Lee'Delle.gif PNJ Lee'Delle
Ubicación: Rookgaard (here)
Ocupación: Shopkeeper
Notas: Lee'Delle runs a shop on the premium side of Rookgaard, if your character is premium she gives a discount if you buy her items. She misses her life on the Mainland, and wishes she could be surrounded by her favorite Honey Flowers, which are semi-rare on Rookgaard.
To buy a football you must say "football" because it doesn't appear in the Trade window.
Artículos comercializados: Vende:

Axe 18 gp
Backpack 9 gp
Bag 4 gp
Chain Helmet 49 gp
Coat 7 gp
Dagger 4 gp
Doublet 14 gp
Fishing Rod 140 gp
Football 111 gp
Hand Axe 7 gp
Jacket 9 gp
Leather Armor 22 gp
Leather Helmet 11 gp
Leather Legs 9 gp
Rapier 13 gp
Rope 45 gp
Sabre 22 gp
Scroll 5 gp
Scythe 10 gp
Short Sword 26 gp
Shovel 9 gp
Sickle 7 gp
Spear 9 gp
Studded Helmet 58 gp
Studded Shield 47 gp
Torch 2 gp
Waterball 200 gp
Wooden Shield 13 gp

Worm 1 gp

Axe 7 gp
Bone Club 5 gp
Brass Helmet 22 gp
Brass Shield 25 gp
Chain Armor 40 gp
Chain Helmet 12 gp
Copper Shield 50 gp
Dagger 2 gp
Doublet 3 gp
Fishing Rod 30 gp
Hand Axe 4 gp
Hatchet 25 gp
Katana 35 gp
Leather Armor 5 gp
Leather Boots 2 gp
Leather Helmet 3 gp
Leather Legs 2 gp
Legion Helmet 22 gp
Mace 30 gp
Machete 6 gp
Plate Shield 40 gp
Rapier 5 gp
Rope 8 gp
Sabre 12 gp
Scythe 3 gp
Short Sword 10 gp
Shovel 2 gp
Sickle 2 gp
Spear 3 gp
Studded Armor 25 gp
Studded Club 2 gp
Studded Helmet 20 gp
Studded Legs 15 gp
Studded Shield 16 gp
Sword 25 gp
Viking Helmet 25 gp

Wooden Shield 3 gp
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