Liberty Bay

Type Name Size Rent Beds Floors Rooms
Guildhall Ivy Cottage 563 sqm 30650 gp 26 bed(s) 4 floor(s) unknown rooms
Guildhall Mountain Hideout 279 sqm 15550 gp 17 bed(s) 5 floor(s) 6 lockable rooms.

Top floor: roof terrace.
Second floor: room with 1 bed.
First floor: 2 rooms with 2 beds, 1 balcony, 1 anteroom, 1 staircase.
Ground floor: large dining room, entrance room, staircase.
First underground floor: sleeping room with 12 cots, storage room, staircase.

Second underground floor: entrance room with underground exit.
Guildhall The Shelter 353 sqm 13590 gp 31 bed(s) 2 floor(s) 6 on the first floor
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