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Isolde.gif PNJ Isolde
Ubicación: Liberty Bay Fort, second floor.
Ocupación: Paladin Guild Leader
Notas: Many nasty rumors of her have spread about town. She serves as officer and trainer for paladins in this fortress.Her duties hardly leave her time to visit the town. She doesn´t like crowded streets and too many people. She prefers a walk along the beach, to watch the sea from the cliffs or to listen to the music of wind and waves. She really adores Tristan and their hearts will always be united in love. This is an allusion to the famous opera "Tristan Und Isolde"
Artículos comercializados: Vende: Paladin spells

Healing Spells:
Light Healing (lvl 9) 170 gp
Antidote (lvl 10) 150 gp
Intense Healing (lvl 11) 350 gp
Ultimate Healing (lvl 20) 1000 gp
Supply Spells:
Conjure Arrow (lvl 13) 450 gp
Food (lvl 14) 300 gp
Poisoned Arrow (lvl 16) 700 gp
Explosive Arrow (lvl 25) 1000 gp
Support Spells:
Light(lvl 8) 100 gp
Find Person (lvl 8) 80 gp
Great Light (lvl 13) 500 gp
Magic Shield (lvl 14) 450 gp
Invisible (lvl 35) 2000 gp
Attack Spells:
Ethereal Spear (lvl 23') 1100 gp
Attack Rune Spells:
Light Magic Missile (lvl 15) 500 gp (Paladin?)
Fireball (lvl 17) 800gp (Paladin?)
Heavy Magic Missile (lvl 25) 1500 gp (Paladin?)
Support Rune Spells:

Destroy Field (lvl 17) 700 gp
Compra: none
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