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NameTrans.gif Exp HP sum/conLoot
Island Troll Island Troll.gif 20 50 290/290 0-10 gp, 0-2 Wood, Mango, Spear, Hand Axe, Leather Boots, Leather Helmet, Wooden Shield, Rope, Studded Club, Silver Amulet (rare), Marlin (very rare).
Crab Crab.gif 30 55 305/305 0-10 gp, Fish, Crab Pincers.
Skeleton Skeleton.gif 35 50 300/300 0-10 gp, Bone, Pelvis Bone, Torch, Viking Helmet, Brass Shield (semi-rare), Hatchet (semi-rare), Mace (semi-rare), Sword (rare).
Pirate Skeleton Pirate Skeleton.gif 85 190 --/-- 0-25 gp, Skull, Big Bone, Short Sword, Sword, Bone Club, Spooky Blue Eye.
Fire Devil Fire Devil.gif 145 200 530/530 0-2 Torches, Small Pitchfork, Cleaver, Scimitar (semi-rare), Blank Rune (semi-rare), Double Axe (rare), Necrotic Rod (rare), Small Amethyst (very rare), Guardian Shield (very rare), Wand of Dragonbreath (very rare).
Ghost Ghost.gif 120 150 --/-- Shadow Herb, Cape, Morning Star, Combat Knife, Orange Book (rare), Ghostly Tissue (rare), White Piece of Cloth (rare), Ancient Shield (rare), Stealth Ring (very rare).
Witch Witch.gif 120 300 --/-- 0-33 gp, 0-8 Cookies, Wolf Tooth Chain, Witch Broom, Star Herb, Cape (semi-rare), Garlic Necklace (semi-rare), Leather Boots (semi-rare), Sickle (semi-rare), Coat (rare), Necrotic Rod (rare), Silver Dagger (very-rare), Fern (very rare), Witch Hat (very rare), Stuffed Toad (very rare).
Stone Golem Stone Golem.gif 160 270 590/590 0-15 gp, 0-4 Small Stone, Sulphurous Stone, Iron Ore (semi-rare), Power Ring (semi-rare), Ancient Stone (rare), Carlin Sword (rare), Piece of Marble Rock (rare), Shiny Stone (rare), Crystal Ring (very rare), Red Gem (very rare).
Blood Crab Blood Crab.gif 160 290 505/505 0-36+ gp, Fish, Bloody Pincers, Chain Armor, White Pearl (rare).
Pirate Ghost Pirate Ghost.gif 250 275 --/-- 0-69 gp, Dirty Cape, Torn Book, Tattered Piece of Robe, Stealth Ring (rare), Parchment (rare), Spike Sword (very rare), Red Robe (very rare).
Elder Bonelord Elder Bonelord.gif 280 500 --/-- 0-105 gp, Small Flask of Eyedrops, Spellbook, Steel Shield, Two-Handed Sword, Elder Bonelord Tentacle, 1-4 Sniper Arrow, Strong Mana Potion (semi-rare), Bonelord Shield (very rare), Giant Eye (very rare), Bonelord Helmet (very rare).
Acolyte of the Cult Acolyte of the Cult.gif 300 390 --/-- 0-40 gp, Morning Star, Cultish Robe, Rope Belt, Cultish Symbol (rare), Orange Book (rare), Dragon Necklace (rare), Music Sheet (second verse, rare), Life Ring (rare), Small Emerald (rare), Terra Rod (rare), Green Tunic (rare), Pirate Voodoo Doll (rare), Broken Key Ring (very rare).
Efreet Efreet.gif 410 550 --/-- 0-125 gp, 0-12 Pear, 0-3 Royal Spear, Jewelled Belt, Heavy Machete, Small Oil Lamp, 0-4 Small Emerald (semi-rare), 0-2 Seeds (semi-rare), Green Tapestry (rare), Green Piece of Cloth (rare), Noble Turban (rare), Wand of Inferno (rare), Mystic Turban (rare), Magma Monocle (rare), Strong Mana Potion (semi-rare), Green Gem (very rare).
Adept of the Cult Adept of the Cult.gif 400 430 --/-- 0-57 gp, Cultish Robe, Rope Belt, Pirate Voodoo Doll, Silver Amulet, Clerical Mace (semi-rare), Cultish Symbol (rare), Orange Book (rare), Time Ring (rare), Small Ruby (rare), Music Sheet (third verse, rare), Hailstorm Rod (rare), Red Robe (very rare), Jewelled Backpack? (very rare?), Lunar Staff (very rare), Broken Key Ring (very rare), Amber Staff (very rare).
Enlightened of the Cult Enlightened of the Cult.gif 500 700 --/-- 0-80 gp, Rope Belt, Cultish Mask, Protection Amulet, Strong Mana Potion (semi-rare), Orange Book (semi-rare), Energy Ring (semi-rare), Pirate Voodoo Doll (semi-rare), Small Sapphire (rare), Cultish Symbol (rare), Music Sheet (fourth verse, rare), Skull Staff (rare), Platinum Amulet (rare), Wand of Inferno (rare), Mysterious Voodoo Skull (very rare), Blue Robe (very rare), Broken Key Ring (very rare), Piggy Bank (very rare), Jewelled Backpack (very rare?), Amber Staff (very rare).
Dragon Dragon.gif 700 1000 --/-- 0-110 gp, 0-3 Dragon Ham, 0-12 Burst Arrow, Steel Shield, Crossbow, Dragon's Tail, Longsword (semi-rare), Steel Helmet (semi-rare), Broadsword (semi-rare), Plate Legs (semi-rare), Double Axe (rare), Dragon Hammer (rare), Green Dragon Leather (rare), Green Dragon Scale (rare), Serpent Sword (rare), Wand of Inferno (rare), Strong Health Potion (rare), Dragon Shield (very rare), Dragonbone Staff (very rare), Small Diamond (very rare), Life Crystal (very rare).
Dragon Lord Dragon Lord.gif 2100 1900 --/-- 0-250 gp, 0-5 Dragon Ham, Small Sapphire, Golden Mug, Gemmed Book, Green Mushroom, 0-7 Power Bolt, Life Crystal, Energy Ring, 0-3 Royal Spear, Red Dragon Scale, Red Dragon Leather (rare), Strange Helmet (rare), Fire Sword (rare), Tower Shield (rare), Strong Health Potion (rare), Dragon Slayer (very rare), Royal Helmet (very rare), Dragon Scale Mail (very rare), Dragon Lord Trophy (very rare).
Demon Demon.gif 6000 8200 --/-- 0-310 gp, 0-1 Platinum Coin, 0-6 Fire Mushrooms, Devil Helmet, Double Axe, Golden Sickle, Small Emerald, Fire Axe (semi-rare), Giant Sword (semi-rare), Great Health Potion (semi-rare), 0-3 Great Mana Potion (semi-rare), 0-3 Ultimate Health Potion, Golden Ring (semi-rare), Ice Rapier (semi-rare), Orb (semi-rare), Purple Tome (semi-rare), Stealth Ring (semi-rare), Talon (semi-rare), 0-5 Assassin Stars (rare), Demon Horn (rare), Demon Shield (rare), Might Ring (rare), Platinum Amulet (semi-rare), Ring of Healing (semi-rare), Golden Legs (rare), Mastermind Shield (rare), Demon Trophy (very rare), Demonrage Sword (very rare), Magic Plate Armor (very rare).
Morgaroth Morgaroth.gif 15000 55000 --/-- 0-295 gp, 0-74 Platinum Coins, 0-5 Demonic Essences, 0-7 Small Emeralds, 0-5 Small Diamonds, 0-11 White Pearls, 0-9 Small Sapphires, 0-13 Black Pearl, 0-1 Gold Ingot, 0-2 Demon Horns, 0-100 Infernal Bolts, 0-35 Assassin Stars, Ancient Amulet, Blue Gem, Boots of Haste, Crystal Ball, Crystal Ring, Death Ring, Demon Shield, Demonbone, Devil Helmet, Double Axe, Energy Ring, Fire Axe, Giant Sword, Golden Legs, Golden Mug, Great Health Potion, Great Mana Potion, Great Spirit Potion, Green Gem, Ice Rapier, Life Crystal, Magic Light Wand, Magic Plate Armor, Magma Coat, Mastermind Shield, Might Ring, Mind Stone, Moonlight Rod, Necrotic Rod, Onyx Flail, Orb, Platinum Amulet, Purple Tome, Ring of Healing, Ring of the Sky, Silver Amulet, Silver Dagger, Skull Staff, Stealth Ring, Stone Skin Amulet, Strange Symbol, Two-Handed Sword, Ultimate Health Potion, Chain Bolter (rare), Dark Lord's Cape (rare), Dragon Robe (rare), Fireborn Giant Armor (rare), Great Shield (rare), Molten Plate (rare), Morgaroth's Heart (rare), Obsidian Truncheon (rare), Royal Crossbow (rare), Teddy Bear (rare), The Devileye (rare), The Ironworker (rare), The Stomper (rare), Thunder Hammer (rare).

Loot Items

Name Trans.gif Weight NPC Value Gp/Oz Dropped By
Gold Coin Gold Coin.gif 0.10 oz 1 9.174 Casi toda creature.
Wood Wood.gif 5.00 oz 0 0 Island Troll.
Meat Meat.gif 13.00 oz 2 0.154 Apprentice Sheng, Bear, Behemoth, Black Sheep, Carrion Worm, Chicken, Crazed Beggar, Cyclops, Cyclops Drone, Cyclops Smith, Deer, Destroyer, Draken Abomination, Draken Elite, Draken Spellweaver, Draken Warmaster, Elephant, Frost Giant, Fury, General Murius, Gladiator, Gnarlhound, Hero, Hyaena, Larva, Lethal Lissy, Lion, Massacre, Minotaur, Minotaur Archer, Mutated Tiger, Nightmare Scion, Orc, Orc Marauder, Orc Rider, Orc Spearman, Orc Warrior, Panda, Pig, Polar Bear, Rabbit, Rotworm, Scarab, Sheep, Silver Rabbit, Terror Bird, Tiger, Troll, Troll Champion, Valkyrie, War Wolf, Warlord Ruzad, Winter Wolf, Wolf, Yeti.
Spear Spear.gif 20.00 oz 0 Troll, Troll Champion, Swamp Troll, Frost Troll, Island Troll, Orc Spearman, Orc Shaman, Black Knight, Valkyrie, Lizard Sentinel, Pirate Marauder.
Hand Axe Hand Axe.gif 18.00 oz 5 0.265 Troll, Island Troll.
Leather Boots Leather Boots.gif 9.00 oz 0 0 Dwarf Guard, Elf, Island Troll, Swamp Troll, Troll, Witch.
Leather Helmet Leather Helmet.gif 22.00 oz 4 0.175 Apprentice Sheng, Goblin, Island Troll, Minotaur Mage, Smuggler, Troll.
Wooden Shield Wooden Shield.gif 40.00 oz 5 0.122 Frost Troll, Island Troll, Troll.
Rope Rope.gif 18.00 oz 15 0.794 Troll, Island Troll, Troll Champion, Black Knight, Hero, Man in the Cave, Apprentice Sheng.
Studded Club Studded Club.gif 35.00 oz 0 0 Island Troll, Troll.
Silver Amulet Silver Amulet.gif 5.00 oz 50 8.475 Troll, Mutated Human, Banshee, Mummy, Island Troll, Adept of the Cult, Energy Elemental, Orshabaal, Morgaroth, Ghazbaran, Ferumbras, Zugurosh, Ushuriel.

Marlin Marlin.gif 18.00 oz 0 0 Island Troll, Undead Jester.
Fish Fish.gif 5.20 oz 0 0 Blood Crab, Chakoya Toolshaper, Chakoya Tribewarden, Chakoya Windcaller, Crab, Dire Penguin, Frost Troll, Swamp Troll, Orc Leader, Orc Warlord, Warlord Ruzad, Penguin, Toad, Thornback Tortoise, Goblin, Undead Jester, Tortoise, Quara Hydromancer Scout, Water Elemental.
Bag Bag.gif 8.00 oz 0 0 Pirate Marauder and Pirate Cutthroat (pirate version), Barbarian Brutetamer and Barbaria (furry version).
Torch Torch.gif 5.00 oz 0 0 Amazon, Apprentice Sheng, Assassin, Blightwalker, Demon Skeleton, Diabolic Imp, Dworc Fleshhunter, Dworc Venomsniper, Dworc Voodoomaster, Fire Devil, Ghoul, Hunter, Lost Soul, Minotaur Mage, Orc Rider, Orc Shaman, Pirate Buccaneer, Pirate Marauder, Skeleton, Skeleton Warrior, Smuggler, Swamp Troll.
Bone Bone.gif 9.50 oz 0 0 Goblin, Goblin Scavenger, Goblin Assassin, Goblin Leader, Skeleton, Dworc Voodoomaster, Bonebeast, Crypt Shambler, Lost Soul, Nightmare, Phantasm, Blightwalker, Fluffy.
Brass Shield Brass Shield.gif 60.00 oz 16 0.263 Bandit, Skeleton, Stalker, Wild Warrior.
Hatchet Hatchet.gif 35.00 oz 25 0.696 Skeleton, Minotaur Guard, Dwarf, The Horned Fox, Blightwalker.
Mace Mace.gif 38.00 oz 30 0.771 Bandit, Chakoya Toolshaper, Chakoya Tribewarden, Chakoya Windcaller, Dragon, Gang Member, Ghoul, Gladiator, Grand Mother Foulscale, Minotaur, Nomad, Novice of the Cult, Quara Pincher, Quara Pincher Scout, Rotworm, Skeleton, Skeleton Warrior, Smuggler Baron Silvertoe, Toad, Werewolf, Wild Warrior, Zombie.
Viking Helmet Viking Helmet.gif 39.00 oz 66 1.654 Barbarian Headsplitter, Ghoul, Quara Predator, Quara Predator Scout, Skeleton, Sea Serpent.
Sword Sword.gif 35.00 oz 25 0.696 Hellfire Fighter, Lizard Templar, Minotaur, Pirate Skeleton, Rotworm, Skeleton, Skeleton Warrior, Smuggler.
Skull (Item) Skull (Item).gif 21.80 oz 0 0 Amazon, Barbarian Skullhunter, Bonebeast, Brutus Bloodbeard, Dworc Fleshhunter, Dworc Venomsniper, Dworc Voodoomaster, Esmeralda, Ghoul, Mutated Rat, Necromancer, Necropharus, Pirate Skeleton, Quara Mantassin, Quara Mantassin Scout, Undead Prospector, Valkyrie, Vampire.
Big Bone Big Bone.gif 19.00 oz 0 0 Behemoth, Bonebeast, Hellhound, Dworc Voodoomaster, Pirate Skeleton, Stonecracker, The Handmaiden, Ghazbaran, Massacre.
Short Sword Short Sword.gif 35.00 oz 10 0.279 Cyclops, Frost Giant, Frost Giantess, Goblin, Lizard Templar, Pirate Skeleton, Smuggler.
Bone Club Bone Club.gif 39.00 oz 0 0 Bonebeast, Gargoyle, Goblin, Munster, Necropharus, Pirate Skeleton.
Pitchfork Pitchfork.gif 25.00 oz 0 0 Fire Devil, Diabolic Imp, Minishabaal
Cleaver Cleaver.gif 6.60 oz 0 0 Dworc Fleshhunter, Fire Devil, Diabolic Imp.
Scimitar Scimitar.gif 29.00 oz 150 5.017 Diabolic Imp, Fire Devil, Orc Leader, Orc Warlord, Undead Gladiator, Warlord Ruzad.
Blank Rune Blank Rune.gif 2.10 oz 0 0 Dark Apprentice, Dark Magician, Dwarf Geomancer, Elf Arcanist, Stalker, Fire Devil, Fernfang, Dharalion, Spectre, Lost Soul, Diabolic Imp, Undead Dragon, Hellfire Fighter, Phantasm, Blightwalker, Grynch Clan Goblin.
Double Axe Double Axe.gif 70.00 oz 260 3.667 Valkyrie, Minotaur Guard, Dwarf Guard, Cyclops Smith, Dragon, Black Knight, Behemoth, Demon, Fire Devil, General Murius, Orshabaal, Quara Predator, Quara Predator Scout, Nightmare, Betrayed Wraith, Diabolic Imp, Morgaroth, Thul, Zugurosh, Ghazbaran, Latrivan, Ushuriel, Lethal Lissy.
Small Amethyst Small Amethyst.gif 0.10 oz 200 1834.862 Ancient Scarab, Behemoth, Destroyer, Diabolic Imp, Dwarf Guard, Energy Elemental, Ferumbras, Fire Devil, Grorlam, Lizard Snakecharmer, Merlkin, Minishabaal, Mutated Bat, Quara Constrictor, Quara Constrictor Scout, Scarab, Rahemos, The Blightfather, Thul, Ushuriel.
Guardian Shield Guardian Shield.gif 55.00 oz 2000 35.778 Demon Skeleton, Diabolic Imp, Energy Elemental, Fire Devil, Minishabaal, Mutated Tiger.
Wand of Dragonbreath Wand of Dragonbreath.gif 23.00 oz 200 8.368 Dark Apprentice, Demodras, Fire Devil.
Necrotic Rod Necrotic Rod.gif 23.00 oz 1000 41.841 Dark Magician, Diabolic Imp, Fire Devil, Golgordan, Morgaroth, Rahemos, Souleater, Witch, Yaga the Crone, Zugurosh.
Sandals Sandals.gif 6.00 oz 0 0 Dark Monk, Elf Arcanist, Elf Scout, Monk.
Shadow Herb Shadow Herb.gif 0.20 oz 0 0 Ghost, Spit Nettle, Carniphila, Phantasm, Nightstalker
Cape Cape.gif 32.00 oz 0 0 Enlightened of the Cult, Ghost, Hand of Cursed Fate, Lizard Snakecharmer, Quara Mantassin, Quara Mantassin Scout, Witch.
Morning Star Morning Star.gif 54.00 oz 100 1.821 Acolyte of the Cult, Bonelord, Betrayed Wraith, Gargoyle, Ghost, Gozzler, Hellspawn, Lizard Templar, Plaguesmith, Quara Pincher, Quara Pincher Scout, The Evil Eye, War Golem, Young Sea Serpent.
Combat Knife Combat Knife.gif 8.70 oz 0 0 Ghost, Smuggler, Assassin.
Orange Book Orange Book.gif 13.00 oz 0 0 Ghost, Novice of the Cult, Priestess, Acolyte of the Cult, Adept of the Cult
White Piece of Cloth White Piece of Cloth.gif 5.00 oz 100 19.964 Ghost, Spectre, Undead Jester, Zugurosh.

{{Infobox_Item|List=List/Loot|GetValue=| | name = Ancient Shield | flavortext =| | itemclass = Body Equipment | primarytype = Shields | secondarytype = | defense = 27 | weight = 61.00 | value = 900~2100 | npcvalue = 900 | stackable = No. | droppedby = Ghost, Nightmare | buyfrom = Alesar (Green Djinn Fortress) 5,000 gps | sellto = Alesar (Green Djinn Fortress) 900 gp
H.L. (Outlaw Camp) 49 gp | notes = Un escudo usado en el pasado por el ahora un undead. Es muy parecido al Viking Shield que puede ser comprado en Edron. Hace mucho tiempo atras este shield fue llamado Kaerell Shield y se le dio a el gremio Kaerell en Antica por los mismos dioses Gods que otorgaron el Rose Shield y el Mercenary Shield. Kaerell es una palabra de la lengua bretona (hablado en Bretaña / Francia), y significa comadreja (el animal). Fue elaborado por el ex dirigente del gremio Kaerell, Mantus.

Stealth Ring Stealth Ring.gif 1.00 oz 200 105.263 Countess Sorrow, Demon, Diabolic Imp, Ghazbaran, Ghost, Golgordan, Morgaroth, Mutated Rat, Orc Warlord, Omruc, Pirate Ghost, Quara Mantassin, Sea Serpent, Spectre, Stalker, Thalas, The Handmaiden, Undead Gladiator, Ushuriel, Young Sea Serpent, Zugurosh.
Cookie Cookie.gif 0.10 oz 0 0 Witch, Cave Rat, Munster, Grynch Clan Goblin, Mad Scientist.
Wolf Tooth Chain Wolf Tooth Chain.gif 3.30 oz 100 23.81 Cyclops, Gargoyle, Orc Rider, Witch.

{{Infobox_Item|List=List/Loot|GetValue= | name = Sickle | flavortext = | levelrequired = 0 | enchantable = no | itemclass = Weapons | primarytype = Axe Weapons | secondarytype = Tools | hands = One | type = Axe | attack = 5 | defense = 4 | weight = 10.50 | value = Negotiable | npcvalue = 3 | npcprice = 0 | npcvaluerook = 0 | npcpricerook = 8 | droppedby = Witch. | buyfrom = Obi (Rookgaard) 8 gp
Lee'Delle (Rookgaard) 7 [[ Sam thais 7 gp | sellto = Beatrice (Edron) 3 gp
Pompan (Farmine) 3 gp
H.L. (Outlaw Camp) 1 gp
Lee'Delle (Rookgaard) 2 gp
Obi (Rookgaard) 2 gp | notes = The weakest Axe Weapon, making it the most effective weapon for training the axe fighting skill. It can also be used to harvest sugar cane. As these can only be bought on Rookgaard or looted from a witch, they are hard to come by. After the summer update of 2007, the loot value increased on main due to the raised popularity of playing a knight. }}

Broom Broom.gif 11.00 oz 0 0 Grynch Clan Goblin.
Coat Coat.gif 27.00 oz 1 0.036 Witch, Frost Troll.
Cheese Cheese.gif 4.00 oz 0 0 Rat, Cave Rat, Green Djinn, Munster.
Star Herb Star Herb.gif 0.30 oz 0 0 Witch, Fernfang, Mutated Bat
Garlic Necklace Garlic Necklace.gif 3.80 oz 50 10.638 Witch, Novice of the Cult, Blightwalker.
Silver Dagger Silver Dagger.gif 10.20 oz 500 45.045 Orshabaal, Morgaroth, Witch, Zugurosh, Latrivan, Golgordan, Ushuriel.
Small Stone Small Stone.gif 3.60 oz 0 0 Goblin, Goblin Assassin, Goblin Leader, Goblin Scavenger, Frost Giantess, Stone Golem, Sibang, Gargoyle, Grorlam, Earth Elemental, Massive Earth Elemental, Jagged Earth Elemental.
Scale Armor Scale Armor.gif 105.00 oz 75 0.708 Barbarian Headsplitter, Dwarf Guard, General Murius, Ghoul, Grorlam, Lizard Sentinel, Lost Soul, Minotaur Archer, Orc Rider, Pirate Cutthroat, Quara Predator Scout, Undead Prospector.
Carlin Sword Carlin Sword.gif 40.00 oz 118 2.885 Grorlam, Stone Golem.
Steel Shield Steel Shield.gif 69.00 oz 80 1.144 Bonelord, Braindeath, Dragon, Elder Bonelord, General Murius, Gladiator, Grorlam, Massive Water Elemental, Nomad, Pirate Cutthroat, Plaguesmith, Wild Warrior.
Power Ring Power Ring.gif 0.80 oz 50 29.412 Dark Monk, Fernfang, Grorlam, Kongra, Monk, Stone Golem, The Handmaiden.
Iron Ore Iron Ore.gif 2.00 oz 0 0 Dwarf, Dwarf Soldier, Dwarf Guard, Dwarf Geomancer, Foreman Kneebiter, Dwarf Miner, Stone Golem, Jagged Earth Elemental, Muddy Earth Elemental, War Golem, Damaged Worker Golem, Worker Golem, Ushuriel.
Crystal Ring Crystal Ring.gif 0.90 oz 250 138.889 Energy Elemental, Ferumbras, Fury, Grorlam, Morgaroth, Mummy, Nightstalker, Orshabaal, Stone Golem, Vampire Bride, Vashresamun, Warlock.
Red Gem Red Gem.gif 0.30 oz 1000 833.333 Stone Golem, Mahrdis, Grorlam, Fury, Annihilon, Zulazza The Corruptor.
Brass Legs Brass Legs.gif 38.00 oz 49 1.26 Black Knight, Blood Crab, Crystal Spider, Giant Spider, Hellspawn, Orc Leader, Orc Warlord, Warlord Ruzad, Stalker, Tarantula, The Old Widow, Undead Gladiator.
Chain Armor Chain Armor.gif 100.00 oz 70 0.694 Barbarian Bloodwalker, Blood Crab, Diabolic Imp, Dwarf Soldier, General Murius, Lizard Sentinel, Minotaur, Minotaur Guard, Orc Berserker, Orc Shaman, Orc Warrior, Pirate Marauder, Quara Mantassin Scout, Valkyrie.
White Pearl White Pearl.gif 0.20 oz 160 765.55 Blood Crab, Lich, Banshee, Quara Hydromancer, Quara Hydromancer Scout, Vashresamun, Fury, Medusa, Morgaroth, Thul, Dark Torturer, Golgordan, Ushuriel, Water Elemental.
Dirty Cape Dirty Cape.gif 29.50 oz 0 0 Banshee, Lich, Lizard Snakecharmer, Pirate Ghost, Plaguesmith, Nightmare.
Torn Book Torn Book.gif 11.00 oz 0 0 Pirate Ghost and Undead Dragon
Parchment Parchment.gif 2.00 oz 0 0 Dharalion, Pirate Ghost.
Spike Sword Spike Sword.gif 50.00 oz 1000 19.646 Betrayed Wraith, Fluffy, Hellhound, Ice Golem, Pirate Ghost, Vampire.
Red Robe Red Robe.gif 26.00 oz 300 11.152 Adept of the Cult, Banshee, Pirate Ghost.
Longsword Longsword.gif 42.00 oz 51 1.189 Bonelord, Dragon, Elf, Mutated Bat, Orc Leader, Quara Constrictor, Quara Constrictor Scout.
Strong Mana Potion Strong Mana Potion.gif 2.90 oz 0 0 Banshee, Crystal Spider, Draken Abomination, Elder Bonelord, Elf Arcanist, Energy Elemental, Enlightened of the Cult, Hydra, Ice Witch, Lich, Marid, Massive Energy Elemental, Necromancer, Vampire Bride, Wyrm, Young Sea Serpent, Sea Serpent, Dark Magician, Brimstone Bug.
Spellbook Spellbook.gif 18.00 oz 0 0 Bonelord, Braindeath, Dwarf Geomancer, Elder Bonelord, Lich.
Steel Shield Steel Shield.gif 69.00 oz 80 1.144 Bonelord, Braindeath, Dragon, Elder Bonelord, General Murius, Gladiator, Grorlam, Massive Water Elemental, Nomad, Pirate Cutthroat, Plaguesmith, Wild Warrior.
Two Handed Sword Two Handed Sword.gif 70.00 oz 450 6.347 Bonelord, Elder Bonelord, Orc Warlord, Black Knight, Behemoth, Hero, Crypt Shambler, Orshabaal, Quara Hydromancer, Quara Mantassin, Quara Mantassin Scout, Morgaroth, Ferumbras, Undead Gladiator, War Golem
Sniper Arrow Sniper Arrow.gif 0.70 oz 0 0 Braindeath, Elder Bonelord, Crystal Spider, Hero.
Bonelord Eye Bonelord Eye.gif 5.00 oz 80 15.971 Bonelord, Braindeath, The Evil Eye.
Terra Rod Terra Rod.gif 25.00 oz 2000 77.22 Bonelord, Lizard Snakecharmer, Lizard Dragon Priest, Acolyte of the Cult, Fury.
Bonelord Shield Bonelord Shield.gif 47.00 oz 1200 25.052 Bonelord, Braindeath, Elder Bonelord, The Evil Eye
Small Emerald Small Emerald.gif 0.10 oz 250 2293.578 Acolyte of the Cult, Ancient Scarab, Demon, Efreet, Ghazbaran, Golgordan, Green Djinn, Haunted Treeling, Lizard Templar, Medusa, Morgaroth, Orshabaal, Phantasm, Quara Hydromancer, Scarab, Thalas, Ushuriel, Water Elemental, Killer Caiman.
Bonelord Helmet Bonelord Helmet.gif 46.00 oz 7500 159.915 Braindeath, Elder Bonelord, The Evil Eye.
Dragon Necklace Dragon Necklace.gif 6.30 oz 100 13.889 Hunter, Acolyte of the Cult, Yakchal.
Music Sheet Music Sheet.gif 0.50 oz 100 71.429 Novice of the Cult (First Verse), Acolyte of the Cult (Second Verse), Adept of the Cult (Third Verse), Enlightened of the Cult (Fourth Verse), Grandfather Tridian (Drops all).
Green Tunic Green Tunic.gif 9.30 oz 0 0 Acolyte of the Cult, Dharalion, Elf Arcanist, Fernfang, Hero, Orc Leader.
Pirate Voodoo Doll Pirate Voodoo Doll.gif 6.50 oz 500 67.568 Novice of the Cult, Acolyte of the Cult, Adept of the Cult, Enlightened of the Cult.
Key Ring Key Ring.gif 0.50 oz 0 0 Acolyte of the Cult, Adept of the Cult, Enlightened of the Cult, Dark Torturer, Lost Soul, Mr. Punish
Pear Pear.gif 1.40 oz 0 0 Dwarf Geomancer, Efreet, Marid.
Royal Spear Royal Spear.gif 25.00 oz 0 0 Dragon Lord, Orc Leader, Blue Djinn, Marid, Green Djinn, Efreet, Quara Predator.
Heavy Machete Heavy Machete.gif 18.40 oz 90 4.663 Efreet, Marid, Cyclops Smith.
Small Oil Lamp Small Oil Lamp.gif 9.00 oz 0 0 Blue Djinn, Green Djinn, Marid, Efreet, Fahim The Wise.
Seeds Seeds.gif 0.50 oz 0 0 Blightwalker, Dworc Venomsniper, Dryad, Carniphila, Marid, Efreet, Terror Bird, Spit Nettle, Tiquandas Revenge, Earth Elemental, Merikh the Slaughterer, Fahim The Wise.
This item is in the Household Items class
Attributes: Can be hung on walls
Weight: 10.00 oz.
Loot value: 25 gp.
Dropped by: Marid (blue), Efreet (green).
Buy from: Peggy (Liberty Bay) 25 gp

Ukea (Ab'Dendriel) 25 gp
Feizuhl (Ankrahmun) 25 gp
Nydala (Carlin) 25 gp
Yoem (Cormaya) 25 gp
Hofech (Darashia) 25 gp
Edvard (Edron) 25 gp
Eddy (Fibula) 25 gp
Iwar (Kazordoon) 25 gp
Gamon (Thais) 25 gp
Velvet (Venore) 25 gp
Duncan (Sabrehaven) 40 gp (pirate)
Dorbin (Inner City) 80 gp (silky) <spoiler>Pompan (Farmine) 80 gp (Dragon Tapestry - after bringing 1 tome in Tomes of Knowledge Quest).

You need a Green Tapestry for The Scatterbrained Sorcerer Quest.
Sell to: Irmana (Venore) 1,000 gp (royal)
Irmana (Venore) 800 gp (velvet)
Notes: Tapestries come in many colors, including Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, White, Pirate, Royal, Silky and Velvet.

A white tapestry looks the same as a Bale of White Cloth, and a yellow tapestry, as a Bale of Yellowed Cloth.

Tapestries can be used on most wall types. They can only be applied to the inside of north and west walls, and the outside of east and south walls. If tapestries are placed on the floor, they will appear like a pillow, as in the images below. Many people use tapestries as a sort of carpet in their house.

Archivo:Blue Tapestry.gif Archivo:Green Tapestry.gif Archivo:Yellow Tapestry.gif Archivo:Orange Tapestry.gif Archivo:Red Tapestry.gif Archivo:Purple Tapestry.gif Archivo:White Tapestry.gif Archivo:Pirate Tapestry.gif Royal Tapestry.gif Silky Tapestry.gif Velvet Tapestry.gif Dragon Tapestry.gif

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Green Piece of Cloth Green Piece of Cloth.gif 5.00 oz 200 39.928 Green Djinn, Efreet, Merikh the Slaughterer, Zugurosh, Undead Jester.
Wand of Inferno Wand of Inferno.gif 27.00 oz 3000 107.527 Dragon, Efreet, Enlightened of the Cult, Hellfire Fighter, Wyvern, Draken Spellweaver, Hand of Cursed Fate.
Mystic Turban Mystic Turban.gif 8.50 oz 150 15.957 Blue Djinn, Efreet, Green Djinn, Ice Witch, Marid, Necromancer, Necropharus.
Magma Monocle Magma Monocle.gif 10.00 oz 2,500 0 Diabolic Imp, Efreet, Marid, Merikh the Slaughterer, Fahim The Wise.
Green Gem Green Gem.gif 0.30 oz 5000 4166.667 Efreet, Defiler, Orshabaal, Thalas, Ushuriel, Zugurosh, Annihilon, Juggernaut Ghazbaran.
Clerical Mace Clerical Mace.gif 58.00 oz 170 2.886 Adept of the Cult, Braindeath, Dwarf Geomancer, Gozzler, Ice Witch, Necromancer, Priestess.
Small Ruby Small Ruby.gif 0.10 oz 250 2293.578 Adept of the Cult, Amazon, Defiler, Hunter, Mahrdis, Quara Pincher, Quara Pincher Scout.
Hailstorm Rod Hailstorm Rod.gif 27.00 oz 3000 107.527 Adept of the Cult, Blightwalker, Ice Witch, Madareth, Marid, Priestess.
Time Ring Time Ring.gif 0.90 oz 100 55.556 Adept of the Cult, Crystal Spider, Giant Spider, Tarantula, Thalas, The Old Widow, Werewolf, Hide.
Amber Staff Amber Staff.gif 35.00 oz 8000 222.841 Enlightened of the Cult, Adept of the Cult, Grandfather Tridian.
Lunar Staff Lunar Staff.gif 38.00 oz 5000 128.535 Adept of the Cult.
Protection Amulet Protection Amulet.gif 5.50 oz 100 15.625 Valkyrie, Kongra, Enlightened of the Cult, Orc Warlord, Warlord Ruzad, Ghazbaran, Undead Gladiator, Orshabaal, Ushuriel, Nightstalker.
Small Sapphire Small Sapphire.gif 0.10 oz 250 2293.578 Dragon Lord, Hydra, Demodras, Blue Djinn, Serpent Spawn, Orshabaal, Marid, Dipthrah, Dwarf Geomancer, Enlightened of the Cult, Ice Golem, Wyvern, Quara Mantassin Scout, Quara Mantassin, Frost Dragon, Warlock, Bones, Sea Serpent, Young Sea Serpent, Ferumbras, Zugurosh, Ghazbaran, Gozzler, Latrivan, Ushuriel.
Energy Ring Energy Ring.gif 0.80 oz 100 58.824 Dragon Lord, Energy Elemental, Enlightened of the Cult, Ferumbras, Frost Dragon, Morgaroth, Mutated Bat, Old Widow, Orshabaal, Serpent Spawn, Ushuriel, Warlock.
Skull Staff Skull Staff.gif 17.00 oz 6000 335.196 Blightwalker, Enlightened of the Cult, Golgordan, Grandfather Tridian, Infernalist, Lost Soul, Morgaroth, Necromancer, Warlock, Yakchal, Zugurosh.
Blue Robe Blue Robe.gif 22.00 oz 10000 436.681 Banshee, Countess Sorrow, Enlightened of the Cult, Gravelord Oshuran, Lich, Quara Mantassin, Vashresamun, Warlock.
Platinum Amulet Platinum Amulet.gif 6.00 oz 2500 362.319 Demon, Giant Spider, Crystal Spider, Lich, Enlightened of the Cult, Nightstalker, Ferumbras, Zugurosh, Orshabaal, Latrivan, Hand of Cursed Fate, Werewolf
Piggy Bank Piggy Bank.gif 7.50 oz 0 0 Enlightened of the Cult, Pirate Corsair, Black Knight, Warlock, Priestess, Hero, Infernalist, Undead Jester, Grynch Clan Goblin.
Mysterious Voodoo Skull Mysterious Voodoo Skull.gif 14.00 oz 4000 268.456 Enlightened of the Cult, Nightmare, Vampire Bride, Ushuriel.
Dragon Ham Dragon Ham.gif 30.00 oz 0 0 Dragon, Dragon Hatchling, Dragon Lord, Dragon Lord Hatchling, Frost Dragon, Frost Dragon Hatchling, Wyvern, Demodras, Sea Serpent, Young Sea Serpent, Wyrm.
Burst Arrow Burst Arrow.gif 0.90 oz 0 0 Dragon, Hunter, Omruc, Destroyer, Wyrm, Elf Scout
Mace Mace.gif 38.00 oz 30 0.771 Bandit, Chakoya Toolshaper, Chakoya Tribewarden, Chakoya Windcaller, Dragon, Gang Member, Ghoul, Gladiator, Grand Mother Foulscale, Minotaur, Nomad, Novice of the Cult, Quara Pincher, Quara Pincher Scout, Rotworm, Skeleton, Skeleton Warrior, Smuggler Baron Silvertoe, Toad, Werewolf, Wild Warrior, Zombie.
Crossbow Crossbow.gif 40.00 oz 160 3.912 Dragon, Dwarf Soldier, Minotaur Archer, Wyrm.
Longsword Longsword.gif 42.00 oz 51 1.189 Bonelord, Dragon, Elf, Mutated Bat, Orc Leader, Quara Constrictor, Quara Constrictor Scout.

{{Infobox_Item|List=List/Loot|GetValue=| | name = Steel Helmet | flavortext = | itemclass = Body Equipment | primarytype = Helmets | secondarytype = | armor = 6 | weight = 46.00 | value = 293~580 | npcvalue = 293 | stackable = No. | droppedby = Assassin, Black Knight, Crystal Spider, Dragon, Dwarf Guard, Gargoyle, Giant Spider, Lizard Templar, Tarantula, Zombie. | buyfrom </math>]] | sellto = gp
Brengus (Port Hope) 190 gp
Robert (Svargrond) 190 gp

Broadsword Broadsword.gif 52.50 oz 500 9.363 Orc Leader, Dragon, Undead Dragon.
Plate Legs Plate Legs.gif 50.00 oz 115 2.259 Bog Raider, Countess Sorrow, Dragon,Giant Spider, Orc Leader, Orc Warlord, Undead Gladiator, Warlord Ruzad, Werewolf, Sea Serpent, The Snapper.
Double Axe Double Axe.gif 70.00 oz 260 3.667 Valkyrie, Minotaur Guard, Dwarf Guard, Cyclops Smith, Dragon, Black Knight, Behemoth, Demon, Fire Devil, General Murius, Orshabaal, Quara Predator, Quara Predator Scout, Nightmare, Betrayed Wraith, Diabolic Imp, Morgaroth, Thul, Zugurosh, Ghazbaran, Latrivan, Ushuriel, Lethal Lissy.
Dragon Hammer Dragon Hammer.gif 97.00 oz 2000 20.429 Dire Penguin, Dragon, Juggernaut, Orc Warlord.
Green Dragon Leather Green Dragon Leather.gif 0.60 oz 100 164.204 Dragon
Green Dragon Scale Green Dragon Scale.gif 0.80 oz 100 123.609 Dragon.
Serpent Sword Serpent Sword.gif 41.00 oz 900 21.48 Dragon, Demodras, Gozzler, Sea Serpent, Thalas.
Strong Health Potion Strong Health Potion.gif 2.90 oz 0 0 Ancient Scarab, Brimstone Bug, Cyclops Drone, Cyclops Smith, Dragon, Dragon Lord, Giant Spider, Ice Golem, Lizard High Guard, Lizard Legionnaire, Pirate Corsair, The Horned Fox, Vampire, Vampire Bride, Werewolf, Wyrm, Wyvern, Zevelon Duskbringer.
Dragon Shield Dragon Shield.gif 60.00 oz 40000000000000000000 6.568144499179E+17 Demodras, Dragon.
Small Diamond Small Diamond.gif 0.10 oz 300 2752.294 Assassin, Crypt Shambler, Deadeye Devious, Dragon, Draken Elite, Ferumbras, Ice Golem, Lizard Sentinel, Lizard Legionnaire, Novice of the Cult, Omruc, Orshabaal, Quara Predator, Quara Predator Scout, Valkyrie, Betrayed Wraith, Hellfire Fighter, Tiquandas Revenge, Morgaroth, Wyrm, Defiler, Madareth, Worker Golem, Golgordan, Ushuriel, Water Elemental.
Life Crystal Life Crystal.gif 2.50 oz 85 25 Monk, Dark Monk, Fernfang, Banshee, Dragon, Dragon Lord, Mad Scientist, Elf Arcanist, Hydra, Lizard Snakecharmer, Serpent Spawn, Quara Pincher Scout,Quara Predator Scout, Frost Dragon, Worker Golem, Ushuriel, Young Sea Serpent, Dracola.
Strange Helmet Strange Helmet.gif 46.00 oz 500 10.661 Dragon Lord, Frost Dragon, Ice Golem, Lich, Quara Mantassin, Serpent Spawn, Vampire.
Golden Mug Golden Mug.gif 4.70 oz 250 44.643 Dragon Lord, Frost Dragon, Serpent Spawn, Demodras, Orshabaal, Morgaroth.
Gemmed Book Gemmed Book.gif 13.00 oz 0 0 Dragon Lord, Demodras, Wyvern, Frost Dragon.
Green Mushroom Green Mushroom.gif 0.10 oz 0 0 Bonebeast, Dreadbeast, Necromancer, Dragon Lord, Serpent Spawn, Necropharus, Demodras, Ice Witch, Frost Dragon, Mutated Rat, The Noxious Spawn
Power Bolt Power Bolt.gif 0.90 oz 0 0 Dragon Lord, Serpent Spawn, Demodras, Wyvern, Undead Dragon, Frost Dragon, Nightmare, The Noxious Spawn
Red Dragon Leather Red Dragon Leather.gif 0.60 oz 200 328.407 Dragon Lord, Demodras
Red Dragon Scale Red Dragon Scale.gif 0.90 oz 200 220.022 Demodras, Dragon Lord.
Fire Sword Fire Sword.gif 23.00 oz 4000 167.364 Hero, Dragon Lord, Hellfire Fighter.
Tower Shield Tower Shield.gif 82.00 oz 8000 96.502 Dragon Lord, Frost Dragon, Mutated Rat, Lizard High Guard,Lizard Chosen, Serpent Spawn, Esmeralda.
Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer.gif 82.00 oz 15000 180.941 Frost Dragon, Dragon Lord, Ushuriel.
Royal Helmet Royal Helmet.gif 48.00 oz 30000 613.497 Dragon Lord, Frost Dragon, Hydra, Serpent Spawn, Undead Dragon, Ushuriel, The Noxious Spawn, The Many
Dragon Scale Mail Dragon Scale Mail.gif 114.00 oz 20000 174.064 Demodras, Dragon Lord, Frost Dragon, Undead Dragon, Chizzoron the Distorter.


Dragon Lord Trophy Dragon Lord Trophy.gif 5.00 oz 10000 1694.915 Dragon Lord.
Platinum Coin Platinum Coin.gif 0.10 oz 100 917.431 Betrayed Wraith, Blightwalker, Bones, Defiler, Demon, Destroyer, Diabolic Imp, Draken Abomination, Draken Elite, Grim Reaper, Hand of Cursed Fate, Hellhound, Juggernaut, Lizard High Guard, Lost Soul, Nightmare, Orshabaal, Spectre, The Imperor, The Noxious Spawn, The Plasmother, Undead Dragon, Vampire Bride, Water Elemental.
Fire Mushroom Fire Mushroom.gif 0.10 oz 0 0 Demon, Ungreez
Talon Talon.gif 0.20 oz 320 1531.1 Priestess, Warlock, Demon, Orshabaal, Defiler, Zugurosh, Morgaroth.
Devil Helmet Devil Helmet.gif 50.00 OZ oz 0 demon
Ice Rapier Ice Rapier.gif 15.00 oz 1000 62.893 Vampire, Ice Golem, Frost Dragon, Demon, Morgaroth, Zugurosh, Madareth, Golgordan.
Orb Orb.gif 8.00 oz 750 84.27 Demon, Rahemos, Morgaroth, Ushuriel, Ghazbaran.
Golden Sickle Golden Sickle.gif 19.50 oz 10 0.49 Demon, Orshabaal.
Gold Ring Gold Ring.gif 1.00 oz 8000 4210.526 Blightwalker, Demon, Orc Warlord, Ghazbaran, Zugurosh, Golgordan, Ushuriel.
Ring of Healing Ring of Healing.gif 0.80 oz 100 58.824 Banshee, Demon, Esmeralda, Hydra, Ghazbaran, Golgordan, Lich, Madareth, Morgaroth, Quara Hydromancer, Quara Hydromancer Scout, Overcharged Energy Elemental, Rahemos, Sea Serpent, Zugurosh.
Purple Tome Purple Tome.gif 19.00 oz 0 0 Demon, Orshabaal, Morgaroth
Fire Axe Fire Axe.gif 40.00 oz 8000 195.599 Demon, Orshabaal, Mahrdis, Hellfire Fighter, Ferumbras, Minishabaal, Morgaroth, The Imperor, Zugurosh, Golgordan, Latrivan.
Might Ring Might Ring.gif 1.00 oz 250 131.579 Ashmunrah, Demon, Hero, Morgaroth, Worker Golem, Zugurosh, Latrivan.
Great Health Potion Great Health Potion.gif 3.10 oz 0 0 Behemoth, Bog Raider, Dark Torturer, Deadeye Devious, Demon, Destroyer, Dracola, Golgordan, Hellspawn, Hero, Infernalist, Lizard Chosen, Lizard High Guard, Madareth, Mahrdis, Massacre, Morgaroth, Mr. Punish, Orshabaal, Quara Pincher, Quara Predator, Ron the Ripper, Thalas, The Old Widow, Undead Dragon, Ushuriel, Warlock, Werewolf, Worker Golem, Zugurosh.
Great Mana Potion Great Mana Potion.gif 3.10 oz 0 0 Betrayed Wraith, Demon, Massive Energy Elemental, Quara Hydromancer, Serpent Spawn, Spectre, Warlock, Grim Reaper, Dharalion, Demodras, Rahemos, Orshabaal, Quara Hydromancer, Ushuriel, Sea Serpent, Souleater, The Noxious Spawn, Ungreez, Draken Elite, Massacre, Ghazbaran.
Giant Sword Giant Sword.gif 180.00 oz 17000 93.975 Behemoth, Stonecracker, Demon, Orshabaal, Morgaroth, Destroyer, Hellhound, Zugurosh, Golgordan.
Demon Shield Demon Shield.gif 26.00 oz 30000 1115.242 Demon, Ghazbaran, Latrivan, Madareth, Minishabaal, Morgaroth, Orshabaal, Zugurosh, Golgordan.
Demon Horn Demon Horn.gif 10.00 oz 1000 99.91 Demon, Ghazbaran, Hellgorak, Madareth, Morgaroth, Orshabaal, Ushuriel, Zugurosh.
Assasin Star Assassin Star.gif 2.00 oz 0 0 Quara Predator, Warlock, Behemoth, Demon, Dark Torturer, Fury, Juggernaut, Hellspawn, Morguthis, Zarabustor, The Noxious Spawn, Ghazbaran, Morgaroth.
Golden Legs Golden Legs.gif 56.00 oz 120 2.109 Dark Torturer, Demon, Ferumbras, Fury, Hellgorak, Juggernaut, Latrivan, Minishabaal, Morgaroth, Orshabaal.
Mastermind Shield Mastermind Shield.gif 57.00 oz 550 9.499 Demon, Annihilon, Ferumbras, Ghazbaran, Juggernaut, Latrivan, Morgaroth, Orshabaal, Zugurosh, Zulazza the Corruptor.
Demon Trophy Demon Trophy.gif 5.00 oz 40000 6779.661 Demon.
Demonrage Sword Demonrage Sword.gif 150.00 oz 36000 238.569 Demon, Ferumbras.
Magic Plate Armor Magic Plate Armor.gif 85.00 oz 6400 74.505 Bones, Demon, Ferumbras, Ghazbaran, Orshabaal.
Demonic Essence Demonic Essence.gif 1.00 oz 1000 991.08 Betrayed Wraith, Blightwalker, Bones, Countess Sorrow, Defiler, Destroyer, Diabolic Imp, Dracola, Fluffy, Fury, Ghastly Dragon, Ghazbaran, Grim Reaper, Golgordan, Hellfire Fighter, Hellgorak, Hellhound, Hellspawn, Juggernaut, Lost Soul, Madareth, Massacre, Minishabaal, Morgaroth, Mr. Punish, Nightmare, Orshabaal, Phantasm, Plaguesmith, Spectre, The Handmaiden, The Imperor, The Plasmother, Undead Dragon, Ushuriel.
Black Pearl Black Pearl.gif 0.20 oz 280 1339.713 Vampire, Mummy, Banshee, Lich, Quara Pincher, Vashresamun, Orshabaal, Morguthis, Quara Hydromancer, Hellhound, Ice Golem, Thul, Zugurosh, Mutated Bat, Golgordan, The Plasmother, Zevelon Duskbringer, Latrivan, Ushuriel, Morgaroth, Demon Skeleton
Death Ring Death Ring.gif 0.80 oz 1000 588.235 Betrayed Wraith, Grim Reaper, Bones, Dark Torturer, Defiler, Destroyer, Diabolic Imp, Ghazbaran, Morgaroth, Nightmare, Spectre, Souleater, Undead Dragon, Zugurosh, Golgordan, Ushuriel.
Ring of the Sky Ring of the Sky.gif 0.40 oz 30000 23076.923 Draken Spellweaver, Draken Warmaster, Warlock, Zarabustor, Orshabaal, Morgaroth.
Ancient Amulet Ancient Amulet.gif 8.40 oz 200 21.505 Ancient Scarab, Morgaroth, Orshabaal.
Stone Skin Amulet Stone Skin Amulet.gif 7.00 oz 500 63.291 Banshee, Hydra, Lost Soul, Massive Earth Elemental, Morgaroth, Morguthis, Warlock, Werewolf, Zugurosh, Latrivan, The Many, Orshabaal.
Magic Light Wand Magic Light Wand.gif 15.00 oz 35 2.201 Ancient Scarab, Apprentice Sheng, Dwarf Geomancer, Merlkin, Mummy, Zugurosh, Madareth, Grim Reaper, Mad Scientist, Latrivan, Ushuriel, Morgaroth, Ghazbaran.
Teddy Bear Teddy Bear.gif 5.90 oz 0 0 Orshabaal, Morgaroth, Ferumbras, Ghazbaran.
Crystal Ball Crystal Ball.gif 34.00 oz 190 5.444 Priestess, Morgaroth, Orshabaal, Zugurosh
Thunder Hammer Thunder Hammer.gif 125.00 oz 450 3.574 Orshabaal, Morgaroth, Ghazbaran, Ferumbras
Moonlight Rod Moonlight Rod.gif 21.00 oz 200 9.132 Morgaroth, Necropharus, Vampire Bride.
Boots of Haste Boots of Haste.gif 7.50 oz 40000 4761.905 Black Knight, Ferumbras, Hellgorak, Hydra, Latrivan, Madareth, Morgaroth, Necromancer, Necropharus, Nightmare, Nightstalker, Omruc, Orshabaal, Ushuriel, Vampire Bride, Yakchal, Zugurosh.
Morgaroth's Heart Morgaroth's Heart.gif 35.00 oz 15000 417.827 Ghazbaran, Morgaroth.
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