 0 Bonebeast, Dreadbeast, Necromancer, Dragon Lord, Serpent Spawn, Necropharus, Demodras, Ice Witch, Frost Dragon, Mutated Rat, The Noxious Spawn
Golden Figurine Golden Figurine 15.00 oz 0 0 Hand of Cursed Fate, Betrayed Wraith.
Cat's Paw Cat&#039;s Paw 10.00 oz 0 0 Dark Torturer, Mr. Punish.
Silver Goblet Silver Goblet 15.00 oz 0 0 Lost Soul.
Skeleton Decoration Skeleton Decoration 10.00 oz 0 0 Nightmare, Lost Soul, The Mutated Pumpkin
Seeds Seeds 0.50 oz 0 0 Blightwalker, Dworc Venomsniper, Dryad, Carniphila, Marid, Efreet, Terror Bird, Spit Nettle, Tiquandas Revenge, Earth Elemental, Merikh the Slaughterer, Fahim The Wise.
War Horn War Horn 15.00 oz 0 0 Plaguesmith, Madareth.
Purple Tome Purple Tome 19.00 oz 0 0 Demon, Orshabaal, Morgaroth

Dirty Cape Dirty Cape 29.50 oz 0 0 Banshee, Lich, Lizard Snakecharmer, Pirate Ghost, Plaguesmith, Nightmare.
Simple Dress Simple Dress 24.00 oz 0 0 Banshee, Zombie.
Candlestick Candlestick 3.00 oz 0 0 Elf Arcanist, Dharalion, Banshee, Warlock.
Lyre Lyre 12.50 oz 0 0 Hero, Banshee, Spectre, Madareth.
Cape Cape 32.00 oz 0 0 Enlightened of the Cult, Ghost, Hand of Cursed Fate, Lizard Snakecharmer, Quara Mantassin, Quara Mantassin Scout, Witch.
Spellbook Spellbook 18.00 oz 0 0 Bonelord, Braindeath, Dwarf Geomancer, Elder Bonelord, Lich.
Gemmed Book Gemmed Book 13.00 oz 0 0 Dragon Lord, Demodras, Wyvern, Frost Dragon.
Sandals Sandals 6.00 oz 0 0 Dark Monk, Elf Arcanist, Elf Scout, Monk.
Hammer Hammer 11.50 oz 0 None.
Saw Saw 10.00 oz 0 Dark Torturer.
Big Bone Big Bone 19.00 oz 0 0 Behemoth, Bonebeast, Hellhound, Dworc Voodoomaster, Pirate Skeleton, Stonecracker, The Handmaiden, Ghazbaran, Massacre.
Bone Bone 9.50 oz 0 0 Goblin, Goblin Scavenger, Goblin Assassin, Goblin Leader, Skeleton, Dworc Voodoomaster, Bonebeast, Crypt Shambler, Lost Soul, Nightmare, Phantasm, Blightwalker, Fluffy.
Fishbone Fishbone 0.70 oz 0 0 Quara Predator, Quara Predator Scout, Betrayed Wraith, Mutated Human, Sharptooth.
Shadow Herb Shadow Herb 0.20 oz 0 0 Ghost, Spit Nettle, Carniphila, Phantasm, Nightstalker
Torch Torch 5.00 oz 0 0 Amazon, Apprentice Sheng, Assassin, Blightwalker, Demon Skeleton, Diabolic Imp, Dworc Fleshhunter, Dworc Venomsniper, Dworc Voodoomaster, Fire Devil, Ghoul, Hunter, Lost Soul, Minotaur Mage, Orc Rider, Orc Shaman, Pirate Buccaneer, Pirate Marauder, Skeleton, Skeleton Warrior, Smuggler, Swamp Troll.
Rotten Meat Rotten Meat 0.60 oz 0 0 Crypt Shambler, Lost Soul.
Bunch of Wheat 32px 12.50 oz 0 0 Blightwalker.
Mouldy Cheese Mouldy Cheese 4.00 oz 0 0 Swamp Troll, Goblin, Plaguesmith, Mutated Rat
Piece of Iron Piece of Iron 0.20 oz 0 0 Plaguesmith, The Handmaiden.
Dirty Fur Dirty Fur 2.00 oz 0 0 Orc Spearman, Juggernaut
Broken Pottery Broken Pottery 1.80 oz 0 0 Juggernaut
Cleaver Cleaver 6.60 oz 0 0 Dworc Fleshhunter, Fire Devil, Diabolic Imp.
Pitchfork Pitchfork 25.00 oz 0 0 Fire Devil, Diabolic Imp, Minishabaal
Torn Book Torn Book 11.00 oz 0 0 Pirate Ghost and Undead Dragon

{{Infobox_Item|List = TE ESTAFAN CON ESTO !

|GetValue = name = Old Twig |

flavortext = rarity |

itemclass = rarity primarytype =

secondarytype =

attrib = None stackable = no

weight =

value = 70,000gp

npcvalue =

droppedby =

Massacre | buyfrom = | sellto = | notes =

Special Items

Name Trans Weight NPC Value Gp/Oz Dropped By
Dracola's Eye Dracola&#039;s Eye 15.00 oz 0 0 Dracola.
Reaper's Axe Reaper&#039;s Axe 59.00 oz 0 0 Dracola.
Mr. Punish's Handcuffs Mr. Punish&#039;s Handcuffs 25.00 oz 0 0 Mr. Punish.
Handmaiden's Protector Handmaiden&#039;s Protector 35.00 oz 0 0 The Handmaiden.
Imperor's Trident Imperor&#039;s Trident 80.00 oz 0 0 The Imperor.
The Plasmother's Remains The Plasmother&#039;s Remains 30.00 oz 0 0 The Plasmother.
Piece of Massacre's Shell Piece of Massacre&#039;s Shell 65.00 oz 0 0 Massacre.
Great Shield Great Shield 84.00 oz 480 5.654 Ferumbras, Ghazbaran, Massacre, Morgaroth.
Countess Sorrow's Frozen Tear Countess Sorrow&#039;s Frozen Tear 10.00 oz 0 Countess Sorrow.
Silver Mace Silver Mace 67.00 oz 270 3.976 Countess Sorrow
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