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Lootbagger's hint

Not the best place for lootbags, but bows and longswords can be quite profitable. The rest is not really that good.


NameTrans.gif Exp HP sum/conLoot
Elf Elf.gif 42 100 320/320 0-30 gp, 0-6 Arrows, 0-2 Plum, Longsword, Leather Boots, Plate Shield, Studded Armor, Studded Helmet, Heaven Blossom (rare), Elvish Talisman (rare).
Elf Scout Elf Scout.gif 75 160 360/360 0-30 gp, 0-15 Arrow, 0-6 Poison Arrow, Elven Scouting Glass, Grape, Waterskin, Sandals, Bow (semi-rare), Elvish Talisman (semi-rare), Heaven Blossom (rare), Elvish Bow (very rare)
Elf Arcanist Elf Arcanist.gif 175 220 --/-- 0-45 gp, Scroll, Blank Rune, Melon, Elvish Talisman, Elven Astral Observer, Bread, Green Tunic, Candlestick (semi-rare), 0-3 Arrows (semi-rare), Sling Herb (semi-rare), Health Potion (semi-rare), Strong Mana Potion (semi-rare), Grave Flower (rare), Sandals (rare), Inkwell (rare), Elven Amulet (rare), 0-2 Holy Orchids (rare), Wand of Cosmic Energy (rare), Life Crystal (very rare), Yellow Gem (very rare).

Loot Items

Name Trans.gif Weight NPC Value Gp/Oz Dropped By
Wand of Cosmic Energy Wand of Cosmic Energy.gif 25.00 oz 2000 77.22 Minotaur Mage, Elf Arcanist, Energy Elemental, Quara Hydromancer, Quara Hydromancer Scout, Souleater, Spectre, The Horned Fox, General Murius, Thul, Zugurosh.
Elven Amulet Elven Amulet.gif 2.70 oz 100 27.778 Elf Arcanist, Dharalion
Heaven Blossom Heaven Blossom.gif 2.10 oz 50 23.708 Elf, Elf Scout
Life Crystal Life Crystal.gif 2.50 oz 85 25 Monk, Dark Monk, Fernfang, Banshee, Dragon, Dragon Lord, Mad Scientist, Elf Arcanist, Hydra, Lizard Snakecharmer, Serpent Spawn, Quara Pincher Scout,Quara Predator Scout, Frost Dragon, Worker Golem, Ushuriel, Young Sea Serpent, Dracola.
Gold Coin Gold Coin.gif 0.10 oz 1 9.174 Casi toda creature.
Bow Bow.gif 31.00 oz 130 4.075 Elf, Elf Scout, Poacher, Hunter, Hero.
Vial Vial.gif 1.80 oz 5 1.852 None.
Longsword Longsword.gif 42.00 oz 51 1.189 Bonelord, Dragon, Elf, Mutated Bat, Orc Leader, Quara Constrictor, Quara Constrictor Scout.
Bread Bread.gif 5.00 oz 2 0.399 Elf Arcanist, Fernfang, Fire Devil, Monk, Dark Monk, Warlock.
Brass Shield Brass Shield.gif 60.00 oz 16 0.263 Bandit, Skeleton, Stalker, Wild Warrior.
Studded Armor Studded Armor.gif 71.00 oz 18 0.25 Dwarf, Elf, Orc, Primitive.
Studded Helmet Studded Helmet.gif 24.50 oz 2 0.079 Elf, Orc, Orc Rider, Orc Spearman, Primitive.
Staff Staff.gif 38.00 oz 1 0.026 Dark Monk, Fernfang, Lich, Monk, Orc Shaman, Quara Hydromancer, Quara Hydromancer Scout, Barbarian Brutetamer.
Yellow Gem Yellow Gem.gif 0.30 oz 1000 833.333 Elf Arcanist, Omruc, Lizard Snakecharmer, Lizard Dragon Priest, Dharalion, Annihilon.
Blank Rune Blank Rune.gif 2.10 oz 0 0 Dark Apprentice, Dark Magician, Dwarf Geomancer, Elf Arcanist, Stalker, Fire Devil, Fernfang, Dharalion, Spectre, Lost Soul, Diabolic Imp, Undead Dragon, Hellfire Fighter, Phantasm, Blightwalker, Grynch Clan Goblin.
Poison Arrow Poison Arrow.gif 0.80 oz 0 0 Dworc Venomsniper, Elf Scout, Omruc, Giant Spider, Hunter, Necromancer, Poacher.
Arrow Arrow.gif 0.70 oz 0 0 Elf, Elf Scout, Elf Arcanist, Poacher, Hunter, Hero, Scarab, Omruc, Troll Champion.
Red Apple Red Apple.gif 1.50 oz 0 0 Priestess, Omruc, Valkyrie.
Melon Melon.gif 9.50 oz 0 0 Elf Arcanist, Sibang.
Grapes Grapes.gif 2.50 oz 0 0 Hero, Elf Scout.
Sling Herb Sling Herb.gif 0.90 oz 0 0 Spit Nettle, Elf Arcanist, Priestess, Carniphila, Fernfang, Crazed Beggar.
Parchment Parchment.gif 2.00 oz 0 0 Dharalion, Pirate Ghost.
Green Tunic Green Tunic.gif 9.30 oz 0 0 Acolyte of the Cult, Dharalion, Elf Arcanist, Fernfang, Hero, Orc Leader.
Waterskin Waterskin.gif 7.00 oz 0 0 Elf, Elf Scout.
Leather Boots Leather Boots.gif 9.00 oz 0 0 Dwarf Guard, Elf, Island Troll, Swamp Troll, Troll, Witch.
Sandals Sandals.gif 6.00 oz 0 0 Dark Monk, Elf Arcanist, Elf Scout, Monk.
Scroll Scroll.gif 0.50 oz 0 0 Elf Arcanist, Monk, Hero, Dark Monk, Fernfang.
Candlestick Candlestick.gif 3.00 oz 0 0 Elf Arcanist, Dharalion, Banshee, Warlock.
Bowl Bowl.gif 3.80 oz 0 0 Vampire, Necropharus, Priestess, Fernfang, Dharalion.
Inkwell Inkwell.gif 2.00 oz 8 2.759 Elf Arcanist, Warlock.
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