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This spell is in the Healing Spells class
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Light Healing

Spell Class: Instant Healing Spells
Spell Words: exura
Exp Level: 9+
Premium: no
Used by: Paladins, Druids, Sorcerers and Knights
(requires 20 mana)
Spell cost: 170 gp.
Buy spell from:
Town / VocationKnightsDruidsPaladinsSorcerers
Ab'Dendriel -- Maealil Maealil --
Ankrahmun Ormuhn Rahkem Dario Tothdral
Carlin Trisha Padreia Legola Lea
Darashia Razan Shalmar Razan Shalmar
Kazordoon Duria -- -- Etzel
Liberty Bay Tristan Charlotta Isolde Malunga
Port Hope Uso Ustan Helor Myra
Svargrond Thorwulf Hjaern Hawkyr Romir
Thais Gregor Marvik Elane Muriel
Venore Asrak Smiley Asrak Chatterbone
Yalahar Zarak Tamara Ethan Tamoril
Effect: Restores a small amount of health. (Cures paralysis.)
Notes: The weakest healing spell, and also the only healing spell for knights for many years until Wound Cleansing was introduced in late 2007. The number of hp it can heal depends upon your level and magic level (and is around 1/10th of your UH power). It is useful if you are trying to raise your Magic level or to get rid of Paralysis.
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A player performing the Light Healing spell

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